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by Billly Gates (#46812459) Attached to: Our Education System Is Failing IT

You can. In India.

The fact that MBAs and CIOs are the ones whining make me always suspicious who of course get quoted in all these articles and probably contribute to them. How convenient this propaganda can now be used and passed around to politicians to increase H1B1 visas as a response.

Sadly many with years of experience now can be as good if not better than the native ones anyway so go cheap.

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by Billly Gates (#46812439) Attached to: Our Education System Is Failing IT

So horrible that hardly any of the European or American young IT workers are qualified.

Too bad there was not some way we could get around this problem. You know perhaps get around this and maybe save some money too hmm.

Just think about how horrible it would be if CIO's and MBAs wrote such an article and published in a well known magazine that they could give to EU politicians and senators on something that needs to be done RIGHT AWAY!


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Wait. Did you just admit that he's being targeted improperly because he is the union rep . . . and then say that if we got rid of tenure and let them fire whoever they want for whatever reason it wouldn't be a problem anymore?

I sure did.

This guy prevented bad teachers from being fired. I know call the lawyers bla bla. But if he is the problem why LA school districts are failing he needs to have some leighway and let the administrators do the write ups and terminations. Yes some is political. Welcome to work. Most though needs to be documented and finished.

Walmart does this all the time to keep prices low.

The American Teachers Association needs to go back to it's roots to advance the career just like the state bar does with lawyers. Does the bar protect bad unethical lawyers? No they take away their bar license. The American Teachers Association needs to be de-certifying the bad apples and helping them succeed. Helping as in getting training needed and setting up licenses for professional teachers. Not protecting them.

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Do you and I have the right to piss off management and our bosses? What makes them so special?

You don't seem to understand what tenure is. Tenure doesn't protect teachers from being fired if they act irresponsibly or do not do their job. Tenure only protects the teacher from being fired without just cause.

The case here is really the question of whether allowing a student to build a marshmallow gun powered by compressed air represents just cause. The administration says it is, but they have an axe to grind with the teacher in question because he's also a union representative, etc. (as detailed in other comments)

The suggest that the solution is to just give the administrators the right to fire all teachers without any justification for the firing is idiotic.

My exwife and I worked at school districts. Trust me if administrators want a 1 and 1 they get a stiff rebuke email from the union rep threatening job termination without the union there! What the hell?

Do I get this at my job? No. I am employed at will. So you are stumpy. It is in good taste and for fear of liability that we have an HR representative due the threatening and a humiliating letter 3 times in a row and then a box and boot out the door after time# 3.

Yes some may want to mod me down after reading the last paragraph or think I am being a dick, but I am just the messenger here. Remember at work it is always about the customer. Not you. Kids and parents are the customers.

This is what it is like everywhere and if principals had more authority our schools would be better. Yes I will concede teachers put up with a lot of crap and have big responsibilities. I understand that.

But understand the lack of firing people make them do batshit stuff like claiming "... not dressing appropriately " in their teaching certificate or making up stuff in science fairs. It is standard procedures in the teaching world when someone is tenured or the union rep says "NO! You may not put down such and such in this write up ... etc" so this is a way around it.

I have seen this at 2 different school districts.

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You miss the point. You fire a teacher if he is not doing his job, teaching. You don't fire a teacher because he disagrees with your bullshit. Competent teachers don't need administrators to tell them how or what to teach, they need them to provide support (like functioning printers and paper) and disciplining students, if needed. Thin-skinned administrators who mistake themselves for "bosses" are always a problem. Dealing with classrooms full of children is more than enough work--who wants to have to worry about constantly kissing some insecure fool's ass.

Stop right there.

Yes, a boss has a right to complain if you do not perform your job a. what b, when and c. how it is done to his or her specifications. Do not like then go get another job. Dealing with a classroom full of children is part of the job and yes a teacher needs to worry about kissing ass because it is part of the job. The teacher agreed to it right?

This is no different than any other position out there. Doesn't matter if you feel the job sucks, easy, hard, whatever. You agree agree and a boss watches over to make sure things are moving smoothly. If not then the boss can't do the job and the customer looses. In this case the students and parents.

It is up to the teacher not the principal to discipline kids. Ask anyone in the teaching profession. If the principal has to do your job then you suck as a teacher and can't manage your classroom. It is part of the job description.

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The courts typically back the schools. My exwife was a teacher and took education law class.

The problem is it costs money to prove you are innocent. Schools included spent as much money paying off bad parents and lawyers as budgets for freaking books in a given year! How is that for fair?

All to prove that the judge says, well gee the school has a right to create a learning environment based on such and such in 1934 bla bla. NEXT ... oh the lawyer bill will be $380,000 etc.

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Sigh do not bring politics in this.

As someone who has worked in the school district I can tell you administrators need to make up good reasons to get rid of bad teachers and this is one of them and yes lawsuits prevent both administrators and staff from doing their jobs.

If the teacher said you can use this as a weapon. Then yes that would be very bad and inappropriate. If it is used to teach expansion of gas in a chemical reaction then that is a different matter.

I guess we will find out. Administrators have a reputation of being clueless. More likely they are puppets of the lawyers of school districts and need to do things like this to get rid of a few tenured bad apples.

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So you think that schools would be better if it was easy to fire teachers who had opinions that differed from the administrations, leaving only the mindlessly obedient ones to teach the nations children how to also be mindlessly obedient?

Lets turn the tables?

Do you and I have the right to piss off management and our bosses? What makes them so special? Do we need to be mindlessly obedient at work? Yes. Do not like the door is right there etc!

Yes this sucks in life, however it is setup that way for a reason. Shit needs to get done and bosses need to discipline and control their employees to make sure things are running smoothly. If not then their jobs are on the line. Sucks worse for them than it does for us if you think about it?

There are bad employees everywhere and teachers are not any different. If a teacher can not work with staff or perform their expectations to raise the test scores and teach they need to leave. Here is another table turning. Would you want your kids to be taught by an incompetent teacher? I think not and they take our money as tax payers.

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I looked at this as the administrator was fine combing and looking for a reason to fire him/her.

It is hard to fire tenured teachers and many have resorted to doing things like complaining on their credential to professional boards as an example to find something to fire them etc.

Get rid of tenure and the problem goes away and they do not have to make up excuses. My exwife was a teacher and you wouldn't believe the crap they tried to pull to make her quit. Of course she is very opinion oriented which didn't help and caused the situation.

Comment: First they get rid of shop (Score 5, Interesting) 250

Then Chemistry labs.

Now this. Sigh.

Lets burn the lawyers offices down. Everyone is so freaking terrified of a lawsuit that nothing happens. We have to give everyone a medal for participating, not discipline kids who tell teachers to go f**ck themselves, can't teach controversial subjects requiring critical thinking skills, can't flunk them, etc.

We are not doing them any favors when they get out in the real world afraid to take risks or wonder why their boss fired them instead of giving a raise for participation?

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