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Comment Always someone that knows more than you do (Score 1) 163

If you go into a casino expecting the house to be fair, or your opponents not to have procured every edge you're a fool.

If it wasn't knowledge of the ownership patterns, it would have been something else, like health information to the old school fixing or shaving.

Comment Re:Laughable (Score 1) 190

Google is just doing what any corporation does. The bottom line is their own aggrandizement. Anything they can get away with to that end they will do. Why do you have this fantasy that they are special?

Capitalism is all about strife and self-interest. It's inherent in the system. You can but-but that by bringing up the "invisible hand of the market", but it is a truism.

No they aren't special. No more so than the petroleum company that provides you insanely cheap energy, the coal and power company that provide you cheap power, the agribusinesses that make food available to you at ridiculously low prices.

Why do you want to hate them for making your life better ?

Comment Re:A Conservative Response (Score 0) 224

Non-sequitur. The subject was willful stupidity - which YOU brought up.

Once again how is that "Hope and Change" working out for you
Or how is the Orwellian affordable care act serving you ?
Do I need to bring up the masterful, Obama, Clinton, Kerry foreign policy that is setting us up for WWIII in the middle east ?

Back on topic, here's a classic: "LALALALA the Earth is 6000 years old NANANANA"

You know conservatism and creationism only have two things in common, they begin with a C and end with an M.

Now I brought the subject of the willfully stupid left, but you have been proving the point.

Comment Re:Laughable (Score 1) 190

any western government (not the US) who is trying to 'shake down' google or FB gets my 100% blessing in anything they do to reduce the force, power and evilness of both of those companies.

anything that causes either of those companies PAIN is a good thing in my, uhm, 'book'.

corporations are evil and the biggest ones have the most evilness to them. anything that knocks down the evil corps even a little is a Good Thing(tm).

Your anger is nothing short of madness. Sure hate Google, I mean those bastards giving away search and indexing services that used to cost hundreds of dollars/hour to use.

Ooh there is a reason to hate them. They made it trivially easy for me to destroy your position.

Comment Laughable (Score 1, Interesting) 190

If you take this at face value the best result will be less security for everyone's data, as there will be more vectors to attack to access it.

If you look at what the real motivation is, namely the EU trying once again to shake down google and facebook, modest bribes will rectify the problem.

Comment Re:A Conservative Response (Score 0) 224

Thank the Lord of Hosts that we have conservatives to save us from ourselves.

We tried but to our shame we failed.

There is only so much you can do for willfully stupid children

This is the theory that Jack built. This is the flaw that lay in the theory that Jack built. This is the palpable verbal haze that hid the flaw that lay in...