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Comment: Re:Not having a mobile phone is suspicious... (Score 2) 80

by Bob the Super Hamste (#49146543) Attached to: OPSEC For Activists, Because Encryption Is No Guarantee
Personally if we really wanted to mess with them set up a bunch of disposable e-mail addresses over the course of a week using open WiFi connections with a computer running ToR and then periodically e-mail random data attachments back and forth. Hell I've done this for shits and giggles, when I am at the bank send off some random data since I can connect the Starbucks WiFi across the parking lot, at the used book store connect to McDonalds WiFi next door. Poisson the well make their mining of data useless and make them waste resources trying to decrypt output from /dev/random. The e-mail address are just first names of people in groups (the Beatles, the 12 apostles, Metallica, the US senate judiciary committee, etc) with random letter/number combination passwords. After a couple of months stop using those e-mails and then after a bit create a new set of accounts but a different number of them rinse and repeat. Being a white male with US citizenship, born in the US and residing in the US offers a lot of protection to do this but I wouldn't recommend anyone with a suspicious* background to do this.

* By suspicious I mean someone who might have ties to any protest organization, be a naturalized citizen, have visited any strange countries, be a minority, committed a crime other than a traffic/parking ticket, or any other group the government may want to target or would be ignored by the news media. Basically it would be similar to driving while black, or the opposite of being a young white girl who gets murdered or put on trial in a foreign country. I hate to say it but it is sadly true that the general population would't care about your plight if you could be painted as an undesireable.

Comment: Re:There's no $$$ to be made in security (Score 1) 113

I would love to find this out as well given the silly offers I have gotten. The worst offer I got was for $35,000 a year which being someone with 10 years of experience with securing industrial control systems and 15 years experience as a software engineer which I laughed at. Most of the unsolicited offers I have been getting have been for $50K-$60K but frequently there are the stupid low ones.

Comment: Re:What's the market here? (Score 1) 101

by Bob the Super Hamste (#49130345) Attached to: Amazon Files Patent For Mobile 3D Printing Delivery Trucks

True, at the moment they are still somewhat disapointing, but that is to be expected when you are scaling machines that just a few years cost tens of thousands of dollars down to something consumers can play with.

Usually the quality produced between a commercial/industrial device and consumer one is comparable with other devices with the biggest difference being the size and power requirements for other tools. Granted when you go down to the bottom of the barrel they will suck but for things like welders, plasma cutters, milling machines, and other machine tools this seems to hold, yet a commercial 3d printer produces vastly better quality than a consumer one. I recently decided to spend some money and get a good consumer plasma cutter since they have experienced a dramatic drop in price similar to other tools like what I mentioned. It works great and the results are very good, but if I had bought a current 3D printer for a similar amount I would be very disappointed with it.

That said I could probably find uses for a 3D printer now but it would be more of a toy than anything else. I welcome people tinkering and working with them now as it does drive the market both in quality and price but I will wait until I can get one that will print in metal with very tight tolerances.

Comment: Re:IRS + medical (Score 1) 210

by Bob the Super Hamste (#49120959) Attached to: 800,000 Using Were Sent Incorrect Tax Data
Simple answer is that they need to know if you have the right kind of health insurance since they are the government agency that was designated by law to collect the fine/fee/tax (pick your wording as it seems to be some sort of quantum superposition of them) that is assessed if you are found to be lacking. Why that agency was chosen was beyond me since apart from the law stating that the IRS collects it the IRS really has no relationship to the purchase of individual health insurance.

Comment: Re: About right (Score 1) 241

Given what would be considered a BB gun there is a lot of variation. Yes you have the smooth bore .177 cal Daisy ones that you can pick up for like $30 these are fairly harmless but good for starting out on. On the ultra high end of things you have .22 and .25 cal ones that are just barely sub sonic and shoot a fairly heavy projectile out of a properly rifled barrel that can cost well over $1000, and then there is everything in between. Personally I am using a $250 .22 cal air rifle that is just barely subsonic and while it will shoot through raccoons and possums it usually takes 2 shots to kill them quickly (just not enough expansion from the projectile), smaller things like rabbits and squirrels just tip over dead. If I could find a .25 cal one I would probably jump up to that if it wasn't too expensive.

Comment: Re:It looks like (Score 1) 241

I would imagine that the jokes made at the time were fairly dark. Having spend a fair amount of time in Israel the people there have a fairly dark sense of humor around terrorism and war as well. When you see a tee-shirt with "Guns and Moses" written on it with a couple of crossed Kalashnikovs on it it becomes apparent pretty quick. Besides humor is one of the ways we deal with stressful situation.

The secret of success is sincerity. Once you can fake that, you've got it made. -- Jean Giraudoux