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Comment: Re:Won't someone think of the birds. (Score 1) 250

I can't say what the environmental impact of massive wind generation will be. Altering the atmospheres transport systems is certainly going to have an effect what, well what it will be is hard to tell.

I can say this the effect of quadrupling energy costs

Isn't going to be good for the human environment.

Comment: Re:Its funny (Score 2) 210

There you go. Now please reiterate your message about how people know nothing about it and that it promotes peace.

BTW Sorry about having to use a link from fox news, I know some people can't deal with the fact it exists but they were the only network willing to broadcast this. You might wish to consider what that implies about agenda in the media.

Comment: Re:Won't someone think of the birds. (Score 1) 250

by Crashmarik (#49734231) Attached to: Energy Dept. Wants Big Wind Energy Technology In All 50 US States

You don't know the difference between sea ice and land ice - even when it's pointed out to you repeatedly - so I don't know why anyone should ever attempt to learn from you. You might be right, but you've been so fantastically wrong in the past and not even realised it.

LOL looks like I have a fan or a stalker. Glad I have made an impression on you, who are you again ?

Comment: Re:Missing option (Score 1) 147

by Crashmarik (#49733689) Attached to: When it comes to Slashdot ...

Well, all the old articles and discussions can still be found, so you can always compare.

From 2005:

- Apache 2.2.0 Released

- Overclocking Calculators?

- The Ultimate Leatherman?
- Torvalds Says 'Use KDE'

- BitTorrent Inherently Illegal?

You don't even need to compare the articles content just look at your titles.
The closest thing to a political, article there is the bittorrent
today we have the demographics of U.S. major parties.

Comment: Let me see (Score 3, Insightful) 71

by Crashmarik (#49724193) Attached to: UK Criminals Use Drones To Case Burglary Prospects

incredibly difficult to trace back to operator if done properly,
Can not only reconnoiter but potentially interact with and manipulate environment.
Capable of moving and delivering goods.

Oh yeah I can't see these being used for criminal purposes. The surprising thing is we haven't seen this earlier.

Comment: Re:Not sure if smart or retarded (Score 2) 204

Bots like TinTin++ were the only reason I played old-school MMORPGs AKA MUDs. Programming your character to be successful is a game in itself.

My feelings exactly. It turns games that are designed to have no satisfaction of winning into games that you can enjoy beating.

Comment: Re:Is it a Mad Max movie though ? (Score 2) 760

Errr No

And yes I do get what you are saying, it's just wrong. It's no different than going to the supermarket buying an Enteman's poundcake and finding some odd gluten free, immature grains concoction in the box instead. In cinema terms, it would be like going to see a Nora Ephron movie and getting Chuck Norris instead. Both maybe fine, but neither is what was advertised.

Comment: Re:Is it a Mad Max movie though ? (Score 4, Insightful) 760

No more so than any other brand.
Think of the people that read the Perry Rhodan, or the destroyer Novels. Mad Max as a brand has certain expectations. Both have been going on forever and are able to do so because they meet expectations. Mad Max has it's own expectations.

The setting is post Apocalyptic Australia.
There must be a group of people struggling towards the future.
They must be opposed by the forces of chaos and evil trying to plunge mankind deeper into darkness.
Then there is Max the rogue element driven by his loss. The tragic and flawed hero who stands against the darkness.

I don't care if they decided to make a movie with Charlize Theron as the action lead. I actually enjoyed Aeon Flux may have been one of the few people that did. The key is that when I went to see Aeon Flux I had a pretty good Idea of what I would be getting which was about a certain style and aesthetic. Many people complained the movie wasn't consistent with the cartoon but they miss the point that the cartoon was nowhere near self consistent.

So if this isn't a Mad Max movie, that's fine but it is false advertising.

Comment: Is it a Mad Max movie though ? (Score 2, Insightful) 760

I go to see Mad Max movie for Mad Max.

If you go to see John Wayne in Chisolm, you expect to see cattle barons fight in the west you don't expect to see the little girl from True Grit. So is this a Mad Max movie (Hard to do without Mel Gibson to begin with) or is it Tank Girl.

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