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Comment: Re:Prepaid is the way to go (Score 1) 83 83

My daughters' phones are $10 (each) every four months on a VZW MVNO (PagePlus, winds up being 25min/mo with rollover) & I only recently upgraded my phone from $10/mo (Airvoice) to $20.93 (Lyca Mobile) so I could have unlimited voice/text/data

Yes, I am throttled to edge speed after 100MB LTE, but it is fast enough to listen to Pandora and use navigation at the same time (not fast enough for Netlix, but I have wifi everywhere but the car & I don't watch TV while driving :)).

Best part is these are not 'before we tax and fee you to death' prices, but what I actually pay each month. People spending too much are either not shopping around or think looking at the "popular" plans (read: popular for the phone companies so they are the plans that are pushed) of the big-4 is shopping around.

Comment: Re:Mostly because our food is shit. (Score 1) 409 409

I read that, many (most? all? duhno) artificial sweeteners do, but according to the Japanese (I am too lazy to look it up for you), Stevia (not an artificial sweetener) does not. There is evidence it may be good for Diabetics beyond replacing sugar with it.

Comment: Re:Thank you FCC (Score 2) 122 122

A GV phone number not forwarded to your number can only generate emails/text messages - you see one you want to deal with, you listen to the recorded message.

I completely get not dealing with a company with policies you don't approve of, but unless it is a moral objection, it is a trivial one to bypass with technology.

Comment: Re:Makes sense (Score 1) 395 395

No pre-teen pregnancies in my family that I know of.

My mother was 30 when she had me (I'm not the eldest) and her mother was 28 (when she had my mother). Now her mother was 19 (when she had my grandmother, married at 18), but an average of over 25 years old for birth and my great-grandmother was alive when I was 19 (briefly, she passed that year). My eldest is 11 and my grandmother is still alive (I was 28 when she was born, increasing the average to almost 29).

TL;DR Lots of people know their great-grand parents without pre-teen pregnancies.

Oh, and yeah, my grandparents / great grandparents (only one of mine passed before I knew them) would never drop by unannounced. Heh, my father's father wouldn't even let the phone ring more than 3 times, thinking if you couldn't answer it that fast you were busy & he didn't want to intrude.

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