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by smitty_one_each (#47959515) Attached to: Heh

It makes no difference at all. It all depends how you want to live.

If it makes no difference at all, because you are Dirt, then the illusion of "how you want to live" also dissolves into nihilistic dirt, Dirt. You can slam your fingers in your Overton Window, but it was all variations on dirt, Dirt. At least, that seems the conclusion of your course. With which I don't fully agree. Sure, the flesh is dirt, but our very conversation itself negates the assertion that dirt is all there is.

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My point is that democracy doesn't put competent people in charge most of the time. That's just the nature of the beast.

No known organizational model puts competent people in charge most of the time. Even the strickests of meroticracies are subject to the Peter Principle, even if they somehow fail to promote people who are best at promoting themselves. Democracy is superior because it lets outright lunatics to be constrained and removed as well as succession handled without bloodshed.

Comment: US Presidents can't be locked away (Score 5, Insightful) 123

by Antique Geekmeister (#47958535) Attached to: Secret Service Critics Pounce After White House Breach

Presidents are politicians. They must keep in contact with the voters to get re-elected, and the accessibility of the current president has been welcome. It helps defuse concerns about his level of education separating him from ordinary citizens, or forgetting what it's like to be black.

Assessing the strange "what if he'd been carrying a weapon of mass destruction" concerns:

                        1) The simplest pony yield atom bombs have to weigh at least 40 pounds for the nuclear material alone, based on rough guidelines for U-235 critical mass published in various magazines during my career. Jumping the fence and sprinting across the White House lawn, carrying something that heavy is difficult and _will_ give the Secret Service personnel more time. Such a device would be more effective _outside_ the White House during a semi-public event where the President is outdoors, such as an inauguration.
                      2) Chemical attacks have similar problems. An aerosol or chemical poison would have to basically flood the air of the White House, which has quite good climate control inside. That means getting past the ventilation system, which would be a _very_ good place to put the sensors and stop the air flow if there were such an attack.
                    3) Bacteriological weapons would, again, have to get from the attacker's entry to the President. Such a biological agent would be more effectively spread by leaking it during a White House tour, not by a run across the White House lawn.

The Secret Service reacted well, with measured restraint. Better staffed guard posts might be useful, but they are _expensive_. If you estimate the presence of 20 more patrolling guards, 24x7, at roughly $100,000/guard/shift covered, that's roughly $6,000,000/year. Which federal budget shall we strip for that funding?

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by smitty_one_each (#47957695) Attached to: Heh
Every physical thing, surely. What you've never shown is that you've accounted for the soul. And if I'm wrong, and you're correct, then so is Her Majesty: "What difference, at this point, does it make?"
Well, it's all nihilism then, isn't it? Why don't I just call you 'Dirt', if that's all you ultimately are? Just go on a riotous, hedonistic tear! In the absence of any broader context, how can it possibly matter, Dirt?
When are you going to drop this façade of intellect, Dirt?

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Yeah, I don't really "admire" anyone in politics; they're all guilty until proven innocent, in my experience. And even then, one may have overlooked a body. You never tire of flogging this dead horse, though; I guess your energy is admirable, for all the prime mover doesn't appear attached to a useful load.

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