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Comment: Re:Sleeping patterns? (Score 1) 106

by Alomex (#47636787) Attached to: Study Finds That Astronauts Are Severely Sleep Deprived

Nobody's ever said "spend the next week doing nothing but keeping your spaceship running, and do it on your own schedule".

Actually, that's pretty much what happened to Sergei Krikalev who was scheduled to return to earth in October 1991, but stayed in the Mir Space Station until March 1992 due to the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Comment: Re:Algorithm based on bias (Score 1) 177

by Alomex (#47625681) Attached to: Algorithm Predicts US Supreme Court Decisions 70% of Time

he Roberts Court, for example, has averaged 40-50% unanimous rulings in recent years

If at all possible courts rule only on the parts they all or the vast majority agree on and skip parts they don't agree. For example, one judge might want to overturn the entire law, another just this specific application. Then the court unanimously rules to reverse the case and remains silent on the bigger issue.

Comment: Re:Not unheard of (Score 1) 442

by Alomex (#47610125) Attached to: Big Bang Actors To Earn $1M Per Episode

Yet you are complaining about people who do not fit your description. They didn't start wealthy and have earned through their talents.

Jealousy is not a good reason to stop someone from earning more money. Inheriting wealth and then acting like you earned (a la Mitt Romney or the Koch brothers) is a good reason though.

Comment: Another value of anonymity (Score 3, Insightful) 282

by Alomex (#47576681) Attached to: UK Government Report Recommends Ending Online Anonymity

It greases up communication. If I had to attach my name permanently to this comment, at best I would have to spend 15 minutes fully thinking out every implication of it, at worst I would likely not make it at all.

However using either AC or a pseudonym I can post my initial thoughts and let someone else support/refute some of the points using their own personal experience and knowledge.

One arrives to the truth much faster by collaborative debate than by solitary thinking or not posting at all.

Comment: Re:NO, all candy bar (Score 1) 544

The other thing they are missing is a long battery life cellphone which is also a smart phone. Here's what I mean: a smart phone such that when the battery goes low it switches off all smart functions and is left with just enough battery to operate as basic cell phone+bare bones contact list for two days.

Comment: Re:Or maybe... (Score 1) 309

by Alomex (#47222949) Attached to: Google Engineer: We Need More Web Programming Languages

Why the fuck do we need more? Why does everyone feel the need to crank out new 'languages', when 90% of them are just derivatives of existing stuff and don't actually provide anything of value apart from making things that much more difficult for developers in general?

You answered your own question there. First we need things that are a bit more than derivative. But we also need a language that truly cleans up all the messes of the C/C++/Java family, starting with

if (a==b)

Comment: Re:Behind the curve (Score 1) 1040

by Alomex (#47157259) Attached to: Seattle Approves $15 Per Hour Minimum Wage

Careful since some of those teenagers choose to be unemployed since they live at home. Give higher wages and some of them might voluntarily leave the ranks of the unemployed thus driving total unemployment down. Around here it is very hard to fill McDonald's positions. Kids just rather chill out in the summer. I bet this wouldn't be the case if they offered 30% higher salaries

Comment: Re:Basic misunderstandings and self-contradictions (Score 1) 293

by Alomex (#47043401) Attached to: Linux Sucks (Video)

It seems to be that his definition of "sucks" is "has room for improvement" ... Everything has room for improvement, so apparently everything sucks.

The point is we need people like him to remind us that certain things suck and need to be replaced (cough, X11, cough) otherwise we ae stuck with old badly architected technology for decades.

Comment: Re:Survivalists (Score 1) 131

by Alomex (#47028481) Attached to: Pentagon Document Lays Out Battle Plan Against Zombies

That hasn't really been the case since the invention of the firearm

I must have imagined concrete bunkers and pill boxes all over Europe.

A single person (or a few people) with a bunch of bullets in a reasonably well selected location

Erh, nowadays we have this thing called artillery. A band of marauders is likely to have availed themselves to at least one piece.

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