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Comment: Re:Zoosk will claim programmer error. (Score 2) 182

It's actually more likely user bamboozling. Since nobody on /. has a facebook account let me use a comparison you've likely run into.

Have you ever clicked a link to download software from one of the umpteen free file hosting sites and get greeted with a page full of ads and three or more links on the page that simply say download now? You have to decipher the page to determine which link/button on the page actually downloads the file you want. Have you ever just clicked the first download now link you saw and got something OTHER than what you were expecting? Or better yet it looked like the file you wanted but once you opened the file it was actually something else! Companies that live and die by their user numbers will do anything to inflate those numbers including tricking you into agreeing to opening an account and making it so easy you didn't even know you consented.

Comment: UPS & Power Conditioner (Score 1) 221

by ArhcAngel (#48440383) Attached to: What is your computer most often plugged into?
I have my PC's connected to a local UPS and the UPS plugged into a power conditioner. The high cost of the power conditioner seems to have been recouped in the longevity of all my equipment. The US power grid has significant noise on the lines and that noise can wreak havoc on modern electronics. I have a 50" plasma TV that I bought in 2006. There are reviews all over the net about this particular unit dying prematurely. Mine is still going strong. Certainly not proof (correlation/causation and all that) but I'm not going to argue the results.

Comment: Re:BlackBerry Z30 (Score 1) 52

by ArhcAngel (#48379589) Attached to: Popular Smartphones Hacked At Mobile Pwn2Own 2014

The only problem is they gave the keys to the government of india.

Every carrier (this wasn't about the phone but the network) in India provides a back door to the Indian government. You only heard about BlackBerry because they fought it for two years. Until then most people weren't even aware (they still aren't) that BlackBerry is a global network carrier as well as a phone manufacturer.

Comment: Re:If only (Score 1) 265

by ArhcAngel (#48263611) Attached to: Apple Pay Competitor CurrentC Breached
Actually the 30% was/is their take from all iTunes and App Store sales. They also charge a licensing fee (MFi) to make accessories with the 30 pin and new lightning connector. This fee is currently rumored to be ~$4 per connector or a percentage of the devices cost whichever is greater. { Fun fact: It is this licensing fee that led Square inventor Jack Dorsey to design the Square reader to use the audio jack instead of Apples connector. It cost $1 to manufacture the reader and it would have cost $4-$8 per reader to use the 30 pin. } I'm sure Apple has negotiated a comfortable fee with Visa/MC to use Apple Pay.

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