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Comment Re:If we're going systemd, we should go full throt (Score 1) 280

I disagree on the "full-throttle" part. That's be fine on consumer desktops. But Linux is mostly about production servers. Yes, yes... I know... mainstream Linux on the desktop is "just around the corner" and all that. :)

I have no great love for sysV init scripts. Getting rid of them would break a few things in my world. But really, those things could probably stand a new look and update anyway. But my second-to-main issue with systemd is that it's just somewhat half-baked and obtuse. There's a lot of "don't look behind the curtain, just trust us that it'll work" to it. That'd be tolerable in a consumer OS, or even in a consumer-targeted Linux distort like Mint, but not in bloody RHEL and Debian!

My biggest gripe about systemd, though, is its counterpart in crime: journald. Binary log files are the work of the devil and journald needs to die in a fire. And no one... not even a couple of Red Hat engineers I've spoken with... has been able to give be a non-hackish, production-worthy, way of ripping journald out of the thing and replacing it with syslog.

Name one commercial version of Unix that still is supported that uses init?

Sco Unixware is the only thing that comes close but I do not htink it is supported anymore.
Solaris left init in 2008
Apple left init in 2006
NetBSD left init for object oriented macros in init for a hybrid approach around 2007

If Init is so great why is everyone leaving?

The reason is init was not designed for desktops or servers with more than a dozen applications. What if your laptop goes to sleep and wakes up on a different network? How can init with 200 lines of if/fi scripts handle something liek this? WHat if your network goes down on your server? What if your web server is hacked? What if your Oracle RDMS takes a dive?

Writting every possible conceivable combination of events with nested if/fi statements is luducrious! An event driven system makes sense.

FYI Init is not a glorified autoexec.bat for starting up. Something needs to tell the kernel which daemons to start and which arguments to pass on. Those who say otherwise do not know what Init does or it's intended use.

So Apple went 1st and everyone but Linux followed.

Comment Re:Yes! (Score 1) 280

I switched to a Mac in 2012 for my personal shit and about 6 months ago went to a Mac for work too. With the release of Office 2016 for the Mac, I honestly cannot find a single thing I cannot do comfortably on my Mac anymore.

If you have a serious problem with it, Parallels has been running Windows apps for me better than any native PC installation since version 7 back in 2012.

I mean, I know you're probably trolling or trying to be funny, but it's a dead joke in 2015.

Comment Re:I'll believe it when I see it (Score 1) 46

Not really. just a few days ago posted some benchmarks with Steam. With nvidia hardware even it is about 40% slower than Windows.

I am not an AMD fanboy at all. I have an nvidia 770 on my system at home and an ATI 7850 before then. I hate both companies actually but for different reasons. Alot has to do with games too. Even if you had a solid driver for Linux the game is designed and only tested with Windows and they use some 3rd rate outsourcer overseas to port it to Linux ... or even WIndows as the game is optimized only for the Xbox and Playstation and not on Windows .... and even worse Linux. EA is known for this.

So that and DirectX is more tied to the OS than OpenGL so it is faster unless you do tricks. Vulcan may fix this but DirectX 12 will have hardware access. FYI AMD invented Mantle which turned up the heat and gave console like performance on the desktop as game makers have direct hardware access that is lacking on the PC.

On my system I only use Nvidia drivers that come with WIndows. I get corruption if I use the latest ones from nvidia. I figured out when my computer went to sleep it would crash before saving everything to the hiber.sys file.

I wish Matrox and PowerVR were still making PC graphics :-(. Some competition is lacking and would add fire to AMD and Nvidia to improve their products and drivers.

Comment Re:I'll believe it when I see it (Score 3, Informative) 46

You say that as a bad thing.

Read a game developer comment on here and they will say AMD hardware is a joy to use. Especially on the XBOXONE... but on Windows it is hell due to bugs and workarounds due to optimizations from 15 years worth of games loading up.

Consider it like IE 6 where you need work arounds on work arounds and each new release adds more changes to make some new game cheat on benchmarks. Nvidia is now falling under this trap too. The great thing about FirePro and Quadro cards is the hardware is almost identical to the gaming cards except with ECC ram. It is the drivers that make them pro.

Comment Re:Sadly.. (Score 3, Informative) 348

Really, in most software, "save" and "export" functionality has been merged. Because "whether or not the format is the preferred format of the program" isn't even an implementation detail. It's a developer preference. It has absolutely no place in the main tool. Having one list of formats for "save" and a different list of formats for "export" is beyond insane. Worse than old-Photoshop's "you can't save in this format, because you are using features X, Y, and Z" (instead of just launching a conversion process) - Gimp doesn't give you the option *whether or not* you're using incompatible features.

Comment How could the Earth heat it? (Score 1) 93

I read the article and it mentioned the hot side faced Earth. Not that heat radiating tens of thousands of miles in a vacuum heated it thousands of degrees.

More than like the force of the bang pushing the material left it run towards the back facing Earth not to mention gravitational pulls swelled the molten core towards Earth. And a 100 degree heat difference from the side facing the sun as well might of had a very small role.

1 billion years ago the Earth had 100 to 1,000 foot tides as the Moon and the Earth were much closer which is how plants evolved from Sea Algae and fish to land animals as great pools were left to get wet and dry over and over. I would imagine the molten cores would have as similiar effect of a pull one side with pressure as well.

Comment Re:Lucas not having control to do what he wanted (Score 1) 421

You could say that about a lot of people. Still most of them will go for "more money whatever the cost". That's their main point. Of course, it is no point at all. But there isn't really much more they could do at their level anyway.

Someone mentioned a rumor about a divorce settlement?

After 100k more money doesn't really help. At 250,000,000 you can buy mansions everywhere in the world, your own jet, a private chef to cook every meal, every luxury car imaginable, etc.

The bank account signs are for ego I guess. But really would you do a job you hate if you had that kind of cash? HELL NO! You work because you want too or do not work anymore like the actress who played Princess Leah. After Blues Brothers and Star Wars she decided work wasn't for her and she didn't have to do it anymore. She was set.

Oddly rich people are also depressed and lonely. After all their possible needs on Maslows Triangle are met they feel they have no purpose.

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