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by CreatureComfort (#47746713) Attached to: Dropbox Caught Between Warring Giants Amazon and Google
I love SpiderOak. The only thing I still use my dropbox account for is sharing files too big to fit through people's email systems. Sharing a file in SpiderOak is still a bit of a pain. As long as I don't care about the security or privacy of it (which is most of the files I'm transferring) dropping it in my dropbox folder and right clicking to get the HTML share link is about the fastest way to move a couple hundred Mb to five or six people.

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by CreatureComfort (#47725313) Attached to: Latest Wikipedia Uproar Over 'Superprotection'
You know what? I already have a great "free encyclopedia that anyone can edit". It even has a pretty decent Table of Contents called Google.

It's far more complete than Wikipedia, and in reality, no less accurate. Which should be taken as damning praise of the wikifools.

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9) If you can, use Tor with a laptop that has never been used on a wired or wireless KNOWN network with you, but only used for TOR ...without a harddisk! Use it to connect with TOR on a different network, preferably in a different city than where you live. You can't get much safer than apply the other 8 rules above.

While this sounds ludicrous on its face, (Really? Driving to different cities just to surf anonymously?), I would have suggested connecting via a VPN, or chained VPNs depending on your paranoia and tolerance for network delay. If every time you connect you set your opposite end point to a different country each time. Especially if reconnecting frequently as noted in 10).

12) If you have to go through this much trouble to function on the Internet, seriously reconsider your life and lifestyle. Is it really worth it?

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by CreatureComfort (#47567991) Attached to: UK To Allow Driverless Cars By January
I think that the main reason people speed, race the yellow, and in other ways behave as general asshats when behind the wheel is the inherent understanding that every second spent driving is a wasted second. You notice you rarely see passengers road raging. Once everyone becomes a passenger, and transit time becomes productive time, whether it involves work, updating facebook, playing games, or getting a few extra minutes of sleep, much of the incentive to rush goes away.

Personally, I generally drive like a bat out of hell, and regularly am cussing the idiots who wont get out of my way. But, once I get my autonomous vehicle (I plan to be a very early adopter) I won't care that the car is doing the speed limit, stopping when I would have chanced it, not changing lanes into the "fastest", etc. I'll be reading, sleeping, gaming, etc. In fact, once my commute becomes reliable productive time, I can see myself getting irritated that I get to my destination before I've finished my chapter, level, quest, etc.

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The biggest issue I have with Verizon Fios is the TV service. All of the video channels are so compressed that you inevitably get pixelation and tearing. This is particularly infuriating when it happens during playback for video on demand shows that you are paying extra for.

And Verizon customer service is a complete joke. They don't even understand that it is their compression causing the problems, and their only solution when you call to complain is to reboot the cable box. After never less than 35 minutes on hold, then 30-50 minutes working with the idiot in Mumbai, then getting "accidentally" disconnected... makes me want to scream.

But the 75/35 is pretty flash.

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That's why he's not suing under libel or slander, but under the publicity clause.

He doesn't want it removed, or reparations for damage to his reputation, He just wants to be paid for the too accurate representation of him. If EA had just mad it some random jungle military guy, they'd have been fine.

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