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Comment: Re:No win situation (Score 2) 187

by CreatureComfort (#49146251) Attached to: Facebook Puts Users On Suicide Watch
So, if they aren't passing the information on to a third party, just WTF are they doing with it?

I'm sorry, but what are they planning to do if their analysis suggests little Timmy is a bit depressed? Is a random post on his timeline from some stranger asking if he needs a hug really going to change anything for him? Or is FB just going to increase the rate of advertising and only show him ads for the Suicide Prevention Hotline?

/I'd bet his local gun shop would pay better for that ad space.

Comment: Re:Please tell me this is satire (Score 1) 320

by CreatureComfort (#49129361) Attached to: Use Astrology To Save Britain's Health System, Says MP
Hey, having an ornamental monarchy is actually a pretty cool thing. It's not like they are a huge cost on the budget, and they more than make up for it in the tourism they generate.

Be very careful getting rid of them, because once they are gone, re-establishing them is incredibly difficult.

Comment: Re:You are free to have killer robots (Score 1) 318

I think moving to killer bots would be a great idea.

The only reason the US government can maintain its pro-war stance is the idolization of the military, both men and machines, and the romanticization of war. It's very hard to make machines killing machines romantic or heroic. Event Battle Bots had to make the show as much about the builders/drivers as the competition.

Take away the romance and "heros" and all you've got left is pure patriotism and bigoted hatred. Those can take you a long way, but eventually people start noticing the cost, that today is justified with "we must keep our brave boys and girls properly supplied".

Comment: Re:To answer your question (Score 1) 279

It tells you something about the skill of their design teams that AMD was able to be competitive for so long in spite of being 1-2 process generations behind Intel.

Of course! They had to wait for the next generation of Intel chip to use them to design the next generation of AMD.

Comment: Re:Ha! (Score 0) 127

by CreatureComfort (#49091299) Attached to: Fedcoin Rising?
So, I'm confused...

You're saying the Ruble and Hryvnia, because they have fluctuated wildly like bitcoin have been known to do, are not real currencies?

Or are you saying that because real currencies can also fluctuate wildly, bitcoin is a real currency?

Comment: Re:Are they showing ads on the page? (Score 1) 645

Are they showing ads on the page?

If so, then yes. Selling advertising is the ONLY remaining legitimate use for what passes as journalism in today's media.

Sex, Violence, and Religion sell, to the most titillating, gory, or enraging/enrapturing limit society will accept at the time. So, in the interest of ad impressions and eyeballs, whatever you can broadcast that generates publicity and traffic is the definition of the journalists doing their job.

Don't like it? Then get us a better society, or a better species.

Life is a whim of several billion cells to be you for a while.