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Comment: Re:What about a kill switch for Google and Microso (Score 0) 137

by JazzLad (#47274327) Attached to: Google and Microsoft Plan Kill Switches On Smartphones
So, making money off you is now more evil than turning your data over to a government that can (and has an alleged history of) make(ing) you* disappear? Interesting.

(Assuming you're Chinese, but even if not, remember the old poem:"First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out because I was not a Socialist.)

Comment: Re:Answer: Both (Score 1) 126

by JazzLad (#47263687) Attached to: Google To Take On Apple's CarPlay
Grishnakh's first post came across a little trollish (I don't think that was his intention), but his point was completely valid. The typical Android user isn't running cyanogenmod (too bad, because it's great IME), nor (in the US) using a phone that they bought outright to use on a carrier that gave no discount for BYOD (disclaimer: I am not a typical Android user either). The typical Android user is using whatever device VZW/ATT/Sprint/TMO talked them into getting and likely got no significant OS updates ever in the 1-2+ years they owned it. Contrast this with Apple (disclaimer: I hate IOS) users where their devices generally receive the latest updates. It's a ball that has been traditionally dropped.

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