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Comment: Re:Web developer headache? (Score 1) 75

by Billly Gates (#49377187) Attached to: Microsoft Rolls Out Project Spartan With New Windows 10 Build

Have you made websites recently?

I do not mean to sound critical about you personally? I wrote a kind of bad trollish review below. With that ouf of the way IE 11 is one of the most standard compliant browsers available. It does not support the most features but it supports those correctly. Webkit/blink is the worst. CSS 3 animations is like IE 6 you need hack after hack of -webkit to get it to work.

Why is it we accept Google doing this yet bash IE 6 as the anti Christ when it did the same in 2001? Spartan is a better browser than IE 11 but Chrome and Mozilla accelerating in the last year faster than the project Spartan could catch. So in a sense it is about Chrome in 2012/2013 but with more standards compliant. It still is beta in a rewrite engine stage so I won't bruise MS too much more on this :-)

After the new engine stabilizes they need to add quite a few features like interactive forms, pointer events, drawing primitives, stencil support in webgl, to catch up to the other browsers. However I do not know if the W3C standardized these yet.

Since IE users NEVER EVER UPGRADE the last thing MS wants is to implement a changed feature later on and be stuck for the next 10 years where developers curse them for writing 2 versions of that standard after W3C changes the final spec. This is what happened with IE 6 besides the bugs. CSS 2.1 was very very new and changed final after IE 6 came out. firefox implemented it the other way causing 2 rifts as it was assumed users and corporations would upgrade to IE 7 FAST and quickly. We all know they never happened and kept the damn IE 6 until 2011.

Comment: Re:WebM Support? (Score 1) 75

by Billly Gates (#49377163) Attached to: Microsoft Rolls Out Project Spartan With New Windows 10 Build

Question for anyone who has tried it, does Project Spartan currently support Vorbis, Opus, VP8, VP9 and the WebM container format? VP8 and Opus are mandatory to implement in the WebRTC spec so hopefully Microsoft will at least conform to the spec for WebRTC, and bonus points awarded if they carry that codec support over to the video tag.

According to www.html5test.com no. Just AAC and MP3. ... however in Microsoft's defense it is not a W3C standard as they all agreed to implement mp3 and mpeg4

Comment: Caught up to Chrome 20 from 2012 (Score 2) 75

by Billly Gates (#49377155) Attached to: Microsoft Rolls Out Project Spartan With New Windows 10 Build

Only 3 years behind webkit now

Only score 370 from HTML5test.com which places it about where Chrome 20 was in 2012.

Just like IE years behind. Shame.

Also the address bar isn't obvious and will confuse the heck out of Grandma and office drones. No arrow in the address bar to show frequent sites. Again phone will be ringing off the hook for it back.

No thanks will ban this on the corporate desktop and put IE 11 for awhile when we switch to Windows 10 in the next 5 years until MS adds these features back.

I am trying hard not to be trollish as IE has drastically improved by the POS it was last decade! However, the faster MS is on changing and being not bad the further webkit and even Mozilla plow ahead even faster.

IE haters it is only beta so it might change and according to smashingmagazine.com the trident team mentioned 3,000 bugs were removed when they re created the whole engine into something new. So kudos Microsoft.

But all this change freaks the hell out of business users and are parents still clinging to XP for life as the best OS and the last when that worked with things in the right spots etc

Comment: Re:We aready have this (Score 1) 30

by JanneM (#49377095) Attached to: Hand-Drawn and Inkjet Printed Circuits for the Masses (Video)

I solder SMT components by hand as well. Don't even need a microscope; just head-mounted magnifier glasses is plenty. Make sure you have good light and plenty of flux and you're good to go.

But the problem is the board. Sure, if you have a finished design already, and you intend to actually use it in the future, then sending off for a finished PCB is good. But if it's just a hobby, and you're prototyping or just playing around to better understand a particular circuit, then spending a good chunk of money and weeks of time for a board is simply not feasible. You really want to set something up, try it, then tear it down and try the next idea.

With that said, I don't know that this is the answer either. Hand-drawn does not sound precise enough to handle SMT, and a whole separate device just making prototype boards sounds like too much money and space for a hobbyist. Perhaps the answer is desktop mills that become cheap and precise enough that you can use them to cut out boards from copper blanks along with other building tasks. At least that would not be a single-purpose gadget.

Comment: chain of evidence (Score 4, Insightful) 117

by goombah99 (#49375001) Attached to: Silk Road Investigators Charged With Stealing Bitcoin

These two were tied up in the chain of evidence that led to his conviction, so depending on what gets tossed he has a chance here. Now he did admit that at one time he was DPR and that he had resumed work under the alias so he's probably not going to get everything overturned. But his defense was that someone else associated possibly with MTGOX was the mastermind framing him more recently.

So what's intriguing here is that one of the investigators was doing some shenanigams with MTGOX accounts and was involved in seizing MTGOX assets. Since MT GOX started having liquidity problems right during this investigation of Silk road, it really makes you wonder if this is where some of those missing assets went.

Furthermore the agents appear to have done things as their shenanigans came to light to obfuscate the trail back to them. This is not too far afield from ulricht's claim that someone was framing him, asking him to step in as DPR, and putting keys on his computer.

It actually seems it's not far fetched to imagine Ulricht was telling the truth about having relinquished DPR that someone suddenly invited him back into the game as the FBI closed in. Perhaps there's some grains of truth in there somewhere. e.g. maybe one of the agents did add his bitcoin keys to Urichts computers.

Given those sorts of conjectures it seems very reasonable he should get a new trial. He's guilty by his own admission, but maybe not guilty of everything he's charged with.

Comment: Re:Advertisers reeling over this small fix! (Score 1) 106

by Billly Gates (#49372033) Attached to: How Malvertising Abuses Real-Time Bidding On Ad Networks

I'm afraid you're going to have to retire the "HATE THIS" meme.

From now on, you have to write the hooks to ad-laden drivel using the following as a guide:



"He Downloaded Adblock And Installed. When He Reloaded The Page, I Was Amazed."

Ensure That You Capitalise Every Word For Maximum Impact.



How was that?

After any salary raise, you will have less money at the end of the month than you did before.