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Comment Re:Maybe you should focus... (Score 1) 145

Basically, a developer for Opal made an off-color comment on Twitter, in his spare time. Because he had "Developer for Opal" on his Twitter profile, users that were offended made a bug report about it :

From there after a long string of drama, Github introduced a Code of Conduct, but it contained language such as "We will not act on Reverse Racism" (aka, non-priviledge races making harassing/defaming comments about whites) and other bigoted "progressive" ideals.

They were massively called out on it, and it created a schism in the community between people who believe things like "Can't be sexist towards males/can't be racist towards whites" and people who call out such idealogies as Bigoted.

It ended with the CoC going into limbo :

All relevant issues opened about Bigoted language in the CoC are linked in that issue. You can basically thank the people behind Contributor_Convenant that are trying to poison the Open Source community at large with the same trite that happened to the Atheism scene in 2010-2011 and to Occupy Wallstreet.

Apparently, the words of Bill and Ted aren't enough anymore : Be excellent to each other.

Comment Re:Who? (Score 1) 79

now you get to find out how much they REALLY make in a month.

Now ? This information was always public on Patreon :

You can publicly see the number of patrons and the monthly revenue they generate. If they have their patreon set to per-creation instead of per-month, you still get the stats per-creation, as in, per-video for instance:

So this hack doesn't even reveal that. At best, it can reveal who is a patron of who, which is not dessimated to the public.

Comment Re:Conclusion not supported by given evidence (Score 1) 280

None of your data support your argument that this is a problem though. What if women just aren't majorly interested in programming in IT, just like it seems men are less interested in daycare work ?

What barriers do you perceive for women in IT/Programming ? Because I see none. I see a bunch of folks dumping a lot of good money into "fixing" it though, so I guess there's good money to be made in pretending there is a problem.

Comment Re:Drama is coming. (Score 1) 90

No no no, you got it wrong. Now I can post videos of my Bros, doing Bro-y things so that other Bros can like it, and "high five" comment it, without any women being forced at gun point to watch and then make a Facebook rant about how Bros will be Bros and how they should all be jailed 5 miles underground for it.

Because "if you don't like it, don't watch it" is literally impossible you know.

Comment Re:If race doesn't exist, how is this possible? (Score 1) 312

I thought the narrative was that race doesn't exist?

You have to understand who you're dealing with in these articles. The narrative is the EXACT opposite of "egalitarianism" or "humanism". The people posting these things are Snake-oil salesmen and their business is to sell on you on their Identity Politics as hard as they can.

To them, Humanism (one race) and Egalitarianism is like rat poison. The very basis of those idealogies runs completely contrary to Identity Politics, by virtue of not recognizing Race, Gender, Sex, Religion or any other "minority oppression points" someone may have.

Except Class. Identity politics idealogues, being mostly American slackitivists running on Trust funds don't recognize class inequality, and will call you "basement dwelling" or "low rent tenant" as an insult.

The narrative is anything that can get them preferrential treatment for a given characteristic they possess and that you do not. Oh and they can be bigots against you, because supposedly, you're the one oppressing them, with your basement dwelling 6$ an hour job, while they throw slurs at you from their cushy San Fran housing, paid for by Rich Daddy/Mommy money.

Comment Re:THANK YOU For Being an Inspiration! (Score 1) 727

How many ex-boyfriends do you know of, even ones with actually awful ex-girlfriends, pen an online screed designed to create a hate mob? How many?

Not many, because of attitudes and people like you, who instead of listening to them, and maybe looking into the situation, automatically accuses the male side of Misogyny and Hate, just for denouncing abuse performed by an ex-girlfriend.

Ever thought you might be the one preventing the voice of abused men to actually talk about their experience by labelling them as vile, sub-humans ? Because nothing makes a victim feel better than that amiright ?

Comment Re:Well, she was an interim. (Score 1) 467

Late to replying, but you're a bit wrong about SRD. It's Sub Reddit Drama, not Shit Reddit Does for one, and is the same crowd or thereabouts that uses SRS.

I've never seen "SRD" used to refer to Shit Reddit Does (which is as you described), only to refer to Sub Reddit Drama, which I invite you to peruse to see I wasn't wrong.

Comment Re:That's it (Score 1) 727

You mean the comments by AmiJoJo and narcc, which are replying to about everything trying to do damage control ?

I have a question for Mr./Mrs Wu : How much are you paying these guys, either in money or through other more basic needs, in order to get them to defend you so fiercely, and if not, what do you think of White Knights and do they have the chance of making your husband into a cuck or not ?

Comment Re:You have got to be kidding me (Score 1) 727

Conspiracy theories and unfounded accusations repeated over and over again in an attempt to disrupt a person's life is harassment.

Like calling large swats of people "Misogynists" because they disagree with women ? Because that's an unfounded accusation levied way to easily these days and has disrupted the life of many people for the only crime of not trusting a woman's or male feminist's words without proof.

Comment Re:You have got to be kidding me (Score 1) 727

Use facts that can be proven. Leave faith to religions.

Women are not anymore or less "believed" or "not believed" than men. Humans in general are believed when they are using proven or provable facts. They are also "believed" when they build credibility based on a history of using such facts and truths in their discourse. This particular human being has not been truthful, thus her credibility is in the pits.

This has no link to gender. It's not about gender. People that make it about gender want to shield a specific class of citizen from criticism.

The better question is : why should women be about to lie and distort the truth and not be criticized for it ? Answer that, Mr. Internet Feminist.

Comment Re:Well, she was an interim. (Score 5, Insightful) 467

Nope, SRS and SRD are still there and engaging in harassement as they usually do. So she didn't even manage to clamp down on harassing subreddits.

Don't mistake what the FPH ban was : a political move to gain mainstream political correctness point in the eyes of the HAES and FA movements. Remember : 70% of americans are now overweight (source : It pays to cater to the majority.

If the goal was banning harassment, FPH was not the subreddit to ban. For the most part, they were simply keeping to their own dark corner and doing their thing amongst themselves. You had to go out of your way to "get harassed", by visiting the subreddit while fat and looking for pictures of yourself. Or worse: submitting your pictures in an attempt to get attention.

You just bought the media narrative hook, line and sinker.

Comment Re:Its because she refused to censor a question (Score 2) 385

Bluntly stated, such a question can't possibly be "loaded".

You can judge for yourself if the question was or not loaded :

Yes, that was the actual question. Didn't seem to phase Rev. Jackson who just offered a non-reply.

Comment Re:Pao Wants "Safe Spaces" for Shills and Ideologu (Score 2) 385

The main target seems to have been GameJournosPro and Leigh Alexander who wrote the basis of what was the "Gamers don't have to be your audience anymore" piece, which came as an answer to gamers asking why journalists were not covering TFYC incident, after it came out that the person responsible for that had had positive coverage by a journalist whom she was in a relationship with.

The banning and deletion of discussion on these issues really didn't help. seems very journalist focused too.

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