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Comment: Re:What is normal and how many were born? (Score 1) 219

Let's see, I'm no mathematician (in fact I had to Google how to even spell it), but 40% every year seems like it couldn't sustain decades ... Someone better at math correct me if I am wrong, but to have a 'normal lifespan' of even 1 decade means no more than 10% loss every year (on average).

Sometimes it's better to not double-down when you're wrong. :)

Comment: Re:LOL Microsoft (Score 1) 141

by JazzLad (#49624347) Attached to: Microsoft: No More 'Patch Tuesday' For Windows 10 Home Users
I was running Win10 on an old Core2duo laptop until about a week ago & never once had a crash (even on older hardware). My problem was it eventually wound up being very unproductive. In Win7, if I need to ping something, I click Start (logo, whatever) & type cmd, enter, ping (IP), enter. Easy-peasy. Win10 took away typing things in Start (or perhaps this was an issue with my own install, YMMV), you have to click the superfluous search button next to start. Except that stopped working too. No worries, in Win7 I can go to Start > All Programs > Accessories > Command Prompt. Except, in Win10 this wasn't there (you know, roughly where it has been since Win9x - mind you, I skipped Win8, so it is possible this was broken a long time ago). After 2 minutes of looking, I fired up Teamviewer & remoted into a Win7 box.

Adding features is great. Obfuscating tasks that have worked a certain way for well in excess of 10 years ... not the way to keep older customers happy.

No crashes, and I recognize it is a Preview release, but I sure hope some significant bugs get worked out.

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