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Comment Re:So, effectively, all NSA data collection is leg (Score 1) 143

Given the fairly statist makeup of the supreme court I expect if this gets to them to have a similar ruling logic be damned. I still haven't' figured out logic behind the ACA ruling that first had to find that the penalty/tax was a penalty not a tax, and then in the same ruling, a mere few minutes later, find that it was instead a tax. That sort of incoherent ruling in my book means it is a bad ruling. I do understand the Roberts was the one who ruled differently on each part but he also wrote the majority opinion and yet doesn't seem to have the mental abilities to make a logical well reasoned argument.

Comment Re:I can feel some EMF (Score 1) 422

'm not affected by wifi or cellphones, but when I place my MacBook Pro on my lap and wait about 30 seconds I can begin to feel tingling deep inside my legs, like in the bone.

I have felt the same thing and since I have been electrocuted and know what that feels like I was able to figure it out pretty quick. Check to see if the circuit you have it plugged into is actually grounded. I have a similar issue with my work laptop when I am in Europe and have to use an adapter so my laptop isn't grounded. I have also had a similar experience in some hotels in the US where the socket isn't grounded as well.

Comment Re: When The Lunatics Take Over The Asylum (Score 0) 422

Negative punishments are also a great motivator. The last time my kids didn't pick up their toys I had previously told them that I was going to get a snow shovel and a trash bag and I would deal with it. One scoop was all it took, and they have become much better at picking up their toys. I think what is missing from most parents is the follow through, they will tell their kids to do something and say if they don't they get x for a punishment and then when the kids ignores them the parents do nothing but set a new line. Also I am not an authoritarian parent and there aren't many rules and the ones that do exist are, don't wreck other people's stuff, don't hurt other people, and do your chores.

Comment Re:Comparison? (Score 1) 250

I prefer a real CS degree be viewed like an applied math degree and they should both be very similar in what was learned, with a few differences specific to their respective fields. While I spend a large portion of my day coding thing and fixing bugs I prefer the work I do where I am actually proving that things are correct for all inputs. Then again when I got my CS degree the only liberal arts courses I took were the ones required by all students and the way the major was structured was 2 senior level math courses short of a double major in CS and Math. I thought about going for those 2 classes, but just wanted to finish school and to get them I would of had to stay another semester. So as it stands I have a CS major and Math minor.

Comment Re:Solutions for non-problems (Score 1) 406

Typically I view those people as not caring about their vehicles so any accidental damage that they incur is acceptable. It isn't like it is hard to center your damn vehicle in a parking spot, and even if you fuck it up you can do a quick check and then back out and fix it.

Comment Re:Smartphones have problems too (Score 4, Informative) 406

Out of curiosity have you tried out Navit? I use it on my phone when I am traveling and I don't even have a data plan. Granted it will eat battery substantially faster than other cell navigation apps as it has to actually compute and render things but that isn't a concern if it is plugged into the 12v adapter. If you download the data set for the entire planet it is about 17GB currently. The data that is used comes from OSM so depending on where you are it can be really good or still better than the base maps that come with most GPS receivers.

Comment Re:Problem with the solution? (Score 1) 193

I don't know how much they pay for the in-flight entertainment now, but I bet Netflix could undercut them (especially if they provided a limited catalogue to everyone and a less limited catalogue to their customers. One interesting option would be for Netflix customers to indicate their flight number and select things to be cached before boarding, while the plane is at the gate).

That would be too awesome of an idea and since the airlines seem to be in a never ending death spiral of passenger discomfort it will never be implemented. It wouldn't surprise to to find out that airlines are actually paid to show some of the crap they have.

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