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Comment Re:Suggestions. (Score 1) 1817

I think it would be neat for ACs to be able to get a -2, then I can read at -1 without the / APK type bs (reading at -1 to catch moderation abuse against logged-in users - I don't care about abuse of ACs). Duhno if this is overall a good idea, just a thought.

Comment Re:cheap shot from the cheap seats (Score 1) 634

Comment Re:Open to Questions (Score 1) 1304

Don't be afraid to go really esoteric as even if I was completely unable to comment I always found it fascinating.

I wholeheartedly agree with this. I have been in IT for over 20 years, but mostly in support roles (I'm not a programmer/engineer/etc). I may not understand 100% of everything I read, but I can't tell you how much I have learned reading /. that I never would have seen anywhere else. These stories are the "gold."

Comment Re:Take back Slashdot (Score 2) 1304

Finally introduce a "-1, Factually Incorrect" mod.

I would love to see this coupled with signing mods - but only in the case of this mod. If I am expert enough in a field to call someone out as "Factually Incorrect" I should be willing to identify myself (but only for that mod and initially there should be a notification asking 'are you sure?' giving mods that don't pay enough attention to change their mind). Oh, and an 'undo mod' within 20 seconds of modding would be great! No more 'posting to undo accidental mod' posts.

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