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Comment: Re:"Affluent and accomplished" is not the criterio (Score 1) 168

If to you affluent is a hundred-dollar word then you obviously aren't part of the bourgeoisie and are probably just part of the proletariat.

Now that I am done with word fun I seem to frequently hear people describe others as affluent solely based off of their perceived net worth.

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Sounds like the internal clock may be getting a bit flaky and/or at times you had some really bad multipath issues. I have had a handheld GPS correctly show bearing and speed but also be off by 10s of miles because it's internal clock had drifted too much while off. After a bit it had resynced the internal clock and probably downloaded the current almanac and did the snap to correct position thing.

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by Bob the Super Hamste (#47939409) Attached to: Apple Will No Longer Unlock Most iPhones, iPads For Police
What I have always wondered is if I wrote something down by hand using a super secrete unbreakable code that was related to a crime can I be forced to interpret that piece of paper for the police so they can understand it or can I tell them to go fuck themselves with a spindle sander? This is really what is happening with encrypted data I am being asked to interpret it for the police and it is data that is encoded in such a fashion that without my help they can't decipher it and at least to my non legal mind that seems awfully close to violating the 5th amendment.

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That is why I don't support big beef but will buy from a local farmer who is one of my father's friends. Compared to other cattle feeds corn also is very nutritionally lacking, it may be good for fattening them up quickly and cheaply (this part is changing) but it really isn't good for the cattle. Meat from properly raised cattle butchered at a quality shop flash frozen, not packed in CO2, and not treated with ammonia has such a wonderful flavor and smell. It also is a much darker red almost a purple when compared to the standard meat sold in a store. Problem is that unless the farmer has their own customer base for boutique meat they would prefer to pump them full of antibiotics, growth hormones, and cheap grain to get the ~200 extra pounds on each head all while getting them to market quicker.

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Let us not forget about beet sugar which is produced in fairly large quantities around the red river valley (Warning xls spread sheet from the USDA). These 2 states produce about 1/2 the entire US crop of sugar beets (~15 million tons out of ~32 million tons) and both are also corn states too.

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The Pepsi and Mt. Dew Throwback are still available where I live (Twin Cities metro area). Although I had heard an interesting stat that I don't know if it is true but seem reasonable that Minnesotans have the highest per capita consumption in the nation of Mt. Dew so that may be part of the reasons. Another guess (purely speculative) would be that we grow a lot of sugar beets.

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