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Comment: Not exactly a reliable source (Score 1) 105

by radtea (#49823103) Attached to: Cool Tool: The Nuclear Fuel Cycle Cost Calculator

No one who knows anything about nuclear power is going to be "excited" by anything the BAS releases on the topic, because they are a purely political anti-nuclear organization with a radical anti-nuclear agenda.

Whatever they have released, the odds are so overwhelming that it's nothing but a propaganda tool in their war on nuclear energy--a war whose success has helped create our current climate crisis--that it isn't worth anyone's time to even look at.

Comment: Real missing option (Score 1) 96

by mrchaotica (#49823045) Attached to: Ross Ulbricht was sentenced to life in prison, and ...

He probably actually did do illegal things (e.g. trying to hire a hitman) and deserves punishment for that, but he should have gotten away with it because the State violated the rules of evidence (using parallel construction, etc.). Even if Ulbricht is an evil man, the ends do not justify the means.

Comment: Re: Sharing is caring - sharing w/everyone is TMI (Score 1) 43

by Impy the Impiuos Imp (#49822015) Attached to: How Biostamps Can Replace Clunky Biomedical Sensors

Companies like CNN already mine your health status by studying what types of links you click on regularly -- news stories about new heart drugs, or cancer, or this helps with urinary tract infections or dialysis patients.

Doesn't even matter you are just an IP address -- they're selling ads to companies to direct at "someone".

Comment: Re:This makes me feel safe (Score 1) 233

Does anyone know how much airport security there is for a small private plane or jet at the same airport they frisk your gran?

None. At all. Typically, they will cheerfully wave you through the door (often offering you fresh baked cookies first, at one of the larger FBOs) to where the aircraft are waiting.

Comment: Re:This makes me feel safe (Score 4, Interesting) 233

They already knew that TSA screenings are security theater. It takes only a bit of casual observation, from the waiting lounge, to see which security personnel at which airport are competent or most overwhelmed. The 9/11 terrorists and any modern counterparts have opportunities to visit or travel through airports with _real_ security, like Egypt, Arabia, Pakistan, and Israel, and see the trade-offs between cost and security at all of them. There were compelling reasons that the 9/11 attackers chose Boston to fly from: one of the reasons was doubtless the very lax security at Logan Airport.

Doing a "lot of attempts" winds up getting one attempt noticed and tightening up security at that airport and possibly others, so "do a lot of attempts" breaks down quickly. What a lot of attempts could do is drain the budget of the TSA and of airlines: overwhelming the staff with hundreds or thousands of false positives over a day or a week would cost the TSA and the airlines many millions of dollars, Simply wiping or spraying enough nitrate residues on a an escalator handrail would expose hundreds, even thousands of people in a day to explosive detection and wipe out the resources and budget of many TSA offices.

Comment: Re:Life (Score 1) 96

No known New Testament manuscripts are from before approximately 125 AD. The original authors had probably been dead at least 50 years, and the documents had been copied and edited several times before those oldest documents were written. Please try not to insist on perfect duplication and correct translation for documents being written in the midst of devout religious change, the language is quite likely to get revised in translation and transcription.

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