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Comment: Online poker .com would pay BIG (Score 1) 83

This would be very profitable. If I were an evil asshole with no ethics I would love to buy or rent such software out and put in a fake virtual player for each session. No way I would ever lose money unless through very odd anomalies. Oh hell who am I kidding this is how half of Las Vegas works where they hire statisticians to favor the house as much as possible.

You are dumb to ever think you can win and are just smarter than the other guys

Comment: Re:Damn... (Score 3, Insightful) 379

Pakistan is a very radical Islamic country. Why did they seceed from India when India has millions of muslims? Because it wasn't radical enough. Education is dangerous to the extremists with beards if women started thinking for themselves then how can they have Sharia law?

+ - Firefox marketshare plummets to 10%->

Submitted by Billly Gates
Billly Gates writes: This is a story which is both sad, yet unsurprising. News like this just 5 or 6 years ago would send many of us in a panic as only Firefox was the savior from the stranglehold of IE 6 on the internet last decade. Many things have changed since then. Microsoft decided to start developing IE again to remain competitive. IE became secure and standards compliant starting with IE 9 which is still continuing to catch up with project Spartan for Windows 10 and no longer is proprietary.

New players have arrived derived from a new standard called webkit. Webkit and it's fork Blink created a new more modular rendering engine. Chrome, Safari, and mobile apps and browsers based on it rapidly have taken marketshare over the last few years. Chrome became a better browser with very fast java, threaded tabs, and tight memory management, and innovated many of the new HTML 5 and CSS 3 technologies leaving Firefox and IE in the dust.Firefox meanwhile has frustrated it's users over various issues and poor releases starting with Firefox 4.0 and continual breakage with add-ons every 6 weeks.

Netmatshare produces statistics independently from other companies which have Firefox marketshare listed at around 10%. but all seem to show the same trends. Are we heading into an era soon where webmasters will not support Firefox and put banners encouraging their users to download Chrome instead?

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Comment: Re:Chrome broke my VPN (Score 1, Interesting) 70

by Billly Gates (#49506939) Attached to: Chrome 43 Should Help Batten Down HTTPS Sites

As screwed up as this sounds I would take modern IE 11 over Firefox anyday.

I would have a psychotic episode seeing me type this 5 years ago but Firefox has gone to shit starting with 4. Actually 3.6 U noticed slowness too.

IE is great for running ancient shit intranet sites. Java is negligent to run as a plugin. Only few good reasons for IE is group policy to allow java to run on only intranet or trusted site lists. If your mcses at work have it enabled globally they should be slapped up the back of the head.

Comment: Re:Holy crap, that marketing spin (Score 1) 51

Go to Amazon and search for the Intel drive? $2400 now??! The Kingston is much cheaper oh and I have 950 megs a second from my ahci Samsung pro 80s running on fake raid 0 from intel rst. So speed is still possible as 14000 cpu cycles is nothing when an i7 can do 180,000 instructions a second. Kind of sad that an inefficient design is that poor? Shouldn't we have solved this with an external i/o chip? Or have a component in the cpu? The point of Scsi was for this reason back in the 1990s

Comment: Re:Wow... (Score 1) 51


If you answer build your own dvr which only represent 5% of users then you need just a fixed long sequencial access. Ah a mechanical disk is up your alley. You don't do random 4k burst dependent on latency. You gain nothing and a mechanical disk is like $60 a tb. So buy some cheap WD green's in a raid and call it a day. Use an ssd for pc use.

1 tb = 2,400 page word document for every man, woman, and child whoever lived! Most consumers never come close to filling 200 gbs. No need.

And there are external drives you can use for TV shows which is the only use for 98% of all uses

Comment: Re:We all need to realize... (Score 1) 133

by Billly Gates (#49493919) Attached to: AMD Withdraws From High-Density Server Business

AMD gpus are very competitive. If I were the ceos I would sell of cpu business. Keep ATI.

The reason AMD sucks is because they no longer have the economies of scale for chips lower than .28 nm while Qualcomm and intel are down to .22nm and are heading towards .17nm in skylake.

Nvidia is stuck at .28nm too.

If AMD didn't sell global foundries and also had .17nm then it could compete and throw nvidia out of business too.

Comment: Re:Sadly, I don't see an "out" for AMD (Score 1) 133

by Billly Gates (#49493081) Attached to: AMD Withdraws From High-Density Server Business

Hairy let's say AMD has a theoretical superior architecture?

AMD has .28 nm chips. Intel is down to .17 nm and skylark with .14 nm is just around the corner! Worse power requirements are now the new rage too. Tell me how can AMD compete?

They can't. Lower size increases speed and power requirements. Only advantage AMD has is cost ... oh wait another chip fabrication is needed and they want a cut :-(

Only saving grace is ATI graphics. If nvidia gets a hold of .17 nm chips then it's game over too.

I was a loyal AMD user too. I tried and stayed til last year. It is frustrating but an i7 4 core with 8 virtuals with hyperthreading really sped uo my games compared to the 6 core. It is 2015 and time to move on. AMD needs to leave xp 6 and go all ATI to stay solvent.

Comment: Re:Actually, it's worse than that. (Score 3, Informative) 199

by Billly Gates (#49476247) Attached to: Chrome 42 Launches With Push Notifications

Agreed, I wish Java would die a very horrible and torturous death. (very slowly)

But I'm forced basically by state law in our organization to have it ready to use on most of our machines to run state tests.

So until Pearson's idiot developers pull their head out of their asses and stop using it in all their education products I'm stuck with this crap.


First thing first grab a thick Windows Server 2008 or 2012 book from Microsoft Inside OUT and walk over to your system administrator and wack him on the back side of the head with it!

Then proceed to open the chapter on creating Group Policy Objects? disable java in internet zone under internet options in the control panel. Then create another one to enable java scripting in the intranet zone and add Pearson's to this. DONE.

It is negligence to run this on the web and any system administrator worth his salt under has it enabled for trusted zone sites or intranet sites. Safe, secure, and works with old crud.

IE has it's advantages at work over Chrome. One of them is managing ancient insecure crud and this is where is it useful over Chrome.

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