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Comment Re:Sadly.. (Score 3, Informative) 351

Really, in most software, "save" and "export" functionality has been merged. Because "whether or not the format is the preferred format of the program" isn't even an implementation detail. It's a developer preference. It has absolutely no place in the main tool. Having one list of formats for "save" and a different list of formats for "export" is beyond insane. Worse than old-Photoshop's "you can't save in this format, because you are using features X, Y, and Z" (instead of just launching a conversion process) - Gimp doesn't give you the option *whether or not* you're using incompatible features.

Comment Drop Down Terminal + Screen (Score 1) 352

If you're running a terminal, GNU Screen is absolutely essential. And when you're using GNU Screen, all terminals are pretty much interchangeable already.

So, technically I run Gnome Terminal. But I run Screen inside of that.

Less-technically: I use this "Drop Down Terminal" extension, which allows me to bind a key (such as the otherwise unused "context menu" key on my keyboard), to cause a terminal to drop down, as it would in Quake or other games with a "console".

Drop Down Terminal (running "screen -A -x -RR"), has, without any sarcasm or hyperbole, completely revolutionised my workflow. It gives the ability to treat the terminal as something you "peek" at, between doing other tasks (which take place either in the web browser, or some window dedicated to being a text editor). I cannot go on enough about how much I think this should be a thing everywhere.

As a bonus, it gives a use to that otherwise completely useless "context menu" key.

Comment Re:And then ? (Score 3, Insightful) 227

The question is: Does Google have enough money / clout to piss off its main source of revenue? Are advertisers still its main source of revenue?

When advertisers do nothing, Google could (theoretically) say "follow our new standards or you are banned from our ad network". I mean, that's the obvious thing they "could" do. Whether or not they have the ability to get away with that, that's another thing.

Comment Re:My mistake (Score 1) 497

The only thing that should be commented is the "weird why".

For example: "We convert this number to a string here for compatibility with the called library, which expects to handle Big Numbers generically." or "Yes, this is completely stupid, but is required due to an unknown bug. For reasons which have yet to be understood, this code causes a segmentation fault (traced all the way back to llLib-Foo), if this method is not called twice. The resulting output is (mathematically) equivalent, though expectedly weird-looking. As llLib-Foo is only called after seven levels of indirection (six of which, we have absolutely no control over), we are at the mercy of upstream to provide a fix. For now, this appears to work."

The best place for all other "comment"-style documentation is the commit log, where it will be forever associated with exactly when it was written, and what the code looked like at that point.

Comment I will never "write my tests first" (Score 1) 497

If I know exactly what someone wants, then sure: write the tests first, that makes sense.

But the vast majority of the time, fulfilling a requirement is just as much about finding what the person *really* wants, as it is about finding out how to supply it.

By the time I know what the question is, the answer has already been written.

It's only at that point that I have the ability to rigorously test the implementation of that answer.

Comment Re:ffs, once again: UI problem = "lack of interest (Score 1) 51

Because I live in a world where I *don't* need to be tethered 24/7 to my desktop, it's nice to be able to quickly say "Okay, Google: " when I am in the same room, but not actually sitting at the keyboard.

"Okay, Google: " is fairly useless for anything that I don't have my phone out for, though.

Comment I am in favor of free airspace... (Score 1) 58

I am generally in favor of free airspace (when talking about devices with enough weight to maybe scratch a car if they go wrong)

But on the other hand: if you at any point *lose control* of your drone, to such an extent that it flies into a restricted-for-a-good-reason zone, then I think that's worthy of a fine.

Comment ffs, once again: UI problem = "lack of interest" (Score 3, Insightful) 51

On my phone, "Okay, Google" can be set to respond in any application, or even when the phone is off.

On the desktop, "Okay, Google" only works if you've already opened up a search page.... at which point you may as well type your search.

I have very often wished that "Okay, Google" on Chrome were as convenient as on my phone - or that I could tell my phone to redirect results to my Desktop.

But once again, Google has decided that "our UI was so inconvenient that nobody ever used our product" translates to "nobody wants to use a feature similar to this"

Comment What's the issue here? (Score 1) 262

Corporation tax comes *after* the business' expenses. Including everything you pay to employees.

Employees, individually, pay taxes on what they take home.

Corporation tax exists in part to prevent corporations from sitting on piles of money - it encourages them to pay money out to employees, where those employees will be taxed (at a higher rate than corporation tax), and can use the remainder for, you know, buying things.

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