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Comment Re:Or let us keep our hard-earned money (Score 3, Funny) 566 566

yes, yes to more booze, guns and hookers. we need to spend more on that!

Absolutely after a day of hunting, give me a curvy redhead I only have to pay once and don't have to talk to, and a bottle of good scotch and that is money well spent. At least getting screwed by the hooker is a hell of a lot more fun than having the government do it.

Submission + - Eye drops could dissolve cataracts

An anonymous reader writes: As Slashdot readers age, more and more will be facing surgery for cataracts. The lack of cataract surgery in much of the world, is a major cause of blindness. Researchers at University of California San Diego have identified lanosterol as a key molecule in the prevention of cataract formation that points to a novel strategy for cataract prevention and non-surgical treatment.
The abstract is freely available from Nature. If you have cataracts, you might want to purchase a full reprint while you can still read it.

Submission + - Apple Yanks Nest From Stores in Favor of Fussy HomeKit->

linkchaos writes: Late Thursday, news broke that Apple had fully removed Nest products from its retail stores and website. Nest, now owned by Google, includes the Nest camera, thermostat and smoke detector. All three are connected devices for the home that can be controlled via smartphone apps. We're talking about the Internet of Things here, folks, and Nest's products have been popular as long as they've been in the market.
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Submission + - Augmented Reality: Hard Problems of Law and Policy->

UWLawWeb writes: An interdisciplinary team of technologists and legal experts examined Augmented Reality (AR) to understand the unique problems presented by AR. In particular they looked at AR’s ability to sense information (input) as well as overlay (output) and how it relates to legal issues surrounding First Amendment issues and the rights to privacy and public information.

“Particular implementations of AR strain prevailing conceptions of privacy and free speech, and
have the potential to compromise the user by overlaying information on the world that is erroneous,
dangerous, or legally problematic.”

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Comment Have you considered APIs or Plug ins ? (Score 5, Informative) 85 85

That way you can give your users the ability to extend your product to their needs without risking killing off your revenue stream.

Which begs the question where is your revenue currently coming from ?
1. Product Sales
2. Training
3. Maintenance/support

If it isn't 2 or 3 you may be killing yourself off. Especially if your product is user friendly and needs little in the way of support.

Comment Re:Can't be true (Score 1) 174 174

Yes, please continue to oversimplify, overstate, and not read papers in their entirety.
It makes this task easier.


You got balls

Daily Caller....They never saw a anti-environment position/myth they didn't like.
Linking to the Daily Caller for anything science/environmental is like referring Trump as an example of modesty.

When referring to this link


You didn't even read the damn title of the story

NY Times Edits Story To Tone Down Facts, Inject Bias

Keep at it prove yourself more of a zealot.

Submission + - Cool new material could make fuel cells cheaper->

sciencehabit writes: It’s not enough for a new alternative energy technology to work. It also has to be cheap enough to compete with traditional fossil fuels. That’s been a high hurdle for devices called solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs) that convert fuels—such as methane and hydrogen—directly to electricity without burning them. But now researchers report that they’ve come up with a new recipe for making key components in one type of SOFC more cheaply, which could sharply lower its overall cost.
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Submission + - Firefox Will Soon Show You Which Tabs Are Making Noise, And Let You Mute Them

An anonymous reader writes: Mozilla is working on identifying Firefox tabs that are currently playing audio. The feature will show an icon if a tab is making sounds and let the user mute the playback. It’s worth noting that while Chrome has had audio indicators for more than a year now, it still doesn’t let you easily mute tabs. The option is available in Google’s browser, but it’s not enabled by default (you have to turn on the #enable-tab-audio-muting flag in chrome://flags/).

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