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Comment: Re:TGIF (Score 1) 162

Some are so long as they are fairly modern and a working breed. From what I understand the brittany is and they seem to be a wonderful animal. One that has the hunt instinct will look forward to it and knows what it looks like when you are getting ready to go and wants in the truck. They also have a great temperament and from what I have seen and read don't seem to have the health problems that other older breeds have.

Comment: Re:How much CO2 is generated.. (Score 1) 122

Well most of the vehicles used in mining are electric drive so does it really matter what the generation source is behind them? Also the ball mills and other equipment typically involved in refining the ore don't seem to really care where their electrons come from either.

Comment: Re:They're called trees. (Score 1) 122

My experience would dictate that it takes far less than an century. I dispose of all of the leaves, BBQ ash in the garden plot in my backyard. When I moved in the dirt that was there was about 2 inches below the concrete (just some ugly unkept bush was there), now it is at least an inch above (I have to shovel it back in) and when I till it in the spring it will fluff up another 3-4 inches. Then again I am disposing of all sorts of stuff in there, all of the leaves from trees, fish and bits of fish, and BBQ ash so there is a lot of material that ends up in there.

Comment: Re:They're called trees. (Score 1) 122

No with trees you need to cut them down and harvest the wood. If used in durable goods it becomes a very effective method for sequestering carbon. If you really want to go for long term sequestration then dig a giant hole and then fill it so there is a giant pile of harvested trees and then cover it with dirt.

Comment: Re:Feminism ruins society again... (Score 1) 588

Sounds not too dissimilar to my oldest. Initially we enrolled him in gymnastics to help out with coordination and balance (he really had problems). After the first 3 months we asked him if he wanted to keep going and he has said yes every time for the past couple of years. He is almost the only boy there but if he enjoys it and it has done wonders for his coordination and balance.

Comment: Re:A Couple Friends (Score 1) 231

Even in your scenario I'm guessing a lot of those wounds would be non fatal as they would be to what ever was closest to the muzzle of the gun, likely a gut shot or between the lungs if it is square in the middle of the chest. The assailant would be bleeding like a stuck pig but it probably wouldn't be instant death or even guaranteed death. This isn't to say I am against having responsible law abiding citizens armed, just don't think that it is be all end all of personal safety. Also another thing to keep in mind is an attacker can take your firearm, or they may have their own. Being aware of your surroundings is probably more important for your personal safety than having a firearm.

Comment: Re:Wow. Just wow. (Score 1) 321

by Bob the Super Hamste (#49492337) Attached to: LA Schools Seeking Refund Over Botched iPad Plan
The problem is it shouldn't be impressive, it use to be called being a good parent. Even my uneducated parents would do similar things with my sister and I and the highest education amongst them was my father who went to a trade school while my mother barely graduated high school. Add in that now with the internet you can quickly find out about things you have limited or no knowledge about and it is a lot easier than when I was little. Then again I want them to have opportunities I didn't have as well as have a much broader more rounded primary education since I want them to only be limited by their abilities not opportunity. This does lead to some interesting comments from teachers at conference time as most first graders have no real idea of how the world works and then there are a couple of kids in the class who do.

Another thing that has helped with exposing them to different thing is having my son in Cub Scouts. A number of these activities have been done with the others in his den as they also have involved parents and the kids like cub scout awards that are offered for things. So now there are these 6 first graders who have been exposed to a lot of things at a fairly reasonable depth, like geology, astronomy, photography, etc. Between the parents we have a large and varied resources so being able to take the scouts to see and do things they would never have been able to see otherwise is great. Really how many first graders have gotten to go on a tour of a place that makes space ships and rocket motors, have been through a power plant, have developed film negatives of pictures they took themselves, seen how iron is mined and turned into pellets, have spent a day being taught the basics of how to paint with oil paints by a professional artist.

Comment: Re:Wow. Just wow. (Score 2) 321

by Bob the Super Hamste (#49488807) Attached to: LA Schools Seeking Refund Over Botched iPad Plan
Having a wife who is a teacher it sounds like you have things nailed. Lots of new fads most of which are little better than hope. Granted part of the problems in education is from parents who don't give a shit, as well as children who don't give a shit, but there is still a lot of BS from the education administration. With my kids it has been let the schools teach what they can, then spend the time to actually really teach them things properly and fill in the large quantity of gaps left by teaching to the test.

My oldest who is now in first grade has a surprisingly good understanding of how things work and even some very abstract concepts, all of which were not covered in school. For example they covered some very basic geology in school, and he got interested so I entertained that for a while and we went out and collected some fossils, checked out some strata of land on exposed rock faces, went into detail on the different types of rocks, etc all to provide a better education. I even melted some rocks and made some new ones in some experiments to show what happens when they cool at different rates (besides if you have a forge any excuse to use it is a good excuse).

Comment: Re:Wow. Just wow. (Score 1) 321

by Bob the Super Hamste (#49488565) Attached to: LA Schools Seeking Refund Over Botched iPad Plan
When people bring this up the forget that the market was trying really hard to punish those bad actors but the government stepped in and prevented the invisible hand from bitch slapping them back to the stone age. Granted the invisible hand was probably going to destroy a bunch of non bad actors as well but with the government's interference we don't know if that would have been worse, or if it would have even happened.

Comment: Re:Sign off. (Score 1) 321

by Bob the Super Hamste (#49488447) Attached to: LA Schools Seeking Refund Over Botched iPad Plan
I'm curious what you would use to kill a Samsung device if someone decides work around the security, especially since I would assume that they would be WiFi only devices not cellular ones? I have found getting around KNOX and MaaS360 on a Samsung device to be not all that difficult if one doesn't care about preserving the data on the device. You are correct in that you would know which device fell off pretty quickly so you would know who to blame but still if I was a kid having access to a now unlocked device would be the end goal, especially if the device belonged to someone else.

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