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Comment Re:We're almost at the end with current tech (Score 1) 115

...and all of those are ideal for a GPU not extra cores, which brings us back to the Intel problem. Either is embarrassingly parallelizable (hence GPU) or you have a hard time using more than a handful of cores via multi-threading (hence 6-8 cores in most upper-end, non-virtualization CPUs).

Comment Re:We're almost at the end with current tech (Score 3, Interesting) 115

10 years ago, Intel was hinting at a massively parallel future (80 core processor rumored in development at the time),

An Intel higher up told me a while back that they could ship them today if they wanted. The problem is that users in the field report having a hard time using more than 6 cores outside host virtualization. Since then Intel has been dedicating the extra real estate to more cache, which programs can easily take advantage of, and less to cores, which no one knows quite how to use beyond 6 to 8 cores.

Comment Re:Yeah, that's the problem (Score 1) 135

Yes, we could 'afford' 90% income taxes on some of the most productive people during that period,

Most productive? At least half of them where heirs sitting on their inheritance. The productive people were American workers making quality products... until managers and union bosses decided to start trading quality for profits and higher benefits, thus opening the door to heavy foreign competition.

Comment Re:Review Baratz all you want (Score 1) 351

You maybe right. You can equally claim that the only thing stopping Mexico from invading the USA is America's overwhelming military advantage. Regardless if that is true or not, the end conclusion is the same, peace with other countries such as Jordan and Egypt is a reality.

Your version of peace by means of not talking remains a fiction. Wars between Jordan and Israel since signing the peace treaty: 0. Wars with Lebanon since not signing the peace treaty:5 and counting.

Comment Re:Review Baratz all you want (Score 1) 351

There hasn't been direct armed conflict since the Yom Kippur war. If you lived in Israel you'd realize they feel more secure that at any time in their short history.

I'm not claiming all is hunky dory, far from it, however your pessimistic interpretation that war is inevitable seems counter to the fact.

Comment Re:Review Baratz all you want (Score 1) 351

President Obama is nothing more, or less, than another liberal politician who feels that if only we could all sit down and talk we could all get along.

It worked with Egypt and Jordan in spite all the things you say being true.

It's seems you are a classic conservative politician thinking that armed conflict is the solution to everything (chicken hawk) in spite of facts showing the opposite (see Iraq or Afghanistan).

Comment Re:How I would handle getting laid as a professor (Score 1) 345

there is still a power imbalance that comes from large age differences in relationships, and that power imbalance can be abused.

I'm personally against 40 year old dating 20 year olds for the reasons you cite, but that is not enough of a reason to forbid two consenting adults from doing so.

Also a professor from another department has no power over a student in any large university I'm aware of.

Comment Re:How I would handle getting laid as a professor (Score 1) 345

Ok, so students in general are retards. They can't possibly make up their mind in any situation and circumstance.

By the way, I also think that a manager from a different department should be allowed to date a person not reporting to them.

At some point you have to assume that people are adults capable of making their own decisions.

Comment Re:How I would handle getting laid as a professor (Score 1) 345

- Never date an undergraduate student, even if theyâ(TM)re nontraditional.

I disagree, a very good friend of mine, a 35 year old divorcee who was a mature undergrad student dated and eventually married a young professor from another department who was 3 years younger than her. Are you suggesting she's incapable of approaching this relationship of her own free will? Does she suddenly become mentally incompetent by virtue of her gender?

Comment Re:I guess they realised... (Score 4, Funny) 152

It's just nobody's really asking for a replacement,

Except SunOS which replaced it with SunNews,

--Ok, but apart from SunOS no one is asking for a replacement.

Well NeXTSTEP replaced it with display postscript.

--Ok, apart from SunOS and NeXTSTEP no one wants a replacement.

Android dumped it.

-- Yes, aside from SunOS and NeXTSTEP and Android, who else wanted a replacement?

OSX replaced it with Quartz as well as iOS.

-- All right, but apart from SunOS, NeXTSTEP, Android, OSX, iOS what have the Romans ever done for us, i mean who wants a replacement?

Ubuntu with Mir and the Xorg with Wayland?

--Oh, SHUT UP!

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