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Comment: Re:Carly... (Score 3, Informative) 549

by ArhcAngel (#49612521) Attached to: Former HP CEO Carly Fiorina Announces Bid For White House
You mean when Agilent and Keysight were Hewlett Packard and they didn't make PC's or printers? Yes I do.

And I was there the day Carley walked the spine at Compaq with Michael Capellas telling us all what a wonderful thing the merger was. Not a single person believed it would be. My supervisor who had been with the company for years (He had a three digit employee number) was let go shortly before I left for another position.

Comment: Re:Kickstarter (Score 1) 123

by ArhcAngel (#49579251) Attached to: Crowdfunded Android Console Ouya Reportedly Seeking Buyout

Recently it seems more Kickstarters end in fiasco/resentment than success.

That's because most people with great ideas are bad at business. Creative types tend to shun business models for catwalk models. They can't be burdened with the task of actually running a business. There are notable exceptions but for most if they don't partner with an MBA/CPA the business is doomed.

Comment: Pre-nup required (Score 1) 374

by ArhcAngel (#49576231) Attached to: Who Owns Pre-Embryos?
In cases that have the potential to go sideways where two or more parties are involved the hospital/doctor/professional should be required to have the outcome spelled out, codified, and notarized. And if and when one party changes their mind...tell them tough! This was a monumental decision and once it was made it was set. Please leave your "but what if" one offs at the door because they are just that...rare occurrences. They can be addressed when they occur.

Comment: Re:Talk about creating a demand (Score 1) 333

by ArhcAngel (#49568995) Attached to: Why Our Antiquated Power Grid Needs Battery Storage

keeping the place cooled in the summer is virtually impossible without mains power.

While I don't disagree with you completely I would point out a strategically placed set of healthy, mature oak or pecan trees will significantly reduce the internal temp of the house during the day. It does wonders for my house although I still wouldn't give up the HVAC. And if you live in any of the drier areas a swamp/everaporative fan can cool a house quite nicely.

Comment: Re:well then it's a bad contract (Score 5, Informative) 329

by ArhcAngel (#49562785) Attached to: ESPN Sues Verizon To Stop New Sports-Free TV Bundles
Disney (they own ESPN) has always negotiated the contract such that if you want to purchase ESPN you must purchase ALL of ESPN's channels. Oh, and if you offer it on your base tier package then you must offer all of it on the base tier package.

Don't like it? Fine no Disney/ABC/ESPN channels for you! And no Marvel or Star Wars titles. And no Muppets while we're at it. You want to tell your kid he can't watch Disney because YOU wouldn't pay for ESPN Classic?

Comment: Re:Solar rarely enough for the whole house (Score 1) 299

by ArhcAngel (#49550737) Attached to: Tesla To Announce Battery-Based Energy Storage For Homes
As Tomhath stated your suggestion is still not cost effective. If it were they would be using it extensively in West Texas wind farms. As it is now they routinely shunt generated electricity straight to ground because the grid cannot handle the capacity being generated. For costs to come down production and operating costs need to become more efficient. Perhaps Tesla's program will be able to do that.

Comment: Vested interest (Score 2) 77

You can't train an employee to care about someone else's data. If you make them take the course they will. They might even retain some of the message but when it comes time to put it into action it better not be more complex than pressing a button cause something else more important is calling their names.

A mathematician is a device for turning coffee into theorems. -- P. Erdos