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Comment Re:This wasn't an engineering decision... (Score 1) 569

Or in this case, I was just replying to the GP that was naively saying it was unfair to the others.
BTW, Lance Armstrong gets no sympathy from me. But in the cyclism world, "everyone else does it" really is true.
Who won the 2000 and 2002 Tour de France? You need to look at the 10th place (really) to find a guy that hasn't been caught yet.

Comment Re:This wasn't an engineering decision... (Score 1) 569

Which is what their competitors had to do to meet the standards. Volkswagen's cheating gave them a leg up

How cute! You think the competitors didn't cheat.
Hint: no other car manufacturer in Germany has said anything about this affair. Wait a few months, and you'll learn that BMW/Porsche/Mercedes did the same. Japanese & American manufacturers probably did too.

Comment Re:Photoshop (Score 1) 889

Yes. I had a very hard time understanding the weird UI of Photoshop.
It still doesn't change the fact that some crucial Photoshop features have been lacking in GIMP for a *long* time.
I can get past the weird (and different) GIMP UI, but I cannot live without adjustment layers.
See http://wiki.gimp.org/wiki/Road...

Comment Peak everything (Score 2) 283

* 5 years ago, this category of product didn't even exist.
* 3 years ago, you bought something that was "fantastic".
* Now, it's crap and you absolutely need a newer version.
* 3 years from now, you'll come back to Slashdot to whine that you have a crappy 2015 tablet.
* 10 years from now, you'll ask yourself where all the lithium and rare earth went.

Comment Re:Hurricane count (Score 1) 292

What's really happening is you're increasing the whole range of possible behavior. You're increasing the insanity of the system. Four hurricanes? Try six all on top of each other, then nothing for months, then bam, the largest hurricane in recorded history, completely impossible to cope with. It becomes impossible to make ANY prediction, even to the extent of 'what a hurricane can be'.

Great explanation, thanks.
The best description I found for the weather here during the last few years was : weird.

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