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Comment: Re: a question that will not be answered (Score 0) 79

by OverlordQ (#47039045) Attached to: Interviews: Ask Travis Kalanick About Startups and Uber

> And a follow up, with your drivers providing transport for a fee, when will Ãoeber require the drivers to be licensed appropriately ?

They already do.

> When a regular driver uses their car for a transportation service, regular insurance doesn't cover an accident. Does über care ?

Uber Black+ already require a commercial license and commercial insurance

> When will über become a legitimate business and require the appropriate licensing and insurance from their drivers ?

Uber isn't a transportation business. Uber connects drivers with passengers. The driver is responsible for licensing and insurance.

> Uber is a scam that circumvents legality for short term profit. Is uber a pump and dump scam that never intends to be legal ?

Do you work for Yellow Cab?

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