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Comment: Much ado about nothing (Score 2) 348

by Jeremi (#48033329) Attached to: Are the World's Religions Ready For ET?

Let's suppose that in a few years someone discovers definitive proof that there is life a few thousand light years away.

It will be big news for a week or two. People who are into the idea of ETs will be happy; people who aren't comfortable with them will question (or flat out disbelieve) the evidence. Everyone will discuss the possible implications until they get bored with the topic.

After a month or so, it will fade into the cultural background and life will continue as before. With no way to get there and no means to communicate, the fact of the existence of extra-terrestrial life simply won't have much impact on anyone's day-to-day life.

Net effect on humanity: minimal.

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Submitted by Science_afficionado
Science_afficionado (932920) writes "At the current rate of discovery, astronomers will have identified more than a million exoplanets by the year 2045. That means, if life is at all common in the Milky Way, astronomers will soon detect it. Realization that the nature of the debate about life on other worlds is about to fundamentally change lead Vanderbilt astronomer David Weintraub to begin thinking seriously about how people will react to such a discovery. He realized that people's reactions will be heavily influenced by their religious beliefs, so he decided to find out what theologians and leaders from the world's major religions have to say about the matter. The result is a book titled "Religions and Extraterrestrial Life" published by Springer this month. He discovered that from Baptists to Buddhists, from Catholics to Mormons, from Islam to the Anglican Communion religious views differ widely."
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Comment: Re:Completely Contained? (Score 1) 381

by geekoid (#48031955) Attached to: Ebola Has Made It To the United States

"You can't get Ebola from someone sneezing in the room."
if they're 9 feet away from you.
Right next to you, and yes you can get it.unlikely but possible

"You can't get Ebola from someone showing no symptoms."
true, but bear in mind that includes running a fever. How well do you recognize someone with a slight fever? How any people at the beginning stages still continue their daily routine until the are too sick? I'ts just a cold, at first.

"You typically can't get Ebola from very short term contact."

Look, you are right, it is highly unlikely anyone on the plane got ill. Less s for any who came in contact after the flight.
But lets stay aware that it is contagious, and all you need is some a little body fluid exchange...or a kiss on a dead persons lips.

Simple risk analysis. Risk of getting it? very low. Impact if you do get it? likely death.

Comment: Yes..but (Score 1) 2

by geekoid (#48030773) Attached to: Are the world's religions ready for ET?

Yes they are 'ready'. They will use the same brain dead excuse they did when native were found. That they are heathen and the believer mission is to convert them, then if they don't convert, use fear to create an us(we're good and right thinking!) with them (bad and wrong thinking.)

I have heard people say that find ET would end religion, and I wish they where right, but cognitive dissonance is strong in people who don't learn how to think critically.

Comment: SQL Injection? in 2014?sheesh (Score 1) 41

by geekoid (#48030603) Attached to: Four Charged With Stealing Army Helicopter Training Software

Between January 2011 and March of this year, the four men and others allegedly hacked into the computer networks of Epic Games, Valve, Zombie Studios and the U.S. Army, as well as partners of Microsoft, using methods including SQL injection and stolen user names and passwords of company employees and software development partners.

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