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Comment: Hobby vs job (Score 0) 98

by ArhcAngel (#49383177) Attached to: Mario 64 Remake Receives a DMCA Complaint From Nintendo
IANAL but my understanding is that as long as he isn't charging or selling ad space on the page and all of the artwork was digitally created by him and not copied directly he should be clear from almost any type of legal action since it is for "personal" use. I admit I didn't visit the site so I don't know if these conditions were met. Now if he has the Nintendo logo and Mario is bit for bit identical they can go after him for trademark and trade dress infringement but not copyright as he hasn't "published" anything.

Comment: Re:BBC not to blame here, Clarkson is (Score 1) 660

by ArhcAngel (#49346183) Attached to: Jeremy Clarkson Dismissed From Top Gear
As I stated that could be the case as well. I simply choose to believe it was not. As someone who has known more than my fair share of nagging nancy's who's sole purpose in conversing with you is to see how hot under the collar they can get you and the open animosity the network has shown toward Clarkson's past faux pas' I choose to believe they were looking for an opportunity to trip him up and he obliged. You're free to choose what you want to believe as well.

Comment: Re:BBC not to blame here, Clarkson is (Score 1) 660

by ArhcAngel (#49345611) Attached to: Jeremy Clarkson Dismissed From Top Gear
Are you familiar with the term "The straw that broke the camels back"? It is tied to the notion that one seemingly insignificant event caused a catastrophic result. The BBC and the producers had been riding him for a very long time about being "proper" so as not to offend certain groups. This ran counter to what made him so entertaining. He spoke his mind and said what a lot of us would say if we weren't forced to be proper in mixed company. I didn't agree with half the things he said but I usually found what he said to be humorous. None of us know what transpired in the exchange between Clarkson and the producer but I suspect the producer had been goading him prior to this encounter and Clarkson simply snapped. Clarkson's no saint but he's also not petty and I choose to believe there was something deeper going on that led up to this.

"Success covers a multitude of blunders." -- George Bernard Shaw