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Comment Re:Wait a minute... (Score 1) 102

This wasn't "ruling in favour of the obvious", this was making a ruling about which parts of "Happy Birthday" are copyrighted, based on the technicalities of the claim.

There has been no claim here that "Happy Birthday" could not possibly be under copyright, only that the words are not covered by the particular claim being disputed.

Comment As opposed to the alternative (Score 1) 133

And if you had found out: "Despite selling its products to literally billions of people across the globe (and making billions of dollars by doing so), Coca-Cola does not actively fund any analysis or research into the long-term health effects of its products or their ingredients, or assist in any community efforts to deal with potential negative consequences of using its products", would you be somehow less-alarmed? Personally, I'd find that to be a whole lot worse. Like, "reckless disregard for the well-being of its customers" worse.

Comment Re:Photoshop (Score 4, Interesting) 889

in Gimp, layers have boundaries. This doesn't seem to be a problem nearly as much as it used to be, but I have still run into it semi-recently. "I cropped your image because the part you were working on moved at some point in its history" is completely insane. Layer boundaries are visible by default, meaning your image starts with some square around its visible area, showing you... well, I don't actually know what it's intending to show you, as they seem to auto-resize for most operations these days.

The UI for the "resize" tool is so absurdly backwards that I suspect that it was implemented as a proof-of-concept for some pre-1.0 version and then never looked at again by a developer.

I'd say the same for the "text" tool, but I do recall a time when it was actually worse (it once didn't give any preview at all)

Want to change something's opacity from 0 to 100%? How about changing a brush size? Or maybe you want to select a colour from a range of hues? Each of these sliders has a completely different interface. Two of them share the ability to change their behaviour based on where (not indicated on the interface itself) you click / slide.

I'm not a graphic designer, so I rarely have need of GIMP or anything like it. When I do need it, I almost always want to: Paste a layer, resize it, probably copy it a few times, maybe change the opacity, maybe draw a circle around something, probably type in some text to explain what was circled. I don't need a lot from GIMP. The only things I interact with are the most basic of tools: move layers, resize layers, draw a squiggle, type some text. Even with these absolute basics, I encounter painful UI issues every time I load up GIMP.

I really enjoy graphic design, image manipulation, etc. But I would sooner install Windows and sign up for a £40/mo subscription to Photoshop than I would attempt to use GIMP for anything more complicated than I already use it for.

Just in case you were actually curious, that is what I find so intolerable. I can go into more detail, but I expect this summary is enough to give you an idea.

tl;dr: Try to do the most basic things I can think of wanting from an Image Manipulation Program; encounter UI which consistently prevents me from either seeing what I'm doing; never bothered trying to do anything less-basic because of it.

Comment "Logo Change" again (Score 1) 132

Why do stories about branding changes, without fail, call it a "logo change"? And usually coupled with complaints such as "What? They changed the font on the logo? I Bet someone made a lot of money for that genius move!"

"Branding" != "Logo". The logo is almost always *part of* a branding change, but it is almost never the *extent* of a branding change.

Branding includes all logos (not just the one which shows the parent company's name), colour schemes, phrasing ("tone of voice"), types of packaging, the way information is presented on and in packaging, the way physical stores are organised, the *existence* of physical stores, which products will be promoted, where product development will be focused in the future, etc.

A re-branding is usually part of a company restructure, or a major change in focus, after market forces (eg: a new competitor, a shift in technology, particularly bad sales, a looming end to exponential growth, etc) have made it clear that *something* needs to change, to ensure either continued growth, or in an attempt to prevent further losses.

But the big story everyone focuses on is always "the main corporate logo has changed. So-and-so consulting company is rumoured to have been paid $80,000,000,000 for this change"

As Google's blog puts it, this isn't a "logo change", this is a change to Google's design, how it presents its services, how it highlights what products it offers, etc.

Comment Re:No compelling evidence? (Score 1) 663

Technically correct. And for spherical humans in a vacuum, completely correct.


  - There are multiple factors which influence how much is burned. Food has an influence on energy levels and brain chemistry beyond "how many calories were in the food", for example.

  - "Consuming food" is a fuzzy definition. "food entering your mouth" is not the same as "food which will be converted into energy for your body". In the U.S. at least (I don't know about elsewhere) the label of "calories" on a box of food, for example, is meant to compensate for this, giving an average based on a typical person eating a standard amount.

Notice that neither of these point attempt to refute the claim that a poor diet makes you fat. What I am refuting is that the concept of "poor diet makes you fat" can be usefully mapped to thermodynamics.

Comment Biometrics (Score 1) 66

Biometric data is *NOT SECRET* and never has been. The idea isn't "nobody has access to your fingerprints", it's "if you control the device, and can monitor the person attempting to access the device, you can easily detect attempts to use someone else's data"

eg: Yes, your fingerprint reader can be defeated by the person holding a photocopy of someone else's hand. If you leave them alone with the device, they can also defeat it by pulling the back cover off, so that's not particularly an issue.

Comment It makes perfect sense (Score 1) 112

Almost all popular social media these days label a button which has the effect of "I think more people should see this" as "I like / approve of this"

So of course it makes sense that people would start treating "I think more people should see this" as a synonym for general endorsement.

On the other hand, there's that word "material", and speech is never material. That's the *ONLY* fucking point.

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