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Comment Re:BT is doing the opposite of this in the UK (Score 1) 109

The only time (other than due to capacity issues) BT will insist on ADSL over fibre is when there isn't an up to date survey for your property - such as in the case of a brand new building.

I had to place an order for a phone line and ADSL with my ISP and wait for it to be activated before the survey (done during the process) was updated on the Open Reach database and fibre suddenly became available. My ISP was fine about upgrading my internet from ADSL to fibre just a week into my 12 month ADSL contract with no charges.

ADSL is always offered because its pretty much ubiquitous these days - you have to be fairly way out in the sticks for it not to apply, so if you are in a postcode region which offers ADSL then ISPs can offer it without an up to date survey. Fibre however requires an up to date survey - insist your ISP request one to be done if you think you should have access to fibre.

Comment Re:Who cares! (Score 1) 69

No, Google got hammered for specifically circumventing a security setting on the browser side in order to do something (yes, the browser is also at fault, but in this case Google was doing something tantamount to exploiting a security issue) - which is entirely different to not doing something server side with data voluntarily sent by the browser.

The Google issue is entirely different to the advertising tracking issue.

Comment Re:Who cares! (Score 1) 69

You mean do it the proper way? As in ensure the browser doesn't pass on information you don't want it to pass on?

All this Do Not Track bullshit really is is you asking random third parties not to do stuff with the data you voluntarily and willingly hand over to them - surely it would be better they didn't have it in the first place...?

Comment Re:Smart (Score 1) 283

In fact, I would bet that the reduced metal machining from not having a solid-block engine under the hood probably saves overall manufacturing emissions, once you factor it all the way back to the metal foundry, refinery, and strip mine. Only the strip mine would be comparable for rare earths that go into batteries. The refinery is much smaller due to smaller volumes and the foundry isn't really necessary at all.

There's an awful lot of wiring in them there electric motors which still need mining, refining and drawing out.

Comment Re:Well, now we actually know several things (Score 1) 89

In the situation where you have no power and the RAT is deployed, even an Airbus would no longer be in "normal law" - its well beyond that at that point.

If the auto pilot is disconnected, the aircraft will not do anything itself to maintain speed, altitude, attitude or heading, unless it reaches one of the flight envelope limits and then it will attempt to adjust factors to accommodate the limit being reached, but in general the aircraft will leisurely roll and yaw based on external factors such as wind, turbulence etc.

If the aircraft is in an abnormal law situation, with no power other than the RAT, the FBW system does nothing other than direct connection between input and control surfaces - so the aircraft will yaw and roll at will with no limit . It won't even attempt to accommodate any flight envelope limits being reached.

Comment Re:Littering (Score 1) 89

Depends on the routes you fly - I fly regularly Amsterdam-Uganda and then Uganda-Kenya-Amsterdam as the return trip. The outbound leg is always 100% full. The flight back from Kenya to Amsterdam has always been a 777, and has always had less than 50 passengers on board for the entire aircraft. Its not so much having empty seats next to you but rather being the only person in 4 or 5 entire rows.

Comment Re:Well, now we actually know several things (Score 3, Informative) 89

Auto pilot wouldn't have been able to detect the water level and who knows what it would have been trying to do with no power and a glide decent.

In that situation, with no power, the autopilot would have automatically disconnected, there is no way the aircraft would have been under autopilot control after the fuel ran out and the RAT (ram air turbine, the emergency power system) deployed.

Comment Re:Why this again? (Score 1) 247

If you want to cook for your friends and they give you money for the ingredients and consumables, that is fine.

If you want to cook for the general public, whether there is remuneration involved or not, there are laws and regulations you have to follow.

If you can't spot the difference, then you are a fucking retard.

Comment Re:Just obey the law already! (Score 1) 247

I'm constantly surprised that insurance in certain other countries has a liability limit - you pay $X to have $Y coverage, where $Y coverage is a payout limit.

In the UK you pay $X for Y coverage, where Y is not a pay out limit but a type of insurance - so fully comprehensive (you cause the damage, your car is fully covered as well as all liability for any damage to third parties), third party (only liability for any damage to third parties is covered) and a range in between (eg third party, fire and theft which covers you for loss or damage to your vehicle from those things).

When there is a pay out, there is no limit to that pay out - you have to cover for someones car being written off to the tune of $50,000? Its covered. You have to cover for someones life long care after you cause them to become disabled to the tune of $100Million? Its covered.

I pay the equivalent of about $500 a year for fully comprehensive insurance for a Landrover Freelander.

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