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What's apparently happening here (didn't RTFA) according to the summary, is that they are looking to have non-fluff, etc content added specifically to the Gamestop versions of titles - meaning an actual part of the game is exclusive for their version (imagine playing a version of The Witcher for instance, that was missing an entire chapter from your version because it wasn't the Gamestop one).

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Yes, but as in all of the Elder Scrolls titles, you'd almost never hit all of the quests in the game even in 5 or 6 playthroughs (because funny things happen, like questgiver NPCs dying to randomly wandering monster spawns or overly zealous town guards), so those 16 quests were basically useless fluff.

Comment: Internet Explorer IS vulnerable though (Score 1) 107

by dwheeler (#47424855) Attached to: India's National Informatics Centre Forged Google SSL Certificates

This is a big deal. If you use a browser on Windows that does NOT counter this, such as Internet Explorer, then you ARE vulnerable. I imagine Microsoft will come out with a special-purpose patch, but still, this is a pretty nasty issue.

Untrustworthy CAs have been a problem for a long time; we need mechanisms to address them. The terrible cert revocation system makes it even worse; you can't be sure that the certs are checked in many cases. Chrome's CRLSets are not the answer; they are not even the beginning of an answer. We need to fix the whole revocation system. Sadly, there hasn't been enough work or enough urgency on these problems; maybe this will light a fire under those efforts. I doubt it, but it's worth hoping.

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by pushing-robot (#47395139) Attached to: Consciousness On-Off Switch Discovered Deep In Brain

The problem with dystopian theories like this is bullets are cheap. If you've subjugated the public to the point that you can force expensive brain surgery on them, why bother? Just shoot the people you don't like.

Besides, there's a huge market for non-lethal weapons; if this works on everyone and incapacitates rapidly, government labs and defense contractors will be tripping over themselves to reproduce this effect through external stimulus. No surgery necessary. Woo...

...and, of course, the end result is police and militaries doing whatever the hell they please with the excuse that their phasers were set to stun.

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They tried that with Vista and pre-SP1 Win7. They had to nuke it because there was a serious vulnerability found in the stack that they couldn't fix, so they disabled the entire functionality for both OSes in a patch. Their "new solution" to this was Live Tiles, etc in Win8.

As for changing Aero, etc, you could do that too - although next to nobody wanted to pay the license fee to MS to create those things, so it lead to some developers creating ways to bypass the signing requirements.

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by Evtim (#47362547) Attached to: Court Allowed NSA To Spy On All But 4 Countries

Explain to me why spying on, say, Angela Merkel or the entire Copenhagen or G20 summits is related to US national security and maybe I'll see your point.

Because when your only aim is "winning", whatever the fuck that means, there are no friends; everyone is a potential enemy. When you have decided to maintain global dominance, everyone is an enemy, including you own citizens.

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