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by Bob the Super Hamste (#48168619) Attached to: FBI Director Continues His Campaign Against Encryption
Not really get a warrant and for you to decrypt in all cases. Right now they can only do that provided that you would not be further incriminating your self. The case in question is the In re Boucher case. Here border guards had already seen the portions of the drive's contents . Then there is the later US v. Kischner case that ruled it was a violation of a person's 5th Amendment right to force them to divulge their encryption password to produce evidence that could be used against them in that case. To further muddy the waters there is also the mess that is the US v. Fricosu case where a judge order the defendant to produce the password but a list of probable password was produced by her ex husband so the constitutionality of the order from the judge still remains in question since that issue was bypassed.

So what we can glean from these 3 cases is:
1. Don't cross a border with your encrypted device on so encrypted material can be seen.
2. Don't piss off your ex
3. Don't be a pedo (why do all cases involving encryption seem to be pedo ones, yes I understand they are easy targets everyone hates) 4. This issue isn't decided and it seems the government doesn't want it resolved.

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Gattaca was a cautionary tale, not a blueprint for future eugenics.

This makes me wonder how "Nineteen Eighty-Four" was originally received. But after a quick check it looks like it got a better reception than GATTACA but I wonder about the initial sales.

[gets out tinfoil]
Maybe big brother just got better at conditioning people. Bread and circuses.
[tinfoil off]

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The best and probably most relevant quote would be this:

Believe me we have enough imperfection built in already. Your child doesn't need any additional burdens. Keep in mind this child is still you, only the best of you. You could conceive a thousand times and never get such a result.

Too bad the film was a box office flop since it was sci-fi film without explosions, lens flares, buxom scantily clad green women, and/or laser swords. Also at this point there are probably a lot of people who haven't seen the movie since it is 17 years old (and now I feel old) and it hasn't been that popular. Good story, wonderfully shot, well acted, and explores topics that are becoming prescient, just not what people think of when they hear it is a sci-fi movie. Just tell someone it is a drama and it is usually much more readily received.


Scanning Embryos For Super-Intelligent Kids Is On the Horizon 357

Posted by Soulskill
from the might-be-easier-on-us-to-make-them-super-dumb dept.
An anonymous reader writes: Stephen Hsu, a professor in theoretical physics at Michigan State University, has an article discussing the genetic underpinnings of intelligence, and how our understanding of it will eventually lead to smarter children. Researchers have detected genes that influence cognitive ability, but the effect of any one gene is very small — less than 1 IQ point at best. Genetically modifying such genes is unlikely to happen any time soon, but our ability to analyze an embryo's genome is becoming quick and cheap. As we isolate more and more genes that affect intelligence, this means prospective parents will soon be able to analyze a batch of zygotes and figure out which ones are likely to be the smartest. Hsu says a batch of 10 zygotes will probably have an IQ range of 15 points or more. As our understanding of intelligence genetics grows, that range will only expand. He adds, "The corresponding ethical issues are complex and deserve serious attention in what may be a relatively short interval before these capabilities become a reality."

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With this technology I would think it would substantially push prices down. There would still be costs associated with distribution and new capital outlays for plants and maintenance but generation costs would fall to almost nothing. The savings on bills would be substantial, another poster mentioned a number around 40%. If one were to instead use one of these in a factory to provide power for what ever is being done it would eliminate the distribution costs. I would think that places like aluminum smelters would love this.

Given the dimensions of the reactor it also seems like it would be able to be put into large mining equipment. Basically these could probably be used any place where large 2 stroke diesel engines are currently in operation. Given the power output quoted these would produce significantly more than the current engines which are mostly in the 3-10MW range so who knows what they would do with the extra power.

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It really is a weapon of last resort when you are on the retreat as you are basically fucked (individually) if you use it, especially if you are down wind. A similar but tiny warhead was also used in the US US W48 nuclear artillery shell. These very small nukes are all very dirty and very inefficient. The Atomic Testing Museum just off the strip in Las Vegas had on display the Mk-54 (I assume just the casing) and a W48 with the W48 disassembled so you could see inside of it. The Atomic Testing Museum is a really neat place to go if you get the chance, especially since it is quiet compared to all the other tourist things in Vegas.

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Well there sure seems to be a large number of them graduating now. And every one of them believes that they are gods gift to management. Add in the ones who have a 4 year management degree and I think we have several generations worth of supply on hand currently.

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I might worry about this shortly before I start to worry about the heat death of the universe. If we look at one of the largest lakes on earth which contains about 3,000,000,000,000,000 gallons of water and extracted water out of it for the purposes of using the hydrogen in it for fusion reactors at the average rate we have been extracting oil out of the ground for the last 100 years it would take about 5000 years to drain the thing assuming no new water entered it. Now add in that this is one lake representing about 10% of the available fresh water and that most of the water on earth by a very substantial margin is sea water and we should be good for at least the next half a million years or so. This also assumes that we would extract the water at the rate we do for oil even though fusion would be providing orders of magnitude more power for the same volume of fuel. So that pushes it off for at least a few 10s of millions of years. If in that time we haven't managed to get off this rock, I say fuck it we all deserve to die.

What this country needs is a good five dollar plasma weapon.