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Comment Oh, please... a "tool"? (Score 1) 223

A BMP consists of basically a simple header describing the file and the raw contents. I have done this several times to show i.e. mistakes in encryption usage concepts (for example, to see the startled face of students when showing them the effect of using ECB when encrypting an image with repeated patterns). Where's the novelty in that?

Comment Re:raspberry pi about 50$ does just fine. (Score 1) 247

What is your experience with such gear?

I have several ARM boards, ranging from the well-known Raspberries (Pi B, Pi 2), Bananas (M1 and M3), Beaglebone Black, a nice packaged computer (CuBox-i), a SmartTV UG007 HDMI stick, even a MIPS Creator CI20. I don't have them all always-on (just three of them), but (barring underpowered power sources, which really suck) don't have any stability issues.

Comment Re:Another victory for corporate corruption (Score 1) 192

More revolutions have happened in the last 50 years with non-violent society uprisings or boycotts than with arms. See how many Middle-East and African countries overthrew their government violently, just to become closed dictatorships. On the other hand, see how many military rulers all over the world have fallen and given way to democratic regimes due to the organized action of society.

Comment And the last time an armed population helped was.. (Score 1) 192

I don't know what are your referents. There have been a couple successful revolutions changing society for the better, I would never contend it, but as other commenters have said, it's (by far) the exception rather than the rule. Most armed millitias just demand more power or money for their particular feud, or if surprisingly successful, end up establishing ruthless dictatorships. Besides, revolting against a central government that has everything from tanks to air bombers to nukes... is just a silly way of perpetrating one of the most society-hurting and anachronistic USA history memes.

Comment Re:The OS to blame? Don't think so... (Score 1) 148

And it happens as you describe — on the main system's memory. However, the GPU is not the main system. It is more akin to a peripherial computer, with lots of intelligence and RAM of its own. Think of it as a printer. Do you really care if your printer blanks its buffers between jobs? No, as long as one job's leftover contents will in no way corrupt any next job's output.

Comment The OS to blame? Don't think so... (Score 4, Insightful) 148

The GPU memory is not handled by the OS, it runs on a separate piece of hardware, a full computer system if you allow, that does not run an OS by itself.

The NUMA API for using nVidia cards for GPGPU operations is quite simple and straightforward; when requesting memory, it allocates a chunk; when releasing it, it's just marked as "not yours anymore". Due to the massive parallel programming model, there is even some *value* in not clearing it, as for algorithmic iterations sometimes you can save the cost of populating and freeing memory blocks if you know you will get the same pieces of RAM (or if it does not really matter, and each algorithmic pass can work exclusively on a given set of data until a certain point has reached — think i.e. symmetric encryption schemes).

Due to every time more intelligent C compilers (and of course higher level constructs) we have got used to memory being zeroed out on assignation, but no AFAICT no standard mandates that. I would place the burden of cleaning the memory on the *initialization* of the new application. After all, be it pr0n or just random flipped bits, Diablo looks bad by starting with the display of digital noise.

I don't think it should be *too much* of a concern for Chrome cleaning up before closing a tab. Yes, there is a certain thing about it being "incognito mode" that should be honored, and –as a special case– it *should* ensure to clean up its act. But the main fault I'd say is at Diablo.

Comment Re:Really world's most popular song? (Score 1) 120

In many Latin American countries, the same melody is sung "Feliz cumpleaños a tí / feliz cumpleaños a tí / feliz cumpleaños querido _____ / feliz cumpleaños a tí".
In Israel (yes, I know, not too many people speak Hebrew; the country's population is ~0.1% of the world population) it's the same case.
I would expect the same to hold in many other cultures.

Comment Non-gamer hooked (Score 2) 37

I was never much of a gamer, so it was surprising I was so hooked into Sid Meier's Civilization in the early 90s. I started toying with Linux by 1995 and using it for serious work starting in 1996. And, yes, FreeCiv was a reason for me to be happy adopting Linux on the desktop.

Thanks a lot for many hours of fun!

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