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Comment: Re:A hit-piece of a submission... (Score 1) 157

Except the monopoly was granted for something BESIDES network connectivity. AT&T and ComCast have used resources granted for one purpose to monopolize another. The new purpose is wholly unregulated but benefits from the previous monopoly status. This SHOULD be regulated as long as they are using the resources they gained from the government.

Comment: Re:It's all about competition (Score 1) 208

by ArhcAngel (#49395609) Attached to: Comcast Planning 2Gbps Service, Starting With Atlanta
At the very least they should be restricted from overselling capacity. They've been doing that for years and playing the odds that their back end wouldn't get hammered. Then Netflix happened and their back end was getting saturated all the time. But instead of upgrading their back end to meet the demand they had sold to their customers they approached Netflix and demanded THEY pay for the upgrade. Their network magically improved overnight once Netflix capitulated. No one seems to want metered internet usage but it just might be what is needed to balance the cost for the ISP. We pay for electricity per watt, it just makes sense that we pay for usage per GB.

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