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Comment: Re: Never attribute to stupidity (Score 2) 580

by CreatureComfort (#48626281) Attached to: Reaction To the Sony Hack Is 'Beyond the Realm of Stupid'
Soldiers and Sailors are cheap to replace and have no lobbying power. Sony, and more importantly MPAA, have loads of influence in D.C. We went to war based on WMD lies just to increase profits of Halliburton. You seriously think we wouldn't invade NK if MPAA really wanted it?

Comment: Re:I'd expect Fawkes masks to start making stateme (Score 1) 218

75MB symmetric, with all movie channels plus the junk that never gets watched but can't be declined, $230/month on Verizon FiOS in Dallas.

Plus still paying ~ 30% of income in taxes when income tax, property tax, sales tax, use fees, etc. are all considered.

Comment: Re:This will only stop (Score 2) 148

by CreatureComfort (#48524925) Attached to: How the NSA Is Spying On Everyone: More Revelations
I'm certain that it's because the current Libertarian Party platform has been hijacked by the Fascist Party and bears little to no resemblance to traditional libertarian values, policies, or ideals.

The Democrats and Republicans, however, have always been under the control of the Fascist Party, so their current actions (ignore the platforms, both parties already do) are consistent with their traditional views. The Greens have no coherent platform and are so inconsequential the Fascists haven't bothered with them.

Comment: Re:Good job Intel (Score 2, Informative) 73

by CreatureComfort (#48498081) Attached to: Intel Processor Could Be In Next-Gen Google Glass
If you think your local bar doesn't have cameras and audio recording covering most, if not all, of its premises, you're delusional.

Lawsuits, vandalism, and outright theft are too prevalent for any business owner not to take it seriously, and get everything recorded they can for later evidence, if needed. Heck several of the bars I go to, have cameras setup all over that stream constantly to the internet.

Understand this. If you are in public... YOU ARE IN PUBLIC. You have no reasonable expectation of privacy sitting in a booth or on a barstool. Your intimate conversation, business deal, or random chit chat is being overheard by everyone around you. Oh, and that guy wearing Google Glass? Yeah, he doesn't care about you and what you say or do any more than the other folks around, unless it's really juicy and worth immediately posting to YouTube, along with the other 5-10 people who will whip out their camera phones as soon as they notice you're making an idiot of yourself in public. Glass wearers either don't record 24/7, only turning on recording when something interesting is happening (just like everyone with their cell phones), or if they do record constantly, I can assure you they don't go back and re-watch all the boring minutia over again.

Comment: Re:Sexist? (Score 1) 125

Would you like to be a woman in a world like this? Where you need a man to "save" you from another man?

Of course not, that's why he's probably violently homophobic as well.

And I'm sure that he very secretly wishes he would be hit on by persistent females frequently, so he can't imagine why a woman would object to what would be his greatest fantasy.

Comment: Re:Do not use algorithms ! (Score 2) 55

by CreatureComfort (#48410631) Attached to: Machine-Learning Algorithm Ranks the World's Most Notable Authors
The trouble is budgets and manpower.

If you know you don't have the resources to save everything, you have to have some way of prioritizing.

Personally, I would rather save one or two pieces from as many different authors as possible, rather than trying to get everything of the "most important" authors.

Comment: Re:Sounds wasteful and stupid ... (Score 4, Interesting) 61

by CreatureComfort (#48241515) Attached to: Haier Plans To Embed Area Wireless Chargers In Home Appliances
How about having your can opener/coffee maker/etc. with a battery to wirelessly charge and not have to have cords all across your counters? How about LED under counter lights that don't need cords, or electric plugs?

I can think of a dozen good uses for this. Now whether it's worth the end cost is a debatable subject.

Ideally, the charge transmitter and charge receiver should have a built in short range communications path, and the transmitter would only turn on when it received a request, and then would turn off once the receiver indicated it was full.

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