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Comment: Re:This just illustrates (Score 1) 365

by BlackPignouf (#47343745) Attached to: Germany's Glut of Electricity Causing Prices To Plummet

It has made long-term economic sense for at least ten years.
Sure, if you're waiting for short-term economic sense, you'll run into big trouble and the energy trap ( You'll need to invest oil and money during a few years in order to use less oil and money. Guess what? You'll have neither time, nor money nor energy, nor probably political stability. Your option isn't one.

And please tell me more about France selling PSG (Paris soccer cub), Le Louvre; Spain selling Barca and Germany selling BMW and Mercedes to Qatar not "making anyone poorer".

Comment: Re:Aperture-specific plugins... (Score 5, Insightful) 214

by BlackPignouf (#47343733) Attached to: Apple Kills Aperture, Says New Photos App Will Replace It

What about RAW support for new cameras?
Every Aperture user will have to change after X months.
I'm lucky to be a Lightroom user, but I'd be really pissed if I had to change the software I use and love every day since 2007.
It would be like having to learn and use Emacs after 10 years of vim.

Comment: Re:This just illustrates (Score 0) 365

by BlackPignouf (#47340765) Attached to: Germany's Glut of Electricity Causing Prices To Plummet

You, sir, are an idiot.
High energy prices in the future are a sure thing.
You have exactly two options :
* sit on your ass, don't change anything and give more money everyday to Russia, Saudi Arabia & Qatar. Those countries love this option, because one day, USA & Europe will be broke, won't have gas to heat their houses in winter or oil to power their cars, tanks or fighter jets. Then they can nicely invade Ukraine or go all Djihad on our ass.
* pay a bit more taxes, complain that some free loaders and greedy politicians get too much of it, but let your country invest in infrastructure that will help you and your people face peak oil and global warming. Yes, you'll pay more for energy (at first), but the price evolution is clearer than without taxes and it helps you reduce your energy demands.
Now tell me, which option is the way to go for "human misery"?

Comment: Mensan here (Score 1) 561

by BlackPignouf (#47323093) Attached to:, Mensa Create Dating Site For Geniuses

I thought I was special until I realised there are 140 000 000 potential mensans on earth.
And the fact that I'm pretty good at guessing which dice should come after a serie of 4 other dice doesn't tell much about myself, and surely shouldn't be taken as a genius indicator.
Anyway, I went to two Mensa meetings : I met some assholes and some nice guys, just like I would at the pub across the street.

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by BlackPignouf (#47317017) Attached to: Half of Germany's Power Supplied By Solar, Briefly

electric is unpopular because it's becoming outrageously expensive.

It's still cheaper per kWh than oil, which itself is outrageously cheap (taking into account global warming and dependency to rogue states).
What's unpopular is when people notice that they use too much electricity and have to choose between nukes and coal powerplants.

Comment: Re:Thanks for pointing out the "briefly" part. (Score 2) 461

by BlackPignouf (#47316947) Attached to: Half of Germany's Power Supplied By Solar, Briefly

So it is the average tax payer who both pays for and benefits from the subsides.

No, it is the average renter (who doesn't have any roof to put photovoltaic modules on) who pays extra taxes, while chinese manufacturers and german landlords benefit from the subsidies.

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