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Comment Re:Unexpected consequences (Score 1) 386

Don't interpret "entire desert" so literally. The adverse effects of wind farms might not be global, but they certainly exist locally or regionally. The same might be true of vast solar farms, thus my question. Localized species extinction from alteration of habitat or other effects seem plausible, so why the continual painting of everything-is-roses pictures? It reminds me of the ebullient city-of-the-future predictions from generations past that have utterly failed to materialize.

Comment Unexpected consequences (Score 1) 386

Let's see... if the entire desert were covered with solar panels and those panels absorb all the radiation that otherwise would have reached the desert itself, what environmental or climatic consequences might there be? We found out the hard way that wind turbines have unexpected consequences; have we still learned nothing about taking off the selfish blinders and seeing the whole picture?

Comment 1.2 million dollar condo... in Minnesota? (Score 2) 69

How does one manage to pay 1.2 million dollars for a condo in Minnesota? Are real estate prices really that insane there? It ain't San Francisco.

And what happened to John Steele, who practically started this whole damned business model and now seems to have escaped under the radar? I've seen no reporting on his fate since Prenda Law fell apart.

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