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Comment: It's a new part of the industry (Score 1) 809

by ArhcAngel (#48879207) Attached to: Fake Engine Noise Is the Auto Industry's Dirty Little Secret
If you look at this demo of the QNX Kia Soul at CES 2014 starting at about 1:20 they demonstrate the acoustic shaping properties of QNX Car 2.0. From dampening exterior noise to engine sound "enhancement". They demo the Soul revving but sounding like a Dodge Challenger.

Comment: Re:Finally. A Google plan I can get behind (Score 2) 101

by ArhcAngel (#48872391) Attached to: Google Plans Major Play In Wireless Partnering With Sprint and T-Mobile
One thing Google has continuously failed miserably at is customer service. Unless they are going to invest some time/money/energy in improving their track record in this regard their wireless plans had better be dirt cheap/free. You already have Republic Wireless and FreedomPop sitting at that level. And I switched to Ting two years ago despite them being on the Sprint network because they have great rates for all but the most voracious data consumers and the best customer service of any company I have ever done business with. Next month they'll be adding the T-Mobile network to their offerings and they just started offering Internet in a couple of locations. I'll be watching to see if Google gets the customer service aspect down.

Comment: Tizen is OSS (Score 0) 35

by ArhcAngel (#48814409) Attached to: Samsung Launches Tizen Phone In India
Samsung has put A LOT of time and energy into Tizen but Tizen is OSS from the ground up. Google gave us a mostly OSS Android experience but OEM's don't like being beholden to them in many areas. Especially areas where Google is competing against them. Tizen is very appealing in that regard and why so many OEM's are looking at Tizen in their devices. Look for all manner or smart devices to start running Tizen in the near future.

Comment: Re:what about spectrums rights? (Score 1) 104

by ArhcAngel (#48812607) Attached to: Where Cellular Networks Don't Exist, People Are Building Their Own
Which is why the FCC needs to take back all the spectrum and assign one company to build out a network using the whole spectrum while carriers sell service and lease capacity from the company maintaining the network. Basically make all service providers MVNO's. Much like deregulated electric providers are today. It aint perfect but it's better than what we have now.

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