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Comment: Re:So many reasons (Score 1) 646 646

If your region loses electricity for any significant period of time your local gas station won't be pumping any liquid fuel. OTOH during the last hurricane evacuation from Houston - bumper-to-bumper traffic for 16 hours - Priuses made it through due to regenerative braking while liquid fuel vehicles ran dry. So there's that.

A prius isn't a true electric car. Last week, I had a power outage, and true enough, the gas station near my house was out. I ended up driving to my GF's on the other side of town. I MIGHT have made it there in a non-Tesla electric car - barely if I started with a full charge. I didn't even think about it in my trusty gas car.

Comment: Re:Get rid of the fucking adverts completely (Score 1) 194 194

Not only THIS, but even on Netflix, binge watching a series, the constant dramatic-crisis-leading-to-a-black-cut-and-back-to-the-scene-not-quite-as-it-was every 4-5 minutes showing where the commercial was "supposed" to be is highly annoying. It interrupts the story and wastes valuable story telling time. Agents of Shield and Once Upon A Time are recent series I have noted with this issue.

I've noticed that. Often I start reaching for my remote before realizing "This is Netflix! I don't have to FF past the ads".

Comment: Re:I'll tell you how- they're turning the internet (Score 1) 194 194

Hulu Plus is a paid service.

Even Netflix streaming is starting to show ads now, granted they are only for Netflix produced shows.

So far I'm not bothered by Netflix's ads. As long as they don't interrupt or delay the show I want to watch, I don't care. As for Hulu, I've never had Plus, but free Hulu isn't worth it for free. The ads, last time I saw it, were as bad or worse than network TV despite their relative shortness.

Comment: Re:"Television" (Score 1) 194 194

The thing people are avoiding isn't "television" (video dramas, comedies, etc). The thing people are starting to avoid is "television" (getting those shows via cable companies). I don't think any predicted the death of video as a form of entertainment.

Absolutely. I watch plenty of TV, much of it from the networks. But I'm watching more and more on Netflix, and now that they're creating content themselves, the old networks will only get smaller.

Comment: Re:Cutting ads? Really? (Score 2) 194 194

Talking about ads - the other day I was watching some news show live. They switched to a commercial break, so I hit pause and did something else for 10 minutes. I got back and FFd past 5 minutes, they talked for maybe 3 minutes, and started another commercial break! Reducing ads my asss!

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