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I would be happy if the government would just provide PDF forms with just enough brains so that you could fill them in and they would automatically do the calculations for you. Then give people the option to either sent those in electronically or print and mail the damn things. The automatic online filing would be a godsend but I would settle for PDFs with fields and auto calculations that I would have to print and mail.

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by Bob the Super Hamste (#47975037) Attached to: Nvidia Sinks Moon Landing Hoax Using Virtual Light
I was going for one of the many long running British car jokes but it fell flat. Although the new Morgan 3 wheeler is probably very similar to the original Morgan 3 wheelers since they are classified as a motor cycle and don't have to comply with modern safety and emissions requirements.

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$100k/yr, not high enough.
We get told all the time how critical these individuals are for the company and that the company is unable to find or train an American worker for the job. So I am willing to call the companies' bluff and say I take them at their work. Given how important these individuals are to the company they obviously should be the most highly compensated individuals in the company so their total compensation package should exceed the compensation package that anyone else in the employ of the company is receiving. Make them pay CEO level salary, bonuses, retirement packages, stock options, relocation package, health package, and any other benefits and we will see just how critical these individuals are.

Another idea that another /. poster suggested was make it so that the company must hire an American to work along side the H1B that will be trained. Both of these individuals are paid the same amount and after some time the H1B is let go.

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This is real humorous. One company offered a degreed Electrical Engineer $15 an hour in the SF Bay Area. I kid you not. (read the thread) [] This is not an isolated case, and I know of other examples. Why do people bother to get college degrees again??

Sounds about right for some of those questionable companies. You are missing something though, they now get to state that they couldn't get anyone to fill the position so they need to bring in an H1B worker.

I got a similarly bad offer once for a position very similar to what I currently am doing. It was in a higher cost area yet the pay they were offering was 1/3 what I am currently making. I laughed at the recruiter that made the offer who happened to actually think that was a good amount of money for the position until I told her I already make ~3x as much and live in a much nicer lower cost area.

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