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Comment Re:"It's unclear what exactly causes the issue..." (Score 1) 111

But Apple never signed the Temporal Convention of 2237. Their CEO Steve21 even laughed at the threat the he'd be confined to the limits of his own mainframe, citing something along the lines of "that's 90% of all virtual space anyway, dorks!"

Why would they even bother with something like that?

Comment Re:The deep insecurity of Islam (Score 2) 226

The problem I have with the christian god is that he is inconsistent. Not only in his actions, that's normal with megalomaniac lunatics. No, in his psychological makeup.

He's insecure and jealous. Not my idea, his own manual says so. Ok. He's got the personality of an opera diva and wants constant worship from everyone. And anyone not worshiping him needs to be converted or sent on a one-way trip to hell. Because he wants a bigger audience. So far, so sensible. Typical egotist with a megalomaniac streak, which is not uncommon with people who not only get lifted on pedestals by their peers but also have a lot of power.

And then he does everything to make himself obsolete. Take this universe. Time and again I get to hear how this is a proof for god because it's so "perfectly tuned". Aside of being impossible to observe were it any other way (because we didn't exist then), wouldn't a god that wants groveling and worship ensure that we KNOW it's his doing and ONLY his doing, that keeps us alive? He's all powerful, and if only half the stories in his ad brochure are true he also has no problem observing any physical limitations or pesky little things like conservation of energy. It would be trivial for him to ensure we KNOW he's there.

But instead he hides and gives us every reason to not believe in his existence because it is possible to explain this universe, from its creation to its current state, without there ever being some kind of supernatural entity required.

How does this get together with that diva personality?

Sorry, christians, your god makes no sense. Get a more sensible one that doesn't look like something Michael Bay would want to make a movie of (seriously, he's big with the special effects in his ad publication but poor with dialogue and sensible content... much like a Bay movie) and we can talk.

Comment Re:Navigation to non-technical folks (Score 1) 511

Navigation is path planning and positioning.

GPS is the positioning.

Directions is the path planning.

Of the 2 cases mentioned in the article, they are path planning issues, the driver ignoring where's he is at and just following directions.

The problem is not GPS, but the path software.

Good point. My iPhone generally knows where I am, but it often doesn't pick the best route to get me where I want to go. I've used it twice, in semi-familiar territory, and both times the route I took was shorter and more straightforward than the route it selected.

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