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Comment: Re:a solid business model helps. (Score 1) 100 100

by Bob the Super Hamste (#50018035) Attached to: How IKEA Patched Shellshock
Well got the joy of putting together an IKEA loft bed without instructions. The model isn't sold anymore, I couldn't find the instructions online, and to add further insult to injury I didn't even have a picture of what is was suppose to look like. I did get it together correctly but it took longer than it should have, especially since I was initially told it was a bunk bed. The lesson I learned from that was don't let the wife buy stuff from her friends that I will have to deal with.

Comment: Re:Not me, not in California (Score 1) 937 937

So because I happen to own something that means that I can't decide what to do with it within the law? I happen to own some recreational property as well has the property I live on. I have a feeling that you would view this as also being unjust, especially since it has a buidable site.

Comment: Re:How is this news for nerds? (Score 1) 1054 1054

by Bob the Super Hamste (#49997117) Attached to: Supreme Court Ruling Supports Same-Sex Marriage
The founders were fallible but they were wise in that they realized that and provided a means to modify and correct the constitution. They did however make it difficult to do so that it couldn't be modified on a whim. This issue however didn't need a constitutional amendment to change or another shitty court decision (morally correct but how it was done bad in my opinion), but instead needed a simple repeal of the federal DOMA and then all states that don't allows gay marriage would be forded to recognize it from other states because of the full faith and credit clause. The one exception to this I could thing of is if a state didn't recognize any form of marriage, in which case it gay marriage wouldn't matter to begin with in that state.

Comment: Re:How is this news for nerds? (Score 1) 1054 1054

by Bob the Super Hamste (#49997005) Attached to: Supreme Court Ruling Supports Same-Sex Marriage

We could simply say that they had the realistic foresight to build a government that is merely able to change with society

Which they did but this was not the way to to change the government that they had enshrined in the highest law of the land. The constitution states what rights are reserved tot he federal government of which marriage is not one of them so it was left up to the states. This would simply mean that each state could have its own laws regarding marriage and could define it any way it wanted. What muddies this issue is the full faith and credit clause which means states would have to honor marriages (and any number of other things) from other states, unless regulated by congress. So back with President Clinton the DOMA was passed by congress regulating interstate recognition of marriage, which is one of the powers granted to congress to do. I dislike this ruling, even though I feel it was the morally correct one, because it does smell of activism by the judiciary. The proper way to handle this would have been to:
repeal the federal DOMA
modify the constitution to add sexual preference as something that cannon be discriminated on
or do what my state did and have the state legislature vote to approve homosexual marriage
All of these would have been constitutional and were how the framers envisioned changing our government. The way this came down I expect it to become a huge wedge issue (more so than before) like abortion and to be something that gets rehashed many times over also like abortion.

Comment: Re:Subsidize the supply side (Score 1) 937 937

Unfortunately that would require personal responsibility from at least one party in the transaction. In today's America this is something that is unacceptable. Why should lenders care if people can actually afford the payments? Why should individuals stop to think if they can really afford to make those payments? No one did their due dilligance it seems and yet the government propped up only half of the incompetent.

Before the big housing bust my wife and I bought our house to live in, and when we were getting a mortgage we qualified for 3/4 of a million dollars loan. The monthly payment would have been just a few dollars less than our pretax income. I looked at the loan officer and said "Are you fucking retarded? It will be physically impossible for us to even make a single payment." I then made him work backwards from our post tax income with a given monthly payment we could afford even if one of us lost our job to get a real amount. At that point I realized that the whole thing was a giant house of cards just waiting to collapse, but hey we needed a house and plan on living there for a very long time.

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