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Comment Re:Its always been like this (Score 1) 250

Poverty is a huge driver of overpopulation. Poor people tend to have more kids to provide for them in their later years. Countries with prosperous economies that are broadly shared tend to have much lower birth rates than poorer countries. That's because raising new humans is a lot of work; if people don't feel like they need to do that, they won't. China, of course, is an exception due to their one-child policy.

And often combined with poor access to contraception, a patriarchy where you want sons to get married not daughters to marry away and a shoddy health care system which means not all your kids might grow up. Even when those things are no longer true it takes time for culture to change and in the meantime you get a huge population bump. That's why we've gone from 2 billion people in 1927 to 7+ billion and counting.

Comment Too late and too stupid. (Score 4, Insightful) 64

let people report a spam call number easily. once you get 15 different people reporting the same number block it system wide. Honestly it will take down the whole spam calling industry within 30 days.

But knowing how telcos work, they will monetize it and sell to spammers a service to have their number forever whitelisted.

Comment Re:And how does this help the people? (Score 1) 66

"Actually, the biggest threat to space exploration is actually the unwillingness of people to do it."

Actually the biggest threat to space exploration is Congress. NASA would have double the budget if they were given only what the military pays for air conditioning TENTS overseas.

WE spend such a miniscule portion of the budget on space it's embarrassing. Give NASA 10% of the military budget. OR we need to declare war on mars to get the full military budget in line.

Americans are more interested in killing people than science and exploration. This is a solid fact proven by looking at the last Budget released.

Comment Re:Smart! (Score 1) 183

IF there was an actual store that did that I would go in there once a week, fill my cart up, have the cashier ring me up, bag the groceries and then flip out and storm out when they refused to take the cash

And you could do that once. The second time you'll get banned from the store. The third time they call the cops on you for trespassing.

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