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Comment: Re:Test of Time (Score 3, Informative) 175

by Alomex (#49516637) Attached to: Swift Tops List of Most-Loved Languages and Tech

Yes, the GP post is confusing variable declaration and strong type safety. Experience has shown that we want both.

E.g. "variable x is a string", so if by accident the one time I used it, I happen to write "x=3" I want the compiler to complain and not silently infer the type "x is an integer".

Second, we want variable declarations so that if you accidentally write "usrename" instead of "username" the compiler complains.

Swift doesn't require you to give the type during declaration, which is a minor saving at a cost of many headaches. This is the wrong design decision, though I don't think is particularly critical.

Variables do need to be declared, which is a nice improvement over python and one of a few big things holding python back from total dominance (the others are white space, interpreted not compiled and somewhat weak pointer/data structure support).

Comment: Long live OSS (Score -1, Troll) 178

by Alomex (#49488253) Attached to: Cyanogen Partners With Microsoft To Replace Google Apps

Just like with IMDB, MySQL and Red Hat Linux, I love it when people give away their labor for free so that people like me can become millionaires when we package and sell their work.

Now if I only could find a way to launch an open source gardening movement so that people would mow my 40 acre mansion lawn for free...

see ya suckers!

A. Capitalist

Comment: Organizations are functional retards (Score 3, Insightful) 208

by Alomex (#49487891) Attached to: Google Sunsetting Old Version of Google Maps

I have a dual core i7 2.8Ghz laptop with 8Gb of RAM with 2x256 SSD in Raid 0 configuration. Every app runs blazingly fast... except the new Google Maps, which slows the computer down to a crawl. I just ran a set of comparisons and the "new and improved" google maps load times were 3-5x slower than the old google maps.

Moreover, I have yet to find a useful feature in the new maps that is not present in the old version.

This boys and girls is how companies come to be functional retards: anyone can tell the old version is better and it is just a switch of a button away from coming back, but internal politics and committees stop this from happening... as if this wasn't enough, now the company doubles down and makes an even stupider decision: removing the previous, faster and superior version.

This phenomena has been studied by Organizational Management types. Decisions taken by committees often match those taken by a person with an 80 IQ level. In this case, that number would be generous.

Comment: Re:Basic arithmetics of good (Score 2) 653

by Alomex (#49415705) Attached to: Carly Fiorina Calls Apple's Tim Cook a 'Hypocrite' On Gay Rights

It should only scare libertarians that don't understand libertarianism.

Libertarianism as expressed by John Galt leads to anarchy, like in the earhly paradises of Haiti and Somalia.

Libertarianism sprinkled with a dose of reality is liberalism (laissez faire) in the true sense of the world.

True liberalism tries in as much as possible to get the state out of the way as much as possible, but keep it firmly in place where it belongs: (1) education, (2) services best provided as compulsory insurance (defense, policing, fire department, infrastructure, health, unemployment insurance, retirement pools) and (3) overall regulation of economic activity to prevent abuses.

Comment: Re:Lefty-totalitarian banning idiots should be ban (Score 1) 421

by Alomex (#49414925) Attached to: Powdered Alcohol Banned In Six States

You are not refuting anything I wrote. You are grasping at straws after someone set a very specific mark and your side failed it. So you go around digging for excuses to save your side, rather than admitting that if that's the mark for totalitarianism then Bush Jr. takes the prize.

"It's when they say 2 + 2 = 5 that I begin to argue." -- Eric Pepke