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Comment Re:15 years old? (Score 1) 410

I eat meat and I do care about the environment. The big difference is that I don't eat the meat you describe, it is either meat I hunt for, or it is the half a cow I split with my father which comes from a local farmer he has known for almost 40 years. The beef isn't anything like normal beef as it is a small herd (12-14 head) on 40 acres fed a proper diet (they produce much less methane this way), and when butchered has a wonderful dark red almost purple color and glorious aroma (not too different from venison or bison).

Comment Re:Technology has nothing to do with it (Score 1) 248

Those are all things my employer offers although the training is something that you need to go and ask about and if it applicable to your position your manager will likely approve it. As far as matching I get a 100% match on 6% on my 401k and for share matching I get a 1 matched share for every 2 I own with the ability to put in up to 10% of my pay. I get called by recruiters and HR people all the time trying to get me to switch and I make it clear that what they are offering had better be at least as good as what I currently have and laugh at the shit offers they give me and then tell them what I currently am getting and what it would take to get be to switch. Then again the company I work for isn't an American one and I haven't worked for an American company in almost 15 years (French, Swiss, and German). Then again I get 4 weeks of vacation have 100% covered for my health insurance and 50% covered for the rest of my family, annual tuition reimbursement up to $5125 per year, other benefits, and a pretty good pay in a lower cost state. They use to have a defined benefit plan for the US employees but that ended in the early 2000s long before I started here. Just because most jobs suck balls doesn't mean all do and when searching you need to make it clear what you are looking for and you also need to always be searching.

Comment Re:Technology has nothing to do with it (Score 1) 248

Employers just don't invest in employees like they used to.

Well to that I took the advice of one of my former, now retired by choice at an early age coworkers, take every dime you can from the company.
401k put in the maximum amount they will match
employee share matching plan, put in as much as they will match
chance for training or conferences, take it all
business travel, take it
vacation, take it but carry over as much as you can
tuition reimbursement, get that advanced degree
Even if your employer doesn't offer all of those options take what ever they do and make use of it.

Comment Re:Why would Disney do this? (Score 1) 262

Well the most commonly cited one is Wickard v. Filburn where the government ruled that because crops grown on your own property for your own use are subject to their regulation because it has an effect on the interstate market for those crops. Additionally there is the case of Heart of Atlanta Motel, Inc. v. United States case which is less cited but still an important one in how to interpret where the line is in what can be regulated under the guise of interstate commerce.

While there is the understanding of how things SHOULD work there is also the way things actually work. Although there does appear to be limits on the commerce clause in that it can't be used to force you to buy something but that ruling found that a tax is both a tax (so it was constitutional) and not a tax (ruled first so that there was standing) so take that a what it is.

Comment Re:Why would Disney do this? (Score 1) 262

Most? It is all workers as the feds concern themselves if it "has an effect on interstate commerce" so if I dug up my own iron ore, made my own hardwood charcoal quarried my own limestone and then produced my own steel from them (my state has all of those resources so nothing in this process is interstate) they could regulate me, even if I did it all by hand. All because my production of steel affects the interstate commerce market because if I didn't produce my own I would have to instead purchase it on the open interstate market.

Personally I like this example instead of the drug one as all of these things existed in the are that is my state before the US even existed.

Comment Re:much more effective to go after the money (Score 1) 275

Well bombing their tanker trucks is probably one of the more efficient methods of disrupting their money flow since if they have a few hundred it is a couple of million a day that they are transporting. Then there is the money they make from transporting antiquities out onto the black market which again can be dealt with by bombing transport trucks. The hard part would be cutting off the flow of money they get from "taxing" people or just outright stealing from people. The only solution I am aware of would be something like the US and other countries used during WWII called invasion currencies. Each city/region would need it's own currency that normally trades just like the old currency did but when a city is captured the currency from that city is declared void and not recognized by anyone. When someone enters a city or region they can exchange their other currency for the local one at some government office which destroys the currency brought in and issues new local currency.

Comment Re:The Most Shocking Thing About the France Attack (Score 1) 259

Well these terrorists don't initially seem like the run of the mill, the I'm surprised they haven't choked on their own tongues stupid, terrorists. It seems the simplest way to not get caught before hand is simply to shut your fucking pie hole about your plans. When you do have to discuss your plans don't do them in public view but instead over secure channels, with only those who need to know the plan and not Hadji the clerk at the local halal market.

Comment Re:The hilarity it keeps growing. (Score 0) 259

Well I seem to remember a month or two ago where the CIA director was bitching about how it would take a large attack for them to push through legislation getting backdoors or forcing weak encryption onto the population. At the moment I can't seem to find an article on that since now the noise is all about the douche nozzle CIA director following through saying that we need to ban/weaken/backdoor encryption in the wake of the Paris attacks. It sure passes the "don't let a crisis go to waste" smell test to me.

Comment Re:bitrot (Score 2) 80

But here's something else to consider...they act like you're getting some fantastic deal because the shows and episodes don't expire, but seriously, how useful is that? I mean, it's great that they don't expire, but how often do any of us go back and watch stuff more than once?

Said someone who obviously doesn't have small children.

Comment Re:Accidentally? (Score 1) 349

This is simple. Take a box of ammo out deer hunting put it in your coat pocket and then when done for the day you unload the gun and leave the ammo in the pocket. Then you go forward about a week and have to travel for business and just send the coat that still has the box of ammo in the pocket through the x-ray machine. As I only have one winter jacket it gets used for hunting and regular use as it is warmer than most regular winter jackets as it is meant to keep you warm if you are sitting outside all day. Also 7.62x54r is a great round for deer, bear, and elk. I use the 203 grain soft points and with the Finnish M39 I use for hunting it is a tack driver of a rifle with them.

Comment Re:Detecting weapons is NOT the purpose of TSA... (Score 1) 349

Probably the most easily spotted contraband I have accidentally brought through was an almost full box of 7.62x54r ammo in a coat pocket. Sent the coat through the x-ray machine and they didn't find it. only slightly worse was the time I sent that same coat through with a handful of 3" 12 gauge magnum goose loads in a pocket. This was after 9-11-01, and I have also forgotten about pocket knives as well since then that were never found.

Comment Re:Words with multiple meanings (Score 1) 386

During that time a bunch of my friends and my wife's friends thought we were dumb because we bought a modest house we could afford if one of us lost our job using a traditional 30 year fixed with 20% down instead of buying as much house as we could afford and then eating dog food. Then the shit hits the fan and while we just recently got equity back in our house we didn't have to file for bankruptcy, get one of the government bailouts, do a short sale, etc like so many of them did. My only complaint about my situation was that for the longest time we couldn't refinance it because the mortgage was underwater and even though we were financially better off, interest rates were lower and we had never even been late on a payment. We eventually did get it refinanced and went from a 30 year down to a 15 year mortgage and it only added $18 to the monthly payment but we would have it paid off 7 years sooner.

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