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Comment Re:Might as well start calling him President Trump (Score 1) 558

Diplomatic actions have consequences. You write we are powerful we can force Mexico to build a wall. That is simplistic thinking.. what happens if Mexico legalizes drugs? or signs an alliance with China or Putin? or devolves into Syria and now you have 120 million people trying to cross the border instead of a few hundred thousand? No army division can hold back that many people.

Those are the many reasons why a play yard bully taunt wouldn't work. Anybody with an inch of political experience could see this. But that is not who Trump is talking to, he's aiming for the politically naifs who go "hell yeah", because the taunts make them feel good.

Comment Re:Might as well start calling him President Trump (Score 1) 558

While all candidates spout platitudes, the big difference with most others is that they have a record to stand on. In fact, if they were to say something radically different than what they've done we would doubt them, such as Rubio's newly found anti-immigration position.

With Trump is different. We have no clue what he stands on, and "I'm going to bully the world to do what I want" is a play yard tantrum, not realistic policy, in spite of what you write above.

Lastly, the problem with immigration can be solved in an instant if you really want to: put strong penalties on employers for hiring illegal immigrants. It was tried for a year during the Reagan administration and it was highly effective. This is how all other countries on earth do it. The reason it is not done in the USA is because it businesses need illegal workers to cover the bottom end of the spectrum. So you can do this bluster about a wall, which impresses simpletons, or you can propose an actual solution and then you have the entire business lobby against you.

Comment Re:Might as well start calling him President Trump (Score 2) 558

Did you even read the items in the page you sent? Number one is:

The most important component of our China policy is leadership and strength at the negotiating table.

This is not a policy proposal. It's empty bluster.

It also repeats the claim that Mexico will pay for the wall, with no indication of how this is to come about. Just like I indicated. Seriously, read the page you sent again.

It's not that Trump is wrong, it's that he hasn't even made an actual proposal we can evaluate.

Comment Re:Might as well start calling him President Trump (Score 1, Flamebait) 558

If the contest ends up being Trump vs. Clinton, my vote is automatic Trump, without a second thought.

But how do you know Trump is a good candidate if so far he hasn't proposed a single policy, good or bad. And no, saying, I would go and talk to Putin and get along is not a policy proposal, neither is claiming that Mexico would pay for the wall without explaining how would this come about... I might as well claim you are going to pay my mortgage and solve my debt problems.

Comment Re:Not an Average (Score 4, Informative) 89

This adds only one degree of separation. The village shopkeeper has interactions with one or two highly connected merchants in the outside world. So by degree three your neighbourhood is already in the tens of thousands, even for "highly isolated" communities. By degree six or seven you are likely in the billions.

Comment Safely??? (Score 4, Interesting) 101

I have no doubt than in ten years he can build a rocket powerful enough to reach Mars. Then if he wishes to do it safely, he would have to send several unmanned missions (I'm thinking three) before he can get a safe certification for the one year (wo)manned journey.

A hell of a lot of things can go wrong in a year, as the ISS proves, and that is within the protective realm of the earth's magnetic field.

Comment Re:Interview "Grilling" or "Testing" is Poppycock (Score 2) 227

You are confusing the fact that *you* haven't seen the data with it not existing or not being available to some of us for examination.

Does google collect data? yes. Do they search for correlations? yes. Have they claimed to find ones that lead to better employees? yes.

This is just like a reporter filing an item from abroad. You cannot be positive about what happened unless you see it with your own eyes, but at some point you have to make a judgment call and choose to trust the statements or not. Is there a reason why they would be making these things up?

Comment Re:Interview "Grilling" or "Testing" is Poppycock (Score 1) 227

The people that didn't make it through the process didn't get to work there and have their performance evaluated.

They have hired people using various different parameters which have evolved over time. Their current hiring profile is quite a bit different than ten years ago.

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