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Comment Re:Price Is Still Just One of Two Sticking Points (Score 1) 185

Several big improvements happened that now (mostly) prevent catastrophic SSD failures: Improved TRIM, vastly better hardware controllers (the early Sandforce controllers were atrocious and notorious with catastrophic failure rates), improved algorithms for read/write/erase cycles, more reliable yields in the NAND itself so devices don't contain nearly as many failure-prone cells as the early SSD models did, and larger reserve NAND space for wear-leveling.

Comment Re:The elephants in the room (Score 1) 244

That it does, but sometimes this is a good thing, because just sometimes you don't want to unsubscribe to some company newsletter that you did business with a few times using their unsubscribe function because who knows what that will unleash - instead you just quietly allow GMail to appropriate it into the spam box, and then from there, "delete all spam", which then marks the rest of that incoming crap as spam and poof, there it is.

Comment Re:Showdown coming in China (Score 1) 231

I thought the iPhone was manufactured in Taiwan? If so, then the Chinese government will just do what they do with every other foreign company - use the designs they outright steal to make their own knockoffs modified in the manner that they want to sell domestically (and to gray market importers).

Comment Re:BULLSH*T (Score 1) 522

And in contrast, my rural area (I live on the edge of a National Forest surrounded by farms, trees, rivers, etc), our local Canadian-owned cableco offers 150 mbit connections with no data caps, vs two local independent ISPs, only one of which offers anything remotely resembling broadband (to be specific, they offer fiber, but -only- if you're purchasing as a licensed business, otherwise it's only dial-up for you), and then we have Verizon, who outright refuses to do much of anything other than offer 1.5 mbit DSL over phone lines older than my almost retired parents, that they refuse to replace. If you don't want any of those options, you can enjoy having 3G "internet" on your smart phone (with no plans for 4G or better from Sprint, AT&T or Verizon any time before 2025).

Comment Wi-fi printers, ugh. (Score 1) 74

It isn't just the LaserJets, the OfficeJets, etc all have this issue, and there is one right now within range of my home wi-fi network (and of course my other wireless devices) that helpfully tells me that it is offering an open wi-fi network (while every single wireless router within signal range is password protected). Yes, I have seriously been considering sending the owners a message over their own printer.

Comment Re:Ridiculous (Score 1) 132

No they won't, because too many of them insist having everything their way once you guys sign off on their use of Android. This leads to everything from locked bootloaders, out of date kernels, no OS patches at all, etc. This isn't getting better, it has been steadily getting worse, with the number of devices updated by OEMs and carriers to Lollipop and Marshmallow being lower than any previous versions of Android. Many places are still selling flagship models with Lollipop that don't even have Marshmallow in the upgrade pipeline. It's just ridiculous.

Comment Re:at $15 a gig in overages they will pay off the (Score 2) 103

That would be great and all, except there are Verizon wireless towers here that haven't seen a maintenance truck for any repairs or upgrades in the last four years, to the point that the lock & chain they use on the security fencing is rusted shut. Please tell me more about how they spend tons of money on maintenance and upgrades.

Comment Re:not a free upgrade (Score 1) 720

This isn't true at all. BTW, all licenses of Windows 10 come in OEM (such as you'd find from Dell, Lenovo, etc), OEM System Builder (what used to be Retail and plain OEM you'd buy to put on computers you're selling or using), and Enterprise with sub-designations for Home, Pro, and Enterprise (OEM & System Builder OEM). Your former Retail key got converted into OEM System Builder, and has 1000 resets/activations, and can be phone activated if you decide to replace hardware or replace the machine entirely.

Comment Re:Damned if you do, damned if you don't (Score 1) 139

Except as we've all learned, property rights mean jack and shit when the government gets involved. What, you think that deed that has your name on it makes that property yours? LOL, no, just refuse to pay your taxes and you'll find out exactly how quick you're wrong about that idea.

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