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Thanks for the explanation.
At least on my systems (LMDE, Ubuntu server and Mac OS X), vim automagically opens archives, lets you browse the structure inside the gz file, lets you read the compressed files and even save the modified files.
If it doesn't, you can add this to your vimrc :

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bcat /var/log/blablabla_log.bin | less
bcat /var/log/blablabla_log.bin | vim -
bcat /var/log/blablabla_log.bin | grep pattern
where bcat is an alias to whatever command you need to open systemd binary logs.
and with the appropriate plugin :
vim /var/log/blablabla_log.bin
just like you can do
vim /var/log/auth.log.2.gz

What's not *nix about it?

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I'm not trying to start a flamewar, just asking a genuine question:
What are the main differences between Debian, Mint & Ubuntu now?
I took some time last month to install and test OpenBSD, Alpine Linux, Mint, Mint LMDE, Ubuntu & Debian.
I just wanted a basic graphical interface + terminal + tabs + vim + zsh + ssh
I was suprised to see that Debian wasn't that much smaller or faster than other Debian based distros.
Ubuntu UI sucked, but I really liked the speed and small footprint of Alpine Linux.

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And considering that getting a PhD in science is no trivial matter in the first place, this is really the cream of the cream of the crop

I'm an engineer and I work with a lot of people holding PhDs, as well as "normal" people.
I couldn't find *any* correlation between "holding a PhD" and "being smart", "being creative", or "being efficient".
Holding a PhD basically just tells me that they sat down on some problem for a long time, and wrote hundred pages that only 1 or 2 people read.
Holding a PhD might correlate to "being resilient" or "don't mind doing boring repetitive stuff", but it surely doesn't mean you're the "cream of the cream of the crop", especially when "the cream of the crop" already has big social deficiencies.

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A friend of mine wrote a small web application for french conjugation, with verbiste (
You type a verb, and it gives you a table like this one :

My verb was "avoir && whoami", and its conjugation was "root" :D

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