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Comment Re:Hillary has... been opposed to single payer (Score 1) 18

You have to understand a few things about the Left:
(1) They think lesser beings (e.g. conservatives) are just so much meat.
(2) They reject any sort of absolute truth, irrespective of whether that includes a religious dimension.
(3) They will always argue the present tense, and only admit to a past which positively supports their argument, or attacks their opponent. No 'precedent' matters, especially if already airbrushed via (2).

Comment You better fix your unicode characters (Score 1) 1

You better fix your unicode characters, or fustakrakich will offer you a tut-tut.
With respect to the JE, read the book of Acts. Rubio is regurgitating Peter in front of the Sanhedrin when they explained, regarding this Jesus figure: "Shut up."
You're not going to get anything different out of Cruz, for that matter. Trump is nominally a Presbyterian, but I wouldn't rely on him.
The Progressive Faith is at odds with any orthodox member of an Abrahamic faith. The optimal answer is for politics to avoid setting itself in conflict with faith, and there are reasonable compromises to achieve this.

Comment Freedom (Score 2) 153

And even that doesn't mean that *I* (or any other entity) need to retransmit your speech. It's just a guess, but if this were an Islamic or Jewish religious message I'd bet Mr Dawkins wouldn't have much to say about it being blocked.

NO religious or political messages is a reasonable policy so long as they don't start picking and choosing.

Personally of rather see no f***ing ads at all. In a theatre where I paid money to see a show, 10-15m of ads is disgusting.

Comment Re:Why do you insist for yourself what you refuse (Score 1) 61

Properly speaking, democracy is a subset of freedom, not the other way around.

A vox populi vox dei concept, where everything under the sun is doable as long as you can stir up a transient 51% majority, is nothing to be proud of, and is the source of the collapse of past democracy.

You seek to give the nasty shitheads of history the power to censor. And by nasty shitheads, I mean the elected leaders who command men with guns to do the silencing.

Why would anyone have confidence such a system will hold up in the long run?

Better to strip government of all that power, and suffer the occasional downside as the price.

Comment Re:Laws Without Borders (Score 1) 61

> Recently a nursing home was pushed by an advocate to hire a woman from a halfway house.

That's a problem. Nursing facilities are _desperate_ for staff as the baby boomers are retiring or getting more medical issues as they age. The pay in many facilities is very low and good staff tend to burn out very quickly.

> Without being able to get a detailed history of the applicant

That's what references are for. If the HR person cannot be bothered to look anywhere but online, then there is a very different problem in that nursing home's staffing practices.

I'm afraid that there is also a profound danger in high staff turnover in nursing care, child care, and other service work with long shifts. Staff who commit abuses are very, very rarely criminally charged. They are usually given a chance to resign, even for sexual or physical abuse, in order to protect the care facility from lawsuit or loss of funding or accreditation. It is also usually _much_ faster to tell someone to resign or face firing for reasons that such a business may prefer not to have to put in writing or in any public document. The result is high turnover among abusive staff, but it also leaves a clean employment record. And it can be very difficult to separate from normal burnout or turnover, or normal layoffs in nursing care as funding changes.

The key to detecting this seems to be checking personal contacts, outside the list of references an applicant may provide. But that takes far more time than a simple Google search. It often takes getting your own staff to reach out to private contacts at the other facilities, and _that_ leads to HR being concerned about their own jobs, and about staff asking questions or judging candidates based on ethnicity, sexuality, race, or religion which HR personnel are specifically forbidden from using to evaluate candidates.

For hiring technology people, or providing references, _of course_ I reach out to acquaintances who may know a contact to get information that is not on their resume. I'll also have to admit that I've evaluated candidates in the basis of age, gender, marital status, and medical status in ways that are specifically prohibited by law but are nonetheless valid for work performance. The most interesting such case I ran into was someone changing gender: it wasn't on their resume, and they hadn't realized that I'd been present when their parents first met. While gender was not a legal basis for job discrimination, their medical needs for the next few years made them a poor candidate for the role, and they were quite surprised when I discussed it with them. I encouraged them to apply for, and helped them get an offer for, a role better suited to their needs for scheduled hormonal treatment and expected surgery. They were quite alarmed when I brought up their gender change myself in their interview, and a new employee in HR tried to raise concerns about my mentioning it.

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Journal Journal: Astute Article on the Turkey/Russia Kerfuffle 2

A Necessary Conversation

The clash between the Turkish Air Force and Russia is dangerous because it violates the first rule of proxy warfare which is principals don't fight principals. The whole point of proxy warfare is that only the seconds are allowed to cross swords. The duelists are forbidden from engaging each other directly, a convention intended to limit the scope of war.

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