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Comment Re:Please no (Score 2) 104

I can. It involves taking momentary control of a router upstream from you. First I need to find a non-secured router (i.e not running secure BGP and allowing arbitrary BGP updates), spoof a hole in the BGP table using a /30 routing prefix containing the purported sender during transmission, then revert to original configuration.

Comment Re:Wrong people to strip (Score 1) 575

Religious private schools (which is the closest we have to comparable to public education) is $6K per year. Illegal immigrants tend to have smaller families, so lets say $12K a year. So you are off by a factor of 3. Lastly schools are financed mostly out of property taxes, which everyone pays equally, legal and illegal residents alike.

Comment Re:Lock them in trucks? (Score 1) 575

They are not people. They are illegal aliens (from another planet I guess) who come here to steal our jobs (does anyone hold certificate of ownership to a job? because if you don't then it cannot be "stolen" from you) and rape our children (even though their incarceration rate outside of immigration offenses [duh!] is lower than the general population).

Just ask that man of the people, Donald Trump.

Comment Re:Wrong people to strip (Score 5, Interesting) 575

The savings in entitlement expenses would more than compensate

[citation needed]

In fact I'll save you the trouble, people have studied this and found the exact opposite. Illegal immigrants can access few entitlements yet pay many taxes, so they are usually net contributors.

That is, if you care about the facts.

Comment Re:Exploiters need chumps (Score 1) 129

I thought in Marxist theory the workers' surplus labour created this added value, which capitalists took as profits?

Exactly which ignores that value can be created through trade, capital allocation and scientific inventions. In his world a rich person has money solely because s/he "stole" surplus value from workers.

In other words, capitalism allows for the creation of wealth in two forms: rent-seeking and creation of value. Marx correctly identified rent-seeking as an indefensible form of profit extraction and set out to vanish the entire system around it, including capital allocation and labor incentives, which are two valuable things about capitalism.

Interestingly enough there are many capitalist countries in the world (mostly underdeveloped nations) where value creation is essentially nil and all capital is derived from rent-seeking activities.

The current republican party is a strong proponent of rent-seeking activities (e.g. no minimum wage, pro-industry subsidies and monopolies) and anti-wealth creation (e.g. no government investment in research or infrastructure). This places the country on the path to Third World status, as a quick drive through highways in New Jersey and the rest of the North East shows.

Comment Binary logs... (Score 1) 416

I've been doing software development over many years and in many capacities. One of the hard earned lessons from that is: always use text logs and configuration files in some type of XML-like extensible tag format. If space gets to be an issue, archive old logs using a standard compression package.

Every time I made this choice programmers would complain about the waste of space, until the first real big crash happened, everything was unusable, yet the logs could still be grep'ed and the error easily found. This is the first time they would see the benefits.

The second was when new fields were added, yet the old log libraries still worked. They would simply not read the unknown tags but could still process known ones.

Comment Meh (Score 1) 129

Contrary to what the article says VCs and employees are very much aware that 1-in-100 startups make it and the rest don't. VCs invest in 100 companies to mitigate the risk, developers keep an eye in other companies in the valley that seem to be well in their way to IPO and switch over. A ton of my friends moved to Facebook and Twitter about a year or two before IPO.

Really which idiot wouldn't be aware of this... ah the article was written by Hugh Pickens... Never mind.

Comment GIve it a try (Score 1) 654

Someone should try this in a hypothetical city and call it Seattle, at some time in the future which we shall term 1973. Then run the experiment for nearly 40 years until a time which we should call 2012 when it will be found to have no net effect on ridership.

Since this would be little known, at that point we shall create some information repository which we would call "Wikipedia" so people can look up answers to questions like this before bothering the entire /. readership.


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