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Submission + - A programming language for self-organizing swarms of drones

jumpjoe writes: Drones are becoming a staple of everyday news. Drone swarms are the natural extension of the drone concept for applications such as search and rescue, mapping, and agricultural and industrial monitoring. A new programming language, compiler, and virtual machine, were recently introduced to specify the behaviour of an entire swarm with a single program. This programming language, called Buzz, allows for self-organizing behaviour to accomplish complex tasks with simple program. Details on the language and examples are available here. Full disclosure: I am one of the authors of the paper.

Comment Re:Prepaid is the way to go (Score 1) 85 85

My daughters' phones are $10 (each) every four months on a VZW MVNO (PagePlus, winds up being 25min/mo with rollover) & I only recently upgraded my phone from $10/mo (Airvoice) to $20.93 (Lyca Mobile) so I could have unlimited voice/text/data

Yes, I am throttled to edge speed after 100MB LTE, but it is fast enough to listen to Pandora and use navigation at the same time (not fast enough for Netlix, but I have wifi everywhere but the car & I don't watch TV while driving :)).

Best part is these are not 'before we tax and fee you to death' prices, but what I actually pay each month. People spending too much are either not shopping around or think looking at the "popular" plans (read: popular for the phone companies so they are the plans that are pushed) of the big-4 is shopping around.

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