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Comment Re:Server 2016 has docker (Score 1) 48

that can run in hyper-V too

That seems to miss a large part of the point of these containers. Of course to support this sort of strategy, Windows would have to do a whole lot of kernel work, and they probably don't have the stomach to muck with their kernel that much.

Actually MS really has been slimming the kernel down to make it more mobile friendly. Here are the containers link?

Comment Server 2016 has docker (Score 1) 48

Since you're a Windows user/admin, Docker will do nothing for you. It is Linux Containers with additional development. It's not a full virtual machine, it's a virtual userspace running on top of a Linux kernel. It allows you to virtualize your Linux-based application (Even requiring other virtual containers so you always know what version of XYZ you're running), but it won't do anything for Windows.

In addition to docker MS has Winmin for tiny hardened Windows containers that can run in hyper-V too. SSH is coming to server 2016 R2 as well inside powershell. MS has really improved their server offerings from the NT days

Comment Re:WTF? (Score 1) 119

Im not a developer, but i think its like install shield for windows. Creates application packages or something. Still the summary should really give a brief definition.

Not only that it makes virtualizing so much easier. Server 2016 supports docker in Hyper-V as a way to move containers and start and close them in ways that are more manageable than static images that you can not shut off or move during production without modifying the guest OS. Also it opens the possibilities of hardned ultra secure containers too that are hard to hack that do just one thing.

Comment Inexcusable (return them) (Score 2) 146

Dude in 2015 you bought a device that only works on an unsupported 15 year old obsolete and now dangerous OS for internet streaming??! Seriously

If the camera was from the XP era I could understand. If you want to keep it then get an ancient XP box and DMZ the LAN behind a firewall to prevent internet access. But if you purchased this to use over the internet then the manufacturer gave you a shoddy and liable product that is negligent.

Comment The company behind forged certificates?? (Score 2) 50

Wasn't this the company who gave us forged compromised certificates last year that installed malware on some pcs and phones?

They use a Lenovo style spearfish SSL MITM and replace legitimate certificates with their own. Gee no security problem with that. Kaspersky does the same too until you tell it not to scan HTTPS connections.

Comment Re:MS Wants to Own Your Machine for Good (Score 2) 570

I just turned off windows updates on my win8.1 netbook. Sure, it might get rooted by random internet script-kiddies, but that's still better than a 100% chance of immediately getting rooted by Microsoft's own script-kiddies.

Windows Update is simply no longer trustworthy.

Dude. GWX control panel. Go google it or just put in security updates only? That way you won't get 0wned.

Turning off Windows Update is a terrible practice

Comment Re:Windows server 2016 on desktop (Score 1) 570

Server is not a good client platform. The reason is the threading and quantums are optimized for background services and loads. Not lower latency and applications.

Also you will be prompted why you are shutting down each time and sleep won't be enabled by default etc. Server 2016 has per core (not cpu licensing!). So if you want to pay $2400 for your quad core be my guess :-)

Oh and if you try to crack the bootloader it will be much harder as MS records a copy of your fingerprinted hardware serial IDs to generate a public key. I know you mentioned dreamspark but still.

I would stick with Windows 10. You gain apps too which are coming more useful. The spyware scare is just cortana entering keyword searches. Totally overblown and rediculous. Of course MS needs to let hte user knows when he or she types in an internet search it will go to the internet duh.

Comment Re:All about IOPS (not bandwidth) (Score 1) 73

Mine is a haswell I built just over a year ago. I spent about $3500 for an i7, 32 gigs of ram, and 3 Samsung pro 840 SSD and a case and platnium grade power supply and an nvidia gtx 770.

This is not even a high end gaming system but is decent. Mostly for VM lab work for my certs and the fact I wanted a nice system :-). But if you only spend $1200 for such a system you wouldn't use a low end dual core i5 with just 8 gigs of ram and a cheap case with integrated or low end graphics?

Raid 0 NVMe users typically would get dual Titans or 980's and 16 gigs of ram and a high end i7 to go with it.

Comment Re: gwx_control_panel (Score 1) 570

Apple didn't break compatibility with their old systems, in fact developed special tools to ease the transition between two completely different architectures!

Wow go google MacOSX Lion issues? :-) Adobe suite earlier than 4 no longer functions. Windows 10 is alot more compatible with older software than Apple by a longshot.

Comment Re:This is what happens when monopoly revenue fall (Score 1) 570

Windows Revenue is down 50% because of the mobile revolution. Then there are technologies like Citrix that are challenging Microsoft's dominance in corporate America.

The new business model is obvious; monetize non-business customers by trapping them in a windows through a walled garden while selling their personal information to the highest bidder while protecting the corporate deployment base.

Microsoft thinks all their customers are mom and dad surfing e-mail on their home pc's when in reality they just killed tens of thousands of small businesses, small pc shops, SOHO offices and so forth running windows PC's with legacy code. This is the knucklehead moment where they behead themselves and the market realizes just how dangerous Microsoft really is. They are going to tick off a lot of people and impress nobody if they pull this off successfully; given the state of the market and computers in general I doubt they are going to get out of this unscathed.

Not to join in on the anti MS parade here but do you have any evidence of this?

The spying folks is for Cortana and bing web searches. RELAX and put the tin foil hats away? Yes MS needs input to do a search. Outside of Cortana is there any evidence MS is going through your documents and selling your information to 3rd parties?

That is some serious liability and legal issues.

I am not a MS fanboy at all. But I find it ironic that Chrome is cool here which do EXACTLY THAT TO 3rd parties. THe incentive to upgrade to Windows 10 is because MS does not want to support XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, and 10 and have developers target and do QA for EACH ONE. QA folks LOVE Windows 10 being the only OS. It cuts costs and enables them to use the latest features.

Ubuntu 9.10 (age of Windows 7) does not run modern Linux apps, skylake cpus, nor Kraby lake, but everyone here nails MS as the anti christ for doing the same. Also try installing 2009 era MacOSX Snow Leopard on a 2016 iMac and see how far that gets you?

I do not like WIndows 10 ATM and am not drinking the koolaid. I jsut honestly want to know if MS is selling information or is this a knee jerk reaction for those fearing change? The last users when we left XP was ridiculous as they tried to find any reason why 7 was the anti-christ.

Comment Re: gwx_control_panel (Score 1) 570

LibreCAD, Altium runs through WiNE (I use it), OpenShot or KDEnLive. You're welcome.

If you have to change your tools to accommodate the OS and not the other way around then it is not ready nor appropriate. I still run WIndows 8.1 just fine and it will stay 8.1. Everyone is totally overeacting.

Both Apple and Linux update all the time. Why is it bad when Microsoft does this? Every try to support 5 different versions of the same OS and have users use 13 year old operating systems>?

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