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Comment: Re:Hack for a shitty law (Score 1) 51

by vux984 (#49350465) Attached to: Australia Passes Mandatory Data Retention Law

If you are not being paid to be a journalist or paying someone to be a journalist then you are not a journalist, and warrants are not required, under this law. A subtle and deliberate difference.

If you are collecting ad revenue from your blog, that's good enough to make a hobbyiest a "commercial drone operator" subject to FAA regulations in the USA. Maybe that'll work for "journalists" in Australia.

Comment: Re:Advert for Razer? (Score 1) 172

by vux984 (#49350409) Attached to: What Makes the Perfect Gaming Mouse?

Sounds you got a mouse that defaulted to "left-hand mode." I bought a Razer "left-handed" mouse which was pretty much identical to the right-handed version, but with different button-mapping defaults.

I'm trying to parse your message but can't.

My mouse (DeathAdder Left Handed) by default is a perfect mirror image of the RH one. And that's the problem; its fine ergnomically; but the button physically on the left side, by default registers as the Right Mouse Button and the one physically on the right side registers as the Left mouse button ... which I find to be patently idiotic. I can (and do) switch them in the Razor software, but their are times I want to use the mouse without the Razer software (bios, safemode, tempoarily with a laptop etc and its a PITA.

If lefties really are evenly split on which button should be which I'd suggest either the mouse be configurable at the mouse firmware level on that setting so that its "built into the mouse", or that it have a physical little switch on the bottom to set it one way or the other.

But I suspect most lefties are like me, and expect the button physically on the left of any mouse they use to BE the left mouse button; and the right to BE the right button.

What razor mouse did you buy? And how were the button mapping defaults "different"? How was yours different from mine?

+ - One Professional Russian Troll Tells All->

Submitted by SecState
SecState (667211) writes "Hundreds of full-time, well-paid trolls operate thousands of fake accounts to fill social media sites and comments threads with pro-Kremlin propaganda. A St. Petersburg blogger spent two months working 12-hour shifts in a "troll factory," targeting forums of Russian municipal websites. In an interview, he describes how he worked in teams with two other trolls to create false "debates" about Russian and international politics, with pro-Putin views always scoring the winning point. Of course, with the U.S. government invoking "state secrets" to dismiss a defamation case against the supposedly independent advocacy group United Against a Nuclear Iran, Americans also need to be asking how far is too far when it comes to masked government propaganda."
Link to Original Source

Comment: Re:Symmetric mouse (Score 1) 172

by vux984 (#49350331) Attached to: What Makes the Perfect Gaming Mouse?

Of course a game can do anything it wants with multiple input devices.

Right, of course. But

a) no game actually does support it directly that I've ever seen.

b) i doubt any game engines have support for it so you'd be working outside the engine which is usually a PITA; if you are using the engine to provide all your other input primatives and events and would make developing support for it at the game title level highly unlikely.

Comment: Re:stupidly weak (Score 1) 153

by vux984 (#49350085) Attached to: Generate Memorizable Passphrases That Even the NSA Can't Guess

1 letter vs 1 word is not practically the same thing. There are 26 letters 10000 words in the average dictionary for this purpose.

a 6 word passphrase chosen randomly from a 10k word dictionary; is essentially choosing 6 letters at random from a 10,000 letter alphabet.

6 random dictionary words, spelled correctly, single space between them, is as secure as selecting 16 letters randomly. (10^24 possibilities) about 80 bits that's pretty reasonable.

And much easier to remember.

And its actually several orders of magnitude more secure than that if your attacker doesn't know your password generation method; which in most cases they don't.

Comment: Re:Pave way for Russia's "polite men" (Score 1) 207

by mi (#49349639) Attached to: Russian Official Proposes Road That Could Connect London To NYC

You are not required to speak Kenyan or Hawaiian, to serve in army where commands are given in Kenyan, to write official letters in Havaiian, to meet schoolchildren from schools where they are told that their Kenyan-Havaiian ancestors dug the Pacific, and so on (You understand).

So, if Alaskans were facing all (or any?) of those evils, you feel, Russian invasion into Alaska would've been justified?

BTW, do you think, Russian invasion into Crimea solved the problems you allude to? Can Crimean Tatars, who will now be drafted into Russian army now have an option of having commanders issuing commands in their language? Of course, not. Can ethnic Ukrainians in Crimea send children to a Ukrainian school? (No, they can not). In other words, the problems you are alluding to — if they are problems to begin with — are not solved by Russian occupation and your attempt to justify it in case of Crimea failed (miserably).

Comment: Re:Advert for Razer? (Score 1) 172

by vux984 (#49349227) Attached to: What Makes the Perfect Gaming Mouse?

Sure, if this is for reals I'll bite.

I went through three copperheads over a couple year period, now discontinued; the buttons gave out. Instead of a crisp click that worked anywhere on the button, it got 'soft' and unreliable. Old product, old news, hope you got whatever the issue was sorted on new units. I haven't had trouble with my current death adder.

I use a deathadder LH ergo now.

But as it is now, its still on your site if you search for it, but its not easy to find. If its not selling well, that might be part of it :(. It also doesn't look like you've made the successor the death adder chroma available in LH form factor. Too that's a shame; I'd buy one.

Beyond that: feedback:

Quite like it. Comfortable; but wish it had a a couple more usable buttons.

Only one of the 2 thumb buttons is really usable. I hold the mouse too far back to be able to reach the forward thumb button. I wonder if that's a common complaint?

And I'd LOVE to see the market research / focus group data etc that led you to have it default to the right mouse button being the "left click" *button 1"!!!

As someone who grew up in a world of universal and RH ergo mice, the left mouse button has always been the Left mouse click "button 1"...on every mouse ive ever laid a hand on; it seems absurd to me that any mouse would ship with them reversed by default; even on for LH users.

Sure I can swap them in the software, but its still annoying; since they'll be wrong in BIOS/UEFI, or if boot to safe mode, or with linux live CD, etc... maybe I'm the oddball who uses mouse left handed, who wants the left button on the mouse to be the left button click event but I truly find it hard to believe.

If the deathadder LH is on its way out that's a shame. I'd definitely be interested in an LH mamba or LH deathadder chroma than the Naga; I might try a Naga LH; but I can't imagine needing or wanting the thumbnumber pad. Maybe its one of those things you love once you try... but I haven't taken the plunge... and its bit much $$$ to just order online to find out. And I've never seen one open in store to play with.

Comment: Re:Symmetric mouse (Score 1) 172

by vux984 (#49348591) Attached to: What Makes the Perfect Gaming Mouse?

On the other hand as a left handed person; right hand ergo mice are useless; and its frustrating to see the majority of high end stuff is right hand ergo.

And any desk that's used by multiple random people should have a universal mouse because while you might whine about using a universal mouse imagine how annoying it would be to sit down at a desk with a LH ergo one!! That's what I deal with all the time with ergo right mice.

For gaming at my own desk, I'd buy near the top end if they made them but they don't. They are all RH ergo. I'm generally forced to buy lower tier stuff that available in universal form factors.

Razer makes a couple LH ergo units though, and I'm actually using their DeathAdder now myself as my preferred mouse; but again more because its slim pickings than because i think its the best mouse on the market. It might well be the best LH ergo mouse on the market though; and I am pretty happy with it.

Logitech used to make one MX 610 left handed but it was really far down the line as far as quality and it was nearly junk as a gaming mouse. (fucking thing had alert LEDs for im and email... yeah. they made exactly one LH ergo mouse ever and its pathetic crap like that.)

I realize LH ergo is going to be at most 10% of a niche - a niche within a niche; but I'm still surprised at the near total dearth of decent LH ergo options.

I'm also surprised at the tendency for LH ergo mice to have the Right and Left mouse button flipped by default. How many LH people actually swap the mouse buttons?? I spend enough time using random and shared computers that the left mouse button is the left mouse button and I click it with my middle finger.

When I use my LH ergo mouse at home, I don't want the everything backwards, I want the left mouse button to be the left mouse button and the right to be the right. Do the majority of lefties really swap the buttons? Unfathomable to me.

Comment: Re:War on terror update part 2 (Score 1) 636

by ceoyoyo (#49346285) Attached to: Germanwings Plane Crash Was No Accident

I'm pointing out that there is certainly quite a bit of mass hysteria going around. Sometimes that manifests as whackos killing innocent people, as per your definition. Other times it manifests as whackos engaging in multi-year legislative and regulatory exercises.

The OP was talking about cockpit door regulations. I tend to think that's a good idea, but it obviously has a downside; his point isn't unreasonable. Lots of other "legislative and regulatory exercises" are harder to defend: the random stuff airport security comes up with seems to be borne completely of overreaction. Also things like special border zones hundreds of miles from a border, domestic spying to make Orwell blush, decades long wars, that kind of thing.

Idiots killing innocent people and overbearing regulators: different sides, same mass hysteria coin.

I also found this interesting:

RAM wasn't built in a day.