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by ArhcAngel (#47992741) Attached to: Microsoft On US Immigration: It's Our Way Or the Canadian Highway

I'm pretty sure he thinks he's doing a pretty good job. What with the fight to end malaria, the public library funding, and helping to put a pc in every home.

Many robber barons have succumb to their conscience late in life and begin to try to make recompense. Others just do it for good PR to keep "the masses" from rioting at the Gate's. If Gates had truly been interested in serving humanity he would have been doing it (probably at a smaller scale) his entire life. John D. Rockefeller gave over half of his fortune away in his later years but was known to be quite ruthless and ethically challenged.

I liken it to burning down a city, killing the mayor and making yourself the new ruler and then offering to rebuild the city at a reduced rate but you still get to be the ruler.

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by ArhcAngel (#47989875) Attached to: BlackBerry Launches Square-Screened Passport Phone
That's strange because the years I spent admining BlackBerry's 2004-2006 I never had that issue. I mean there were the occasional device lock ups but they were rare. The only time we wiped was when an employee left. I wonder if the way the BES was configured could have contributed to the issues you saw.

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Developers who want to target multiple platforms try to avoid the NDK as it can be difficult to support and can make their app incompatible with even other Android devices if they aren't running the same platform (ARM/INTEL ATOM). That said there is limited support on BlackBerry 10.3

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And I'm a software engineer who has worked on creating several smartphones for more than one manufacturer.

So you admit you can't keep a job?

The Blackberry 8700 only qualifies as a feature phone. (It used J2ME; it doesn't allow native third party apps.)

So since it ran mobile JAVA instead of allowing applications to be programmed to directly access the hardware it is only a feature phone? Some would call that a security feature...and exactly what I expect from a security focused company. Anybody could write software for the 8700 and install it without carrier or manufacturer approval. In fact Android apps are running on DALVIK or ART which are just JAVA clones! So by your definition Android phones are not smartphones

A feature phone only allows applications be installed through the carrier or the iPhone.

The more you post the less intelligent you sound. Just admit you didn't know Apple was involved so heavily with the ROKR and move on.

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Emanuel says that Americans seem to be obsessed with exercising, doing mental puzzles, consuming various juice and protein concoctions, sticking to strict diets, and popping vitamins and supplements, all in a valiant effort to cheat death and prolong life as long as possible.

Unless he is just referencing people older than 75 I find this statement insulting. I exercise, eat right, and take supplements to IMPROVE my quality of life not to extend it. That may well be a side affect but after hitting 320 lbs. on this 5'7" frame I knew I had to make a change. And I'm glad I did. the mental puzzles I do for fun and to challenge myself. It sounds to me like he's just lazy and needs an excuse for avoiding exercise.

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I actually have the Sprint variant (D700 aka Epic 4G) and I'm running a nightly build of Cyanogenmod 11. I had used it as a backup but now I use it as the remote for my Chromecast. That way I don't need to have my phone or tablet handy when I want to use the Chromecast.
Speaking of tablets I've also got an original B&N Nook Color running KitKat as well.

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