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Comment: Re:IE 6 (Score 1) 194

by Billly Gates (#49565407) Attached to: JavaScript Devs: Is It Still Worth Learning jQuery?

Dump em!

It is 2015 and 90% of large enterprise have moved off IE 6 or use another browser like Firefox esr in their builds.

Did you know modern IE has compatibility mode! No really most incompetent admins use it now for adding IE 7 sites and later to the intranet zone. This means they can upgrade and emulation runs for older sites.

Banning IE 8 is almost there as you can remind them to install Firefox or Chrome which most should also have. Getting close indeed. It is not 2005 anymore where people have no other browsers

Comment: Online poker .com would pay BIG (Score 1) 89

This would be very profitable. If I were an evil asshole with no ethics I would love to buy or rent such software out and put in a fake virtual player for each session. No way I would ever lose money unless through very odd anomalies. Oh hell who am I kidding this is how half of Las Vegas works where they hire statisticians to favor the house as much as possible.

You are dumb to ever think you can win and are just smarter than the other guys

Comment: Re:Damn... (Score 4, Insightful) 481

Pakistan is a very radical Islamic country. Why did they seceed from India when India has millions of muslims? Because it wasn't radical enough. Education is dangerous to the extremists with beards if women started thinking for themselves then how can they have Sharia law?

Comment: murder mystery analogy with chickens (Score 5, Funny) 157

by goombah99 (#49546833) Attached to: Wormholes Untangle a Black Hole Paradox

Imagine a chicken's butt. picture it. Okay hang onto that thought because we'll come back to that later.
There's a house made of rubber with a lot of rooms. While all the guests including the butler are gathered in the living room, the guests hear the sound of the master of the house being murdered in his bedroom which is at the end of a distant series of hallways. They also notice that at that moment the butler is missing, but a moment later he's back. It's too far from the dining room to the bedroom for the Butler to have walked there and walks back, so he's not a suspect. But we have two mysteries
1) how did the butler vanish and re-appear. Very suscipicious. could he teleport?
2) how did they hear the scream of the master in his distant bedroom.

The second fact seems to clear the butler since no one wants to believe in teleportation.

Then they discover the house is U-shaped and there's a secret passage directly connecting the bedroom to the living room. The spooky actions and effects at a distance are explained by a wormhole. Also it's the secret passage way that holds the rubber house in a U-shape.

Now remember that chicken butt? I thought so. See if you can get it out of your mind.

Comment: Re:Don't follw the rules don't get paid. (Score 1) 147

Part of the requirements to be paid a bounty is following the "responsible disclosure policy". The submitter did not follow that policy and therefore did not get paid. It seems pretty simple.

I always make it even simpler, by citing my Greedy Bastard Policy regardless of what anyone does.

Comment: Sad no one mentioned the French TGV (Score 2) 189

by forged (#49525813) Attached to: Maglev Train Exceeds 600km/h For World Record
- Has been operating on conventional rail (cost $ vs. $$$ for maglev) since 1981.
- Is holding the world record of 574,8 km/h on conventioanl rail since 2007.
- Is linking all major cities in France and some abroad (Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, UK).
- Has commercial speeds of 280km/h for the oldest ones, to 320km/h for the current generation.
- Costs a fraction of the price of the maglev.

But, YMMV. And by all means go Japan !

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