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Comment Re:Bunch of whiners in this discussion so far (Score 1) 78

Yeah, they had a joint venture with Suzuki I believe it was where their ECM was being used in some cross branded vehicles and they didn't want Suzuki reverse engineering their circuit. What's funny is back then the whole thing was a few logic gates and some FETs to drive the fuel injectors. Nothing like what goes into them today.

Comment Re:Why Android on Pixel (Score 1) 208

As someone writing from a Linux Mint Laptop carrying a BlackBerry Classic I'm pretty much OS agnostic as long as the tool does what I need it to do. I keep an Android phone on the side to play that one game that just runs too slow on the Classic. Except for Android there aren't many Linux distros that are touch friendly that I'm aware of. Windows 10 is actually a pretty good amalgam of desktop/touch.

Comment Re:Why Android on Pixel (Score 1) 208

When I can get a Windows 10" tablet and matching keyboard for less than $250 I don't see the need to get an Android or Chrome tablet at all anymore. Since I upgraded to Windows 10 it's actually a very capable device. And with a full size USB 3 port I can connect a port replicator and use it as a desktop replacement as well.

Comment Re:Bunch of whiners in this discussion so far (Score 3, Interesting) 78

What I found most humorous was when I was working for a Delphi remanufacturing shop. GM's Delphi A/C Delco design engineers actually baked dummy circuits into their ECM's. They did nothing but if a component in the circuit went bad the entire unit failed. I think I repaired more dummy circuits than actual working circuits on that ECM.

Comment Re:Waterfox (Score 1) 137

Not sure if you are trolling or asking but since you brought it up I can say I've been using Waterfox as my primary browser for the last two years and it works well. I tend to run with upwards of 12 to 15 tabs at a time and it is quite responsive but does on occasion lose its connection to the network and require it be restarted to restore the connection. But since both Chrome and Edge no longer support NPAPI I suspect I'll be using it for the foreseeable future. At least until all my favorite web sites stop using features that require it.

Comment Re:Hail to forced..... (Score 2) 96

While purely anecdotal I had the displeasure of supporting a large bank call center which used IBM 15" CRT displays. When I say large we had at least two thousand monitors of this make. Almost on cue they would fail within a couple of months after the warranty expired. Since it seemed a bit suspicious I did some research and discovered I was not alone in my suspicions. It was determined there was in fact a single resistor in one of the main circuits that would burn out almost as if it was designed to last only so long.

Comment Re:No Tablet No Cry (Score 1) 74

Not a paid shill!

So you're an unpaid shill then?

I kid, I kid.

I have a desktop with three monitors at my desk and a Winbook TW100 10" Windows 10 tablet I take with me to remote into the desktop. Not nearly as much horsepower as a SP3 but it is adequately smooth when doing office activities. And at $200 (right at $200 if you add the matching keyboard case) it won't break the bank.

Comment Re:Surface (Score 1) 283

I purchased the WinBook TW100 (10" tablet) in December and it works well for an under $200 tablet. I added the $49 WinBook keyboard which brought the total to just over $200.00. It won't win any marathons but with 2GB RAM and 32GB SSD (~25GB are left after Windows) it gets the job done. The key items that sold me on it were the full size USB 3 port that can be used while the micro-USB port is being used as a charging port (I don't know why more OEM's don't understand I still need to use the USB while I'm charging sometimes) and a micro-SD slot to put all your files on instead of the tiny SSD. It came with Windows 8.1 but upgraded painlessly to Windows 10. It actually runs very smoothly on Windows 10. I have had a BlackBerry PlayBook (Extremely nice WebOS like experience and the best browser of any tablet of that era), numerous Android tablets (Still have an original Nook Color running Cyanogenmod 10), and a couple of iPads and this is hands down my favorite tablet to date. Since it is running Windows (Yes you can install Linux on it if you want to!) I can install all my existing software. And for less than $200 you also get a free year of Office 365 use.

Comment Re:remember it well (Score 1) 159

Impossible to live there without driving.

Not true anymore. In fact there are rent a bike's all over downtown. You just need a car if you want to go from one neighborhood to another.

No planning and zoning,

The only people who seem to have an issue with it are people who make a living off of zone planning. It aint perfect but areas of the city that were dead have seen renaissance because somebody saw potential for the area it hadn't previously entertained. Much of the run down inner city has been completely renewed in the last fifteen years.


No more than anyplace else and less than gun free Chicago.

one party theocratic rule

Now you're making up lies.

Comment Re:Wow (Score 5, Informative) 327

BINGO! The West Texas plains were a boon to wind prospectors. Every energy company with any renewable aspirations bought/leased a patch of land and threw up a wind farm. Just one problem...nobody lives in West Texas. It's open range for hundreds of miles. The very conditions that made wind possible left a very real problem. All that electricity needed to get to Dallas but the power line to Dallas was at capacity. All those wind turbines producing electricity and nowhere to send it. Storage tech was prohibitively expensive (If electricity is selling for $0.09 kWh storing it at $0.10 kWh doesn't make financial sense.) so into the earth all that electricity went. So ERCOT set out to build more capacity around 2008. Those lines went live in 2013. Combine that with technology making CSP even cheaper and you've got the next gold rush on your hands.

Full disclosure, I work for Nextera Energy. Parent company of Lone Star Transmission who operates a stretch of those transmission lines.

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