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Comment Re:"Clock parts" wired together in an adhoc fashio (Score 1) 747

If they had no intention of prosecuting they should have never talked to the child forget removing him from the school, if that were the case (which I do not think it is) they should be arrested and convicted for kidnapping. In any case a police officer should never talk to a child without a parents permission to get more than basic info (name address parents contact info). A large civil penalty could help impress this on the police, I rather wish it were on the individual officers involved but we have thrown up far to many protections for that to be the case.

Submission + - GPL Enforcement under threat. Support Conservancy fundraiser. (sfconservancy.org)

Jeremy Allison - Sam writes: "Some companies have withdrawn from funding us and some have even successfully pressured conferences to cancel or prevent talks on our enforcement work. We do this work because we think that it is good for everyone in the long run, because we know it is the right thing to do, and because we know that we are in the best position to do it. But that's not enough — you have to think it's right too and show us by becoming a Supporter now."

Comment Not the first full recovery from space (Score 1) 115

SpaceShip One touched space and all elements were recovered and flew to space again.

BO's demonstration is more publicity than practical rocketry. It doesn't look like the aerodynamic elements of BO's current rocket are suitable for recovery after orbital injection, just after a straight up-down space tourism flight with no potential for orbit, just like SpaceShip One (and Two). They can't put an object in space and have it stay in orbit. They can just take dudes up for a short and expensive view and a little time in zero gee.

It's going to be real history when SpaceX recovers the first stage after an orbital injection, in that it will completely change the economics of getting to space and staying there.

Submission + - Software Freedom Conservancy asks for supporters

paroneayea writes: Software Freedom Conservancy has is asking people to join as supporters to save both their basic work and GPL enforcement. Conservancy is the steward of projects like it, Samba, Wine, BusyBox, QEMU, Inkscape, Selenium, and many more. Conservancy also does much work around GPL enforcement and needs 2,500 members to join in order to save copyleft compliance work. You can join as a member here.

Comment Re:This is why ISIS wins (Score 3, Informative) 506

By the way, Russia has a long history of violating the airspace of other nations. I'm surprised there hasn't been such an incident earlier.

This is ironic considering Turkey lost an F-4 to Syrian air defence a couple of years ago after the Turkish aircraft violated Syrian airspace...

Comment Re:This is why ISIS wins (Score 5, Insightful) 506

The situation between Turkey and ISIS is actually a lot more murky than you would think - Turkey has actually actively collaborated with ISIS on occasion when it comes to fighting the Kurds (which Turkey has a long standing conflict with). Turkey has also actively protested Russian targets within Syria as they are pro-Turkey factions of ISIS.

Turkey will play the anti-ISIS game only as long as they have to in order to keep up international appearances - behind the scenes, the game is played completely differently.

Comment Re:"Clock parts" wired together in an adhoc fashio (Score 1) 747

The correct response from the teacher would have been give that to me you can get it back at the end of the day or make the parents pick it up.

Police should never question a child without a parent or attorney. Booking etc fine but a child can not reasonably waive their rights to an attorney / have not reached the majority to be able to waive their rights.

Comment Re:Look at the bean counters for your answer (Score 1) 162

See rule two that's fully loaded cost not pay rate, so their full benefits package + salary + overhead + business profit + overhead + insurance etc etc. As a general rule that's at least 3x salary. Insurance costs are significant but generally covered by the first wednesday morning of the month.

Comment Re:"Clock parts" wired together in an adhoc fashio (Score 1) 747

Because it happened to Woz does not mean it was right. This device had no obvious explosive to be a hoax.

Mind you he may well of violated the letter of texas hoax bomb law if so the law is at fault as it's entirely to broad etc etc etc else your average metal lunchbox looks like a bomb as it's metal and rattles if shaken.

Comment Re:Look at the bean counters for your answer (Score 2) 162

Your forgetting a few rules of consulting. Rule one never look like one of them dress above or below them. Rule two your a business gig is by definition short term work charge in accordance with that you should be billing several times what their internal people make. Rule three it's the contract stupid as the vendor you should be the one putting out the initial terms and negotiating from there.

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