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Comment Re:remember it well (Score 1) 156

Impossible to live there without driving.

Not true anymore. In fact there are rent a bike's all over downtown. You just need a car if you want to go from one neighborhood to another.

No planning and zoning,

The only people who seem to have an issue with it are people who make a living off of zone planning. It aint perfect but areas of the city that were dead have seen renaissance because somebody saw potential for the area it hadn't previously entertained. Much of the run down inner city has been completely renewed in the last fifteen years.


No more than anyplace else and less than gun free Chicago.

one party theocratic rule

Now you're making up lies.

Comment Re:Wow (Score 5, Informative) 321

BINGO! The West Texas plains were a boon to wind prospectors. Every energy company with any renewable aspirations bought/leased a patch of land and threw up a wind farm. Just one problem...nobody lives in West Texas. It's open range for hundreds of miles. The very conditions that made wind possible left a very real problem. All that electricity needed to get to Dallas but the power line to Dallas was at capacity. All those wind turbines producing electricity and nowhere to send it. Storage tech was prohibitively expensive (If electricity is selling for $0.09 kWh storing it at $0.10 kWh doesn't make financial sense.) so into the earth all that electricity went. So ERCOT set out to build more capacity around 2008. Those lines went live in 2013. Combine that with technology making CSP even cheaper and you've got the next gold rush on your hands.

Full disclosure, I work for Nextera Energy. Parent company of Lone Star Transmission who operates a stretch of those transmission lines.

Comment Re:propaganda doesn't work well when called out (Score 1) 226

The Verge is a creation of bloggers who want to be called journalists leaving AOL (Engadget) to write stories that interest them and the discussions usually center around fellow "journalists" critiquing their efforts. After several movie "reviews" that basically laid out all the plot points in the summary and a bizarre editorial about the many layers of depth in Carly Rae Jepsen's Call Me Maybe I stopped frequenting the site altogether. They probably got tired of all the people commenting about their lack of journalistic ethics.

Comment Re:Tune in next week...Same Bat Time (Score 1) 519

But in this instance there are two perpetrators. The ad aggregator and the web site you visit. There are web sites I simply do not visit any longer because they insist on the IN YOUR FACE popups every time I visit. As long as a web site chooses not to use one of the offending aggregators they won't run afoul of their visitors.

Comment Tune in next week...Same Bat Time (Score 1) 519

This reads like the cliffhanger at the end of the original TV Batman. "Will Evil Mediacorp be devoured by the ungrateful, greedy, gluttonous masses bent on destroying the world?" "Tune in next week to find out" "And now a word from our sponsors" The truth is they overstepped their bounds by making the ads overt and invasive and that created a backlash. On TV the media is controlled but web sites the user can control what parts he wants and what he doesn't.If you ease up on the IN-YOUR-FACE popup, flash, loud noises ads the majority of people will never even consider an ad blocker because those unobtrusive little banners aren't bothering me at all. But media companies never take the advice and are now paying for their arrogance.

Comment How much does advertising cost? (Score 1) 231

I ask because I'd wager at least half of the advertising on the TV are by insurance companies. Geico, Progressive, State Farm, Farmers, and the list is endless. Not only do they advertise aggressively they advertise to different demographics on the same network. Geico has their 15 minutes and the Cave Man and their Gecko and they even spun off the pig from a previous campaign into one of his own. Progressive has Flo and now they have introduced the Box. I say all that to point out that advertising in prime time is EXPENSIVE! If they are spending that much money on advertising then how much are they making in profit that they can afford to air three 60 second spots in a 30 minute time span? I won't shed a single tear if they are forced to charge less for insurance.

Comment Re:The Microsoft key!!!! I've never used it...ever (Score 1) 698

I never understood the hate for the Windows key.

Then you've never played a FPS on a PC. It would be one thing if the key could be disabled while you are doing a specific task but short of editing the registry it just sits there...mocking you; Waiting for just the right moment when you line up your shot and BAM your looking at the desktop.

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