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Comment Re: Well, he did admit to breaking Swedish law... (Score 2) 323

If the "crime" had no equivalent in the UK, then Assange would have easily won his case in the UK at the very first court hearing, as the concept of "dual criminality" is paramount when it comes to extradition warrants and UK law - you cannot be extradited from the UK if the charge you are to be extradited for is not a crime in the UK, and on all the charges on the extradition warrant against Assange the requirement of dual criminality was satisfied.

It is amusing to see in these threads those people who actually know nothing about the facts of the extradition case against Assange.

Comment Re:Shit (Score 5, Insightful) 323

How is the UK acting "shitty" here? He was allowed legal representation, allowed to appeal his case to the highest court in the land, lost at each level with each judge giving a detailed reasoning to each of his legal teams arguments, and he still went on to commit a crime in the UK. Regardless of how Swedens case is ruled on, there is no way the UKs actions can be considered unlawful in this instance - Assange jumped bail. His bail sponsors already lost their case to have the money back, so Assange is facing an open and shut case should he surrender to the UK authorities.

Comment Re:British Airspace (Score 1) 196

Civilian air traffic control for Northern Ireland is handled by the Prestwick control centre of the National Air Traffic Service, which is licensed by the CAA (a Department for Transport statutory corporation, owned by the British government).

Yes, the government that covers the UK is colloquially known as the British Government. So yes, the British Government does control the airspace over Northern Ireland.

Comment Re:Yeah, automated tweeting to PR mouthpiece... (Score 4, Interesting) 151

I'm not sure I would use a Raspberry Pi to do this myself tbh - when I was using one as a DLNA server, ethernet throughput was horrific even on a 100MBit switch, so much so that I moved the whole set to something else. Wasnt that specific board or OS either.

Can't trust the results when you can't trust the device producing the results imho.

Comment Re:Gonna get lambasted for this but... (Score 1) 697

And his point is still not about whether your root permissions are accidental or not, its the accidental space between the '/' and the rest of the path, meaning you end up with 'rm -rf /' bring run, with some garbage data on the end.

The command being run is not the command intended to be run...

Comment Re:Simple solution, 100% effective (Score 1) 262

That would require trained professionals who could interpret the images, and simply lead to an arms race between cheaters trying to make a concealment look normal and an inspector trying to work out what actually is normal.

A real solution would be stock bikes handed out randomly at the start of a race. You would still need to ensure no collusion in the issuing system, and no ability to tamper between issuing and race start, but it would be easier than the alternatives...

Comment Re:Any pictures? (Score 2) 262

The UCI have confirmed that a motor has been found, while Driessche is saying the bike is identical to her own, but actually owned by a friend who cycled the course before the event, and the bike just accidentally happened to be cleaned and tuned for her own use due to a mix up by a mechanic...

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