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Comment: Re:Riiiiight. (Score 1) 232

by ArhcAngel (#48592411) Attached to: Ford Ditches Microsoft Partnership On Sync, Goes With QNX
You are correct. However Apple developed the CarPlay spec with QNX's assistance. Basically Apple copied the MirrorLink API and made their own version but they had to make sure QNX had a CarPlay plugin since the majority of cars today run on QNX. So to dismiss the QNX base is to deny that without QNX's help CarPlay would still be a concept instead of a shipping product. While the phone is handling the interface QNX is still coordinating the connection. Ford is likely switching to QNX at least partly to get CarPlay into their cars.

Comment: Re: Riiiiight. (Score 1) 232

by ArhcAngel (#48592347) Attached to: Ford Ditches Microsoft Partnership On Sync, Goes With QNX
You're confusing the kernel with the windows manager. QNX runs the car. It links the engine and transmission to the cabin A/C and anything electronic. Without QNX the car will have a hard time starting/running. The Auto maker works with QNX and other third parties to develop a proprietary UX which is why you never knew the Audi, Volvo, BMW, Chrysler, etc. you were driving was running QNX. Apple is partnered with QNX on CarPlay. So it makes sense that Ford wants the added compatibility QNX will bring.

Comment: Re:Riiiiight. (Score 2) 232

by ArhcAngel (#48583451) Attached to: Ford Ditches Microsoft Partnership On Sync, Goes With QNX

I've heard from people who work with QNX that it has plenty of bugs.

Well that settles it then! QNX is total crap.
That's why over 50% of the cars rolling off the assembly line today come with it installed.

I prefer the philosophy of right tool for the job. And QNX for now is the best choice for auto makers. I use Linux where it makes sense and when AGL matures it might become the best tool for the job. But don't expect auto makers to jump on it if they can't control it.

Comment: Re:Riiiiight. (Score 3, Informative) 232

by ArhcAngel (#48583253) Attached to: Ford Ditches Microsoft Partnership On Sync, Goes With QNX
The confusion stems from thinking of QNX as the radio (infotainment system) instead of the vehicle control system. Past generations of automobiles separated the two but on modern cars they are integrated. QNX is used to control the entire electronic system including all the sensors on the engine and transmission, the cruise control, the intrusion detection system, as well as the cabin A/C. They all work in concert. That is why Android auto and CarPlay both run atop of QNX. Something Apple and Google downplay. QNX is sold a la cart. OEM's can purchase just the kernel or a whole host of off the shelf plugins that provide a very robust drop in ecosystem. Ford's MySync system runs atop Windows CE (Windows Embedded Compact) and the complaints from customers was it was just too slow. After years of trying to get the responsiveness they wanted they have finally admitted Windows Embedded Compact just isn't the ideal platform for their cars.

Comment: Stereotypical Archetypes (Score 3, Insightful) 488

by ArhcAngel (#48503691) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Non-Coders, Why Aren't You Contributing To Open Source?
Let's set aside the bulk of OSS users are by and large oblivious to what OSS even is and focus on those that do and are not programmers. A good portion of those see programmers as old fart *nix self proclaimed messiahs or fast and loose hothead control freaks because about the only time they actually get to see the programmers in nature is when they are fighting over VI and Emacs or Init and Systemd. Would you want to work with you?

Comment: Re:Bah hah hah (Score 1) 120

by ArhcAngel (#48474525) Attached to: BlackBerry Will Buy Your iPhone For $550
Yet again you fail to see the bigger picture. BlackBerry phone sales aren't where the company makes money. They make it on MDM and EMM offerings which are subscription based thus the subscriber base numbers. When BES only supported BB devices phone sales were crucial for them. Now that BES 12 supports iOS, Android, and Windows Phone devices phone sales are a secondary concern. They really don't need to be #1, 2, or 3 in phone sales to make money as long as they continue to grow their MDM business...which, despite rumors to the contrary, they are doing. In fact they just entered into a partnership with Samsung to integrate the Knox security platform into the BES system to enhance Android security.

Jon Chen knows BlackBerry addicts love their QWERTY based devices and he will continue to build those phones to keep the faithful but he is a businessman and not an idealist like Lazrdis or Balsillie. He won't hesitate to cut off a limb if it is toxic to the company.

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