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Comment Re: All would be resolved if we could all lay cabl (Score 1) 163

... we're talking about laying cable in a conduit... what exactly are you presuming to hold out as a problem. Flammability? Who is laying flammable cable? Whatever... the point is that maintaining the conduit and providing access to anyone on an equal basis would be an improvement over the existing system as well as be a reasonable thing the government could do without causing them to bounce off their own peter threshold.

Comment Re:All would be resolved if we could all lay cable (Score 1) 163

Typically they're required to offer service for the entire city as a condition of providing service to any portion of the city.

The list of conditions is variable and often graft is a component.

As to this question about whether anyone has applied... this is a silly question. You're saying no one in these cities would attempt to offer service at any part of the city? Really?

Regardless, I can link you to Google and Centurylink complaining about franchise license lockout. Its well known amongst anyone paying attention.

As to evidence... being a veteran of internet discussions which are basically nailing jello to the wall... I would like you to commit to a win condition. Provide me with something you would accept as a win for me. I mean a win. Done. Tell me what that is and I'll bother to go get the info. Short of that... I'll be concerned that you're just f'ing with me to waste my time and will just endlessly goalpost move.

Comment Re:We are returning to the dark ages. (Score 1) 85

Tell that to the victims of abortion clinic bombings.

I can't even remember one of those happening here in Canada, and if I remember right the last one in the US happened almost 30 years ago. They were ostracized and called batshit insane by the Christians even the crack-pot Christians.

Muslims though? You hear a blip here and there, like the organizational leader of a group of mosques here in Canada saying all mosques should be under surveillance and so on. And then you hear the rest of them going nope, we're fine...followed up by chanting god is great and then send some 14 year old off to join a terrorist organization.

Comment Re: All would be resolved if we could all lay cabl (Score 1) 163

... so you're saying there isn't enough capitalism? I would agree... your wording sounded like you were blaming capitalism for dumb things the government does.

If you're saying the issue is that the free market is not being permitted to address the situation by allowing competing interests to force a reasonable product quality standard at a competitive price... then I agree.

Comment Re: Militant Slashdot (Score 1) 286

I know it is a good thing but you do anyway. You use the fact that I have a record against me while of course be shielded from counter claims against your own record because you are a coward.

No ad hominem from you will be accepted. We're going to skip over any other reference to me or you because neither is relevant to the discussion. And even if they were, you are personally unable to make any argument of that nature being an AC. End of story. ... reading through your post to see if you have anything to say that isn't an ad hominem... nothing.

Your post is null. Try again.

Comment Re:All would be resolved if we could all lay cable (Score 1) 163

not when the license is not generally offered to anyone on reasonable terms.

Lets say I say anyone can do a thing... they just need a license... and then I make a point of never issuing such licenses to anyone except two companies under any circumstances.

That's a de facto ban.

De jure you can make any claim you want but it won't be intellectually honest in the face of a de facto ban.

Look guys... we can jerk each other off until our eyes melt... but at the end of the day the reality is the reality is the reality. And we can either get real here or all we're doing is jerking each other off.

The de facto reality is that only a few large companies are ever issued these licenses and acquiring these licenses is unreasonable for anyone else.

Even google is having a hard time obtaining these licenses on places where the duopolies are strong. That should give you an idea of how fucking stupidly impossible it is for anyone to get a foot in the door when multi billion dollar corporations are saying that they can't even fucking bribe their way in most of the time for a reasonable fee.

I was reading a long complaint from Centurylink that cox/time warner are blocking them from service provision in some areas.

I've had this argument a million times on this board and it always boils down to some fool that will reflexively make any fucking stupid argument he can think of to defend the status quo. It is not credible.

Comment Re:Authoritarians will always rule. (Score 1) 430

right...because universities are strictly liberal institutions.....
I have a feeling you haven't been to one yourself recently, if ever.

Organizations like The FIRE and CampusWatch don't exist because it's conservatives lining up and restricting your speech. Or because those evil conservatives are trying to block or protect people to express their opinions in a public place.

Sadly, the piece of paper from UW says otherwise. And the last time I was there, it of course being a STEM university, this shit hadn't started infiltrating it yet. Though if I wonder into York or Toronto, it's everywhere.

and the dude's shirt WAS sexist.
if you don't why here in the 21st century, that's your deficiency.

So you're saying that a women who designed the shirt is sexist because she's an artist, and that's her artistic medium? Maybe the problem is you, and you're wish and desire to be offended at anything that hurts your sensibilities. Why do you believe that women need to be coddled like delicate flowers?

Comment Re:Authoritarians will always rule. (Score 1) 430

It was inappropriate and I would never had heard about the "shirt" if it wasn't for MRAs spending so much of their time complaining that they were offended that someone else somewhere else was offended by the shirt.

Too bad it wasn't the MRA's complaining about how they were offended that started it right? It was the rabid feminists, and the rabid feminists in the press that did.

That was a (maybe not-so) tragic lesson for both the guy and the woman who got fired. She made a big deal over nothing, the company fired the one developer because he embarrassed the company and they already wanted to fire him (a sane employer wouldn't fire a good employee over a single minor incident), and the woman got fired for the backlash her actions caused (and rightly so, she deliberately and publicly made a fuss over a private conversation).

Ah so you've go the inside track as to why they fired him? That should be easy for you to provide sources. Oh and a company wouldn't fire someone over something like that? Or did you forget that most places in the US it's "at will employment." Meaning being fired for something that trivial and even less trivial happens a lot more then you'd think.

So I guess what I'm saying is if these are your biggest grievances, you should spend more time thinking about how good things must be for you, because if these pathetic examples of injustice are the biggest problems facing you, you don't have any problems at all.

Oh, but no mention on the no-platform stuff? Or student unions going after students for refusing to follow the group think? Or the press in general spouting off at the hip with the same garbage. Like why air conditioning is sexist, or why if you don't vote for hillary you're a misogynist. Seems to me, you're right on the cusp of figuring out that there's a serious problem with a segment of the left, but you're hoping it'll go away before you have to call it out for being batshit insane.

Comment BFQ is AWESOME... (Score 5, Informative) 64

Been running PF-Kernel for a few years, which has a bunch of patches, including BFQ, ck patch set with BFS, Tux in ice, UKSM, and grayskys gcc kernel patch. I normally just use the PF Github repo

Love it. With BFQ, you no longer get system pauses on your desktop. I can listen to music or play a video, run a few vms, while a compiler runs in the background, and x-windows doesn't pause, typing doesn't pause, its how a system should act. Your system seems more fluid with no pausing.

PF-Kernel seems to be for Arch/Gentoo/Rpm based, but I've used it on Ubuntu systems. Pf-Kernel isn't the only one, there are other kernels out there that include more performance patches, Xanmod and Liquorix

Comment Re:New York Taxi Workers' Alliance (Score -1) 179

Thousands for a trip on New Years eve is normal?

In a free market the fair price is whatever buyers are willing to pay. There is no other.

Were you able to find a taxi in previous years? I don't think so — people prefer to celebrate the holiday with their families. If you wish them to be giving you a ride instead, you have to make it worth their while — or take the subway.

The laws of supply and demand are Economics 101...

Comment Answering Hello (Score 1) 239

I do this on my voice mail, since robo calls will hang up. Just answer "Hello, Hi" wait 3-4 seconds, repeat, Takes about 5-6 seconds for the robocall to transfer to a human when it thinks its not voicemail. Really pisses them off when they transfer and they hear "Yup, its really not hear, you got the machine"

I suspect they dont get paid for voicemails, so they get really really mad. I've heard some swearing and cussing, love it.


Comment Re:Authoritarians will always rule. (Score 2) 430

Actually no, on the left we say: Live and let everybody else live.

All those "rules" you hate, they are what "let everybody else" live LOOKS like - breaking them KILLS people.

Had a look at modern university in the last 10 years? How's those 'free speech' zones going, how about all those universities engaging in censorship and student unions -- especially leftist student unions that actively engage in censorship. No platform policies? Yep, how about those folks that are driven out or fired from their job because someone doesn't like a joke, or because on their own private time they support something that a group of people don't like. Or start screaming that xyz is sexist/racist/ect, and the person should be fired. That's also coming from the left. How about the "if you don't vote for Hillary you're a misogynist."

Land a probe on a comet? Fuck no, your shirt is sexist. Yep the progressives and SJWs strikes again. Two dudes joking over dongles? That's rape culture.

Sure are "live and let live" on the left these days...

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