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Comment Re:Autism More Common Now? (Score 1) 131 131

How about people are more aware of it and reporting it more? That seems at least as likely as your misdiagnosis/expansion theory. And, by the way, just because there's expansion of a category doesn't mean it's wrong to do so. It may be that experts recognize a linkage they might not have seen before, figured out that people who were previously seen as "close" to diagnostic boundaries are actually seen to suffer as much as those seen to be well within the initial boundary, a cure becomes available for something, etc.

You seem to come from the point of view that expansions of care indicate nefarious intent on someone's part. You fail to see that the world, and thus, the boundaries we draw upon our realities, change. Your paranoia in the face of it is unbecoming.

Comment You guys act as if this stuff were simple... (Score 1) 204 204

At least as simple as computers.

For folks who pride themselves on rationality, you idiots are vastly underestimating the complexity of biological systems. It's almost like you have a model that biological entities were simple clockwork mechanism designed by a higher power or something.

Give up the irrationality and paranoia - sometimes cures are just far away. You want cures? Commit to the hard work they take to find.

Comment Re:Fuck McAfee (Score 2) 75 75

They had new security features in their CPU's already. They needed partners in the security industry to integrate same.

McAfee was an early partner. Intel thought they did a reasonably good job at integrating the new features (prototypes of DeepCommand, etc.). At the time, Intel's hardware lines were saturating (except in mobile where they were still scrambling to catch up), they thought they'd done OK with the Wind River acquisition, so why not buy an evergreen cash generator of a software company? So they did.

Of course, it sort of borked their relationship with the rest of the security industry. And neither McAfee nor Intel really zoomed from the "synergy", but it's generated revenue for Intel so it wasn't an awful acquisition - just one Intel thought would do a lot more than it actually did.

Intel (Renee James included), never really got software. At their heart, they're a hardware manufacturing company. And that leaks all over the rest of the organization - hardware and software. The impedance mismatch between the manufacturing-oriented management and the software organizations are really too great to be overcome - software is a stretch too far (let alone their abortive attempts at consumer products, about which I shall make no further comment).

Intel should continue to acquire strategic software organizations, but leave them as independent operating entities. Because, as it is right now, Intel is simply the Roach Motel of software acquisitions.

Comment Re:I hope for an agreement (Score 1) 1307 1307

All I hear from the Euro side is nationalism. Blah, blah, blah, the Greeks... Blah, blah, blah, the Germans.

The bottom line is that national political issues cannot be overridden no matter what the economic issues are. Y'all just might as well invade if you want your money back - your idea of economic union without political union was stupid. Germany was stupid, France was stupid and the other countries of Europe were stupid, as well. The best thing economically that could happen is that the Eurozone can collapse and economies and political power can be aligned again. Better the sound of gunfire than your continual whining "We want our moneeeeeyyyy!!!!"

Comment Re:this thing comes and goes. (Score 1) 818 818

For the tl;dr crowd, the South wanted to count them as 5/5ths of a person and the North wanted to count them as 0/5ths of a person.

The problem is that the North came around to the right side of things with respect to rights, while the South only wanted slaves counted - not to give them actual rights.

But the fact is, things change. Things changed between the establishment of the constitution and the Civil War, just as things have changed between the Civil War and now. The time for this symbol is gone. If Southerners are the true patriots they claim to be, they'd throw away this symbol to tyranny and rebellion against their country and pledge allegiance to their real flag instead of worshiping the Confederation's rebellious symbol.

As I said, things change. But the South seems to be too stubborn to change fast enough. We in the North are tired of your social heel-dragging trying to keep us in 1950's America. The bottom line is that the world has changed. Fucking adapt, already. Or secede. Don't care which. Just get out of the way.

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