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Comment Re:Sometimes the titles are crazy long (Score 1) 87

If you have been researching for years on the mating habits of the Papuan purple-eyed spider, finding the differences between their behaviour and that of other spider genii, you would surely include that description as part of your title — It would not be responsible to make others think the article is general when it deals with a very specific variety.

(please note that the example is entirely fictional and I know zero about spiders or biological taxonomy)

Comment Re: Why is there so much work to be done? (Score 1) 81

People are often satisfied with using "S3krit" as an encryption key. Explain why you need a key with decent entropy/randomness and so large there's no use in trying to remember it... Users will store the key in the same medium as the encrypted data. So much for crypto strength.

Comment Yet in developed(?) countries... (Score 2, Informative) 274

In most Latin American countries, the best universities are fully or partly State-run. Tuition is often free or symbolic up to Bachelors, and for posgraduate studies it is still *really* cheap by US standards — i.e. I'm studying a Masters degree in the second most important university in Mexico, and pay less than US$100 per semester. Of course, that's because I chose not to be a full-time student; as I would automaticallyreceive a grant of ~US$600 per month.

Comment Re:Right turn only (Score 1) 258

They complain about there being sharp stuff over there, then they put on tires that are made of kleenex which can't handle any sharp stuff. If I put tires like that on my car, I wouldn't be able to use the roads at all. Stop crying, get some real tires, and get the fuck over. We have to deal with all the same shit on the roads. We got better rubber.

Again, we (cyclists) must be responsible users of the public space. Those tires you mention are for competition, for speed bike, or if at all, for touring long-hauls — but not for city trips. For the city, we need good rubber tires, with enough texture to be able to stop effectively, and able to withstand minor puncturing objects. And if we don't, well, our bike is not fit for urban use.

I'd laugh at people using Monster Trucks to go to work (unless,of course, they work at a Monster Truck show :-P ), or people using Scandinavian winter tires in my (tropical) country. They are just not fit for it.

Cars and bicycles sharing the same space is madness. It makes no goddamned sense. Let's build cycle paths so that cyclists can have a place to ride.

They can share the space if they do so responsibly. Most city roads are not meant for high-speed driving. Most city roads will by themselves impose a ~40Km/h effective limit on cars — And bikes are not that much of a hassle then. Of course, motorways are off limits for cyclists.

But let's also expect cyclists to behave themselves when they're on the road. That's not how they behave in California. Most of them behave like total fuckheads

And yes, here we agree again. We can only coexist when both motorists and cyclists abide by the basic rules.

Comment Re:Right turn only (Score 1) 258

Fortunately car drivers are also trained to keep at least a meter distance when passing a cyclist. It seems that the problem in the US is that automobilists pass too closely and that because of that, cyclist claim the whole lane out of self-defense.

We claim the whole lane because we need to. If there is a hole in the pavement, I must be able to quickly move around it — Of course, I instintively do so to the right (with no chances of a car passing by too quick), but it's not always possible. But I can do it only because I ride near the center of the lane. If I were in the right side of the rightmost lane, I would not have any wiggle space. And, of course, that's where all of the (what's the name for the sewer openings?) are.

Comment Re:Right turn only (Score 1) 258

Don't know about your city, but in our driving law using the sidewalk is expressly forbidden unless you unmount your bike. And yes, I carry a copy of this law with me; it's not often useful, but I have taken it out a couple of times (when arguing with motorists, not with cops)

Comment Re:wish this existed in silicon valley (Score 1) 258

And it is somewhat true. I also have my tricks for my usual drive to work. If you bike to work, you will spend some weeks finding the best route and then optimizing it a bit — but after that, you will just basically repeat known patterns.

Cycling in places I am not familiar with means I must be even more careful, which translates to driving slower. And absolutely with no distractions (i.e. radio).

Comment Re:I don't understand the opposing argument. (Score 1) 258

I agree with half of your message. And –as an urban cyclist– violently disagree with the other half.

YES, cyclists should share the road with motorists.

But, YES, cyclists are driving a vehicle, and thus subject to driving regulations.

People often honk at me when I'm just standing waiting for the light to turn green — Well, guess what? The traffic light also applies to me on my bike. I expect to ride on the center of the rightmost, non-parking available lane AND RESPECT ALL TRAFFIC INDICATIONS. Running traffic lights or going against the legal direction are just deathwishes. I love cycling. But I love being alive.

Comment Re:wish this existed in silicon valley (Score 4, Interesting) 258

Oh, FFS... I am an urban cyclist in Mexico City. Yes, non-bike-riders often tell me I'm crazy for risking my life daily in one of the world's largest cities, with all kinds of expeltives directed at my fellow countrymen... ...And they are all wrong.

Of course, I don't cycle in highways/motorways. Of course, I go out of my way to be sure I am seen. Of course, I know all of the driving rules (and many of the usual wrongs). Of course, I am very very careful. I am not the least interested in making my kids orphan.

But riding a bike in a city not thought for bikes is perfectly doable. And we will only achieve greater visibility and better city design by breaking the balance and becoming more visible. By becoming more cyclists. By being seen so often on the roads that motorists will *expect* us to be there.

I don't need (and often don't want, as they are usually not very well planned nor enough drivable) cyclist-only paths. We are a moving vehicle, and should coexist with traffic. After all, as GGP said, motorists average 22MPH (35.2Km/h). I average 20-25Km/h. It's not that much of a difference.

Submission + - DebConf15: Largest DebConf to take place in Heidelberg mid-August

alfino writes: Less than two weeks away, DebConf15, the 16th Debian Conference, scheduled to take place 15–22 August in Heidelberg, Germany, has been officially announced. The organisers are expecting more than 550 participants from 53 countries (making it the largest DebConf so far, and the first in history that will be closing registrations early), and have presented a schedule packed with talks and events, including several prominent, invited speakers, and yet plenty of room for informal and ad-hoc collaboration. Most events will be streamed live to allow for remote participation, and archived for later consumption.

The celebrations of Debian's 22nd birthday on 16 August, the traditional "Cheese & Wine BoF", a screening of the Oscar-award-winning documentary Citizenfour (which mentions Debian in its end credits), and a day trip for all attendees top off the programme. Additionally, DebConf15 will be preceeded by DebCamp, a week of sprints, workshops and hacking sessions. It is expected that much progress will be made on Debian (gcc5 transition, planning of the next stable release "stretch", etc.), and of course Free Software in general. The conference itself begins with an Open Weekend geared to the public, and featuring a job fair.

Attendance is free of charge thanks to numerous sponsors, including Platinum Sponsor Hewlett-Packard. Registration is required nonetheless and only very few places are left.

The conference will be tracked on various social media sites using hashtag #DebConf15. Even though Debian does not endorse proprietary services, @DebConf will have the news.

Comment Re:I find it intersting this article exist: (Score 3, Interesting) 405

I bought my first-generation Acer Aspire One in 2008, back when the "netbook" segment was still new. It even became my main computer for some months, and was quite happy with it — Except, of course, for the 9" 1024x600 screen.

Two years ago, I upgraded to a Acer Aspire One 756. Better processor and more memory allow me to virtualize whenever I need to do some Windows stuff (twice a year or so). That and a 10.5" 1366x768 screen, with mostly the same weight became godsend.

Having a computer that allows me to upgrade once every five years, and that can be bought at US$300 at the supermarket... That's what I call convenience.

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