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Comment Re:Google home (Score 2) 412

I use Waze every time I drive more than 3-5 miles (including my commute, both ways). It's not about not knowing how to get there, it's about knowing in advance where the accident is (if there is one) or whatever else may cause me to want to take an alternate route. 8-9 times out of 10, I drive my standard route, but that 1-2 makes using it every time well worth it.

Comment Re:Linux and Bloat (Score 1) 108

I know I'm feeding a troll, but every sane (and many other) country has legislation regarding accessibility. Someday perhaps you will have a child with a disability. Do you want that child to grow up without access to technology, or do you think those of us with a disabled child should separately fund accessibility features?

Besides (and almost as importantly), just how big is the inconvenience to the 99%? I'd venture it's only inconvenient to a very small subset & now we're looking at a group of people that cannot do without versus the convenience of another small group. Since society as a whole recognizes the need to assist persons with disabilities, perhaps the other small group should fund their own version that is not encumbered.

Finally, either double-check the definition of pander (perhaps you didn't mean what you said), or screw you.

Comment Re:Confessed? (Score 1) 244

If I read that right(*), they didn't so much target women and children as much as the conditions were so deplorable that people died from easily avoidable circumstances (starvation, disease, etc) and those most vulnerable died in greater numbers (children, etc).

Horrific and inexcusable to be sure, and certainly concentration camps, but really nothing comparing (based on my Wikipedia reading) to the concentration camps of the Nazis. The British weren't seeking to eradicate an entire people.

(*) I was unaware 30 minutes ago of this event in History, so I certainly don't consider myself to be an expert :)

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