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Comment Re:Toilet paper and timber? (Score 1) 258

"Most anti-GMO people are against it because they view it as a quick way to save a buck"

Have you ever read a Michael Chriton novel at all? I'd have to say most people against GMO are really against using the wild for laboratory accidents.

Comment Re:Three Seashells (Score 2) 258

The most common replanted tree clone, Weyerhouser Supertrees, take 30 years to mature. You're also an idiot to plant monocultures of any tree, even Bamboo, which takes a few short months to mature. The reason is evolution and disease. Your chance of having those trees reach maturity is very low.

Oregon's done a lot since the "plant three for every one you take" rule came into effect; we now have forest fires instead of clear cuts. I am assuming the ecoterrorists like Tre Arrow actually prefer fires.

Comment Re:Douchebag Editors (Score 1) 292

Not quite the same argument- the ship's captains records from 1750 can only track storms their ships observed. My argument is that until *very* recently, there were many areas of the remote ocean that were simply not monitored, thus the claim of "3 major hurricanes at once for the first time on record" means very little given the fact that we don't know what was happening in remote parts of the globe in 1750, only what was happening in the shipping lanes. And even then, the type of instruments used to detect global warming today are many orders of magnitude more accurate than those from 1750.

Spotty recordkeeping existed before the 1890s, true, but complete recordkeeping had to wait for satellite data.

Comment Re:Why shouldn't this be public anyway? (Score 4, Insightful) 65

Because people are stupid.

HIV is pretty much non-contagious as long as you don't exchange some sort of body fluid. Now, I don't know how you go about in your everyday life, but I don't routinely have people spill blood, semen or other stuff coming out of their body into mine.

But people are stupid.

Remember the H1N1 craze? Swine flu? Or any other of the sky-is-falling pandemics? SARS anyone? Yes, they are contagious. How many cases did we have around the US and Europe? Was it more than a dozen combined? People went apeshit over that crap. Mostly because they didn't have the first clue about it other than "oh it's killing people, watch out!"

And now imagine these people should interact with people who actually carry a deadly disease. No matter that there is no sensible way they could get infected, they WILL go bananas over it.

HIV is already a disease that puts a terrible weight on your psyche. Making these people outcasts for no reason whatsoever doesn't really help it.

Comment A relevant programmer koan (Score 1) 606

(shamelessly copied from the jargon file)

Tom Knight and the Lisp Machine

A novice was trying to fix a broken Lisp machine by turning the power off and on.
Knight, seeing what the student was doing, spoke sternly: “You cannot fix a machine by just power-cycling it with no understanding of what is going wrong.”
Knight turned the machine off and on.
The machine worked.

Comment Yes you do. (Score 1) 606

Sorry, but the line "or it has been done by someone else" alone is enough to dismiss what is said as rubbish.

There is a lot of things this world needs desperately. Another batch of cargo cult programmers is not among them. You needn't invent the wheel twice but you should know what makes it turn so you don't install it sideways. If you do not understand WHY you do the things you do, at the very least you will end up with very inefficient code. At worst with very insecure code.

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