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Comment: Missing Option (Score 1) 284

by ArhcAngel (#49718047) Attached to: The Auto Industry May Mimic the 1980s PC Industry

Automakers, though large and well-established, haven't put much effort into building the platform on which their cars run.

There's a reason for that. They're quite bad at it. That, and BlackBerry/QNX are quite good at it. Currently if you want Apple Car or Android Auto in your vehicle that vehicle will be running BlackBerry QNX Car as both platforms are simply plug-ins for QNX Car. BlackBerry needs to renegotiate its contracts such that they get credit just like Microsoft did with Sync so people know how pervasive BlackBerry actually is. Currently over 50% of the cars made worldwide run QNX Car. The problem is car makers choose what plug-ins to license for their vehicles and then customize the interface to their liking. That has led to some atrocious UI over the years but BlackBerry has sought to improve the situation with QNX Car 2.0 by providing more UI tools and widgets. Much of what Android Auto and Apple Car bring to the table have been possible for years. Car makers simply didn't see any need to add those features to their vehicles.

Comment: EDI? (Score 1) 200

by ArhcAngel (#49691199) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What Is the Best Open Document Format?
Will this be for sharing information with 3rd parties? If your documents consist of a set of data you will need access to EDI (electronic data interchange) was designed to store the data in a standard format and be able to inject that data into any document format. It's not so helpful if you are just archiving word documents or emails. There are a number of companies that assist in converting your documents to EDI.

Comment: Re:Feminist bullshit (Score 1) 950

Being completely addicted to anything, no matter how harmless in moderation (games, porn, alcohol, other drugs) etc is generally considered to be a bad thing.

I'm addicted to breathing air and I also think I would die if I stopped eating...PLEASE HELP ME!!!!

While it might not be normal his conclusions are dubious. correlation != causation and all that.

Comment: Re:Carly... (Score 3, Informative) 553

by ArhcAngel (#49612521) Attached to: Former HP CEO Carly Fiorina Announces Bid For White House
You mean when Agilent and Keysight were Hewlett Packard and they didn't make PC's or printers? Yes I do.

And I was there the day Carley walked the spine at Compaq with Michael Capellas telling us all what a wonderful thing the merger was. Not a single person believed it would be. My supervisor who had been with the company for years (He had a three digit employee number) was let go shortly before I left for another position.

Comment: Re:Kickstarter (Score 1) 123

by ArhcAngel (#49579251) Attached to: Crowdfunded Android Console Ouya Reportedly Seeking Buyout

Recently it seems more Kickstarters end in fiasco/resentment than success.

That's because most people with great ideas are bad at business. Creative types tend to shun business models for catwalk models. They can't be burdened with the task of actually running a business. There are notable exceptions but for most if they don't partner with an MBA/CPA the business is doomed.

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