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Comment Re:Has a nice Machiavellian ring to it, don't you (Score 1) 247

I wasn't talking about the rules of behavior for His Children; that's secondary. I was referring to the Author. I was referring to the tyrannical behavior of God himself as *ahem* "documented" in some detail in the Old Testament in particular. He Himself doesn't operate by the Ten Commandments; His behavior is worse than what is mandated by those. Dude is a full-on psycho tyrant.

Comment Rapists in savior's clothing (Score 3, Insightful) 115

"Tech companies" are no saviors of anyone but their executive staff and their shareholders. It has been well established that, as a general rule, sociopaths are in executive control of virtually every human hierarchy, be it a corporation or gang or government or military. The Peter Principle is a myth, a misdirection; the real principle at work is that sociopaths willing to make the "hard" unethical decisions that disproportionately benefit each organizational tribe are the ones who consistently get elected, appointed, promoted. Tribalism is very alive and well, and it's sociopaths who benefit the most from exploiting it.

In the case of tech companies, at the same time they appear to be resisting government oppression they are also supplying government (and anyone else with cash in hand) with the tools it needs to oppress. That doesn't sound messianic to me at all.

So who is this Ryan Calo that he is motivated to publish such misdirecting tripe?

Comment Re:Umm... FCC SamKnows project uses hacked firmwar (Score 1) 242

I was already trying, but their stupid form is heavily scripted in a moronic way and won't allow pasting anything into the fields: if you paste anything - and I have a browser extension that lets me paste frequently used text - then it erroneously claims that the field is empty and won't allow you to proceed. Some Web coders need to be taken out back and shot in the head.

Comment Umm... FCC SamKnows project uses hacked firmware! (Score 1) 242

Isn't this delicious irony? The FCC's own "SamKnows" broadband survey project uses Netgear routers with modified firmware so that they can "phone home" the benchmark data collected. This rule would invalidate their own survey project unless they hypocritically exclude it from the rule! "YOU can't modify the firmware of routers you own, but it's okay if WE do it."

(I know about this hacked firmware because I'm a project participant and have one of the hacked routers.)

Comment Re:Not doing it right (Score 1) 106

You forgot to mention the case that he might have an axe to grind against an organization and satiates his desire for revenge by filing fake spam complaints against them. I know, I know, that never actually happens, and the spam blacklists never got populated with poisonous lint from people doing that....

Comment Re:Modded FUNNY?! (Score 1) 187

Knew that. The problem is that there is a corollary - or a replacement - theorem to the Peter Principle at work here: people in social hierarchies rise to the level of their sociopathy. Wouldn't it be priceless if the Peter Principle was coined by a sociopath as a deliberate misdirection?

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