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Comment Re:Management structure and meritocracy (Score 1, Insightful) 181

what I read about their diversity and social impact team would certainly be enough to make me run, screaming

It's fundamentally driven by the desire of the VCs to establish a broader and ultimately cheaper labour pool, so they've hired themselves an SJJ (social justice jihadist)—white males not allowed to participate—to advance the backroom bigbucks cause of white-male sticker shock under the false flag of her own sincere yet progressive-at-any-cost value system.

Comment don't look down, coyote (Score 1) 297

At this point power consumption matters a heck of a lot more for ubiquity than pure performance gains.

I'm sure the fire-breathing dragster edition of current silicon technology (with a pin count to match) will continue to exist at an upscale price for those willing to pay for it.

That uncomfortable rush in your stomach? It's from clinging to yesterday.

Comment Need at least basic M&M security (Score 3, Interesting) 35

M&M security is not great (hard candy shell soft middle) but it's at least something. I've got plenty of CCTV IoT etc etc but they can not access the internet with a singular exception and thats pretty much an application specific firewall. The rest is all easily accessible via a VPN.

We keep getting gear that wants to up upnp to open up ports to the world. Only is useful while talking to cloud control gear. Meaning it's not very useful at all.

Comment Re: Well, he did admit to breaking Swedish law... (Score 2) 325

If the "crime" had no equivalent in the UK, then Assange would have easily won his case in the UK at the very first court hearing, as the concept of "dual criminality" is paramount when it comes to extradition warrants and UK law - you cannot be extradited from the UK if the charge you are to be extradited for is not a crime in the UK, and on all the charges on the extradition warrant against Assange the requirement of dual criminality was satisfied.

It is amusing to see in these threads those people who actually know nothing about the facts of the extradition case against Assange.

Comment Re:Shit (Score 5, Insightful) 325

How is the UK acting "shitty" here? He was allowed legal representation, allowed to appeal his case to the highest court in the land, lost at each level with each judge giving a detailed reasoning to each of his legal teams arguments, and he still went on to commit a crime in the UK. Regardless of how Swedens case is ruled on, there is no way the UKs actions can be considered unlawful in this instance - Assange jumped bail. His bail sponsors already lost their case to have the money back, so Assange is facing an open and shut case should he surrender to the UK authorities.

Comment so self-inflicted it isn't funny (Score 3, Interesting) 48

The stupid thing is that C++ name mangling would already catch this problem at link time, and every modern C/C++ compiler already has code to support this, except that it's only activated for the much loved/unloved function overloading.

If GCC/clang in C mode generated mangled names into object files when compiling C programs (as purely informative records), the linker could diagnose this kind of problem as optional linkage errors—mighty darn useful, optional linkage errors.

This is a violation of the type system pure and simple, but one that doesn't compromise any specific compilation unit. That leaves the linker as the next line of defense, but like to keep our C linkers in dark boxes full of trust-me horse shit.

Comment Re:British Airspace (Score 1) 196

Civilian air traffic control for Northern Ireland is handled by the Prestwick control centre of the National Air Traffic Service, which is licensed by the CAA (a Department for Transport statutory corporation, owned by the British government).

Yes, the government that covers the UK is colloquially known as the British Government. So yes, the British Government does control the airspace over Northern Ireland.

Comment Re:OT Re:legalism is a crap philosophy. (Score 1) 558

the energy of a collision

Yes, but the energy/time (power) goes up closer to the cube, because the delta_t smunch (for a head-on collision, or large solid object) also diminishes with impact velocity (though, like a memristor, you can work up counterexamples).

Like the modern-day paleolithic societies that can only count "one, two, many" it goes "linear, quadratic, exponential" in the vocabulary of most STEM fugitives.

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