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Comment Does it have text reflow? (Score 1) 96

As far as I'm concerned, high quality text reflow is the only essential feature in a mobile web browser. Unfortunately, that means Opera is currently my only choice. I remember a development version of Firefox had a shitty version of text reflow, but the feature was removed, presumably because if you're not gonna do it right, just don't do it.

Comment That doesn't make them less greedy and evil (Score 1) 38

How many times has GoDaddy been in the news for supporting anti-freedom or anti-net neutrality legislation?

Can anyone else remember other ways GoDaddy has abused its position as a registrar? I don't remember the specifics.

They are an evil company, and I'll gladly take my business to another registrar, whether it's cheaper or more expensive.

Comment His presidential campaign never began. (Score 2, Insightful) 309

Lessig has great ideas, and we need someone really serious to fix the corruption in our system. However, I can't imagine anybody taking his platform seriously. He wants to resign after a partial term! I think people won't want to elect someone that's only serious about doing part of the job. A specialist. Unfortunately, the US has been sick for a long time and needs a specialist.

Comment Re:Who cares? (Score 1) 301

There is no spec yet, but once a spec is decided, it's unlikely they would license the spec under such restrictive terms. That said, nobody can make an alternative implementation until a frozen spec is available. For the moment, you are indeed stuck with a GPL3 implementation.

Comment Re: Waaaahhhhh!! (Score 1) 688

I get it. There are other ways of describing the situation. However, none of those are synonyms for what he actually said. There's no phrase that means "obsequiously please and debase ourselves for". (And it's kind of funny, since in real life, even this phrase ("deep-throat") has very little of that connotation.) "Prostrate oneself before" is the only phrase I can think of, and who is going to say that?

He expressed himself more thoroughly than with the phrases you cited. He telegraphed disgust, superiority, and a bunch of other emotions in one phrase. There's an argument to be made that he shouldn't have, but you can't deny he was extremely expressive, in a way that just can't be done with a more polite word.

Comment Re: Waaaahhhhh!! (Score 1) 688

I agree that that has no place in formal conversation, but can you think of another phrase that means the same thing in this context? Corporate-speak often commits the sin of not saying what it means. Can you translate this to corporate speak without sounding like a rube? "If Red Hat wants to prostrate itself before Microsoft..."?

Comment Re: That was then, this is now (Score 1) 123

I assume you are happy with the price of your devices going up 5 to 10 times

You just made that up. For that to be true, the cost of software development would have to be 100% of the cost of the device, and the current development time would need to be 6 months to one year. Realistically, if software development makes up 10% of the cost of the device, is completed in six months, and the support period is extended from nothing to 5 years (at 40% effort, since there's not always a new operating system to support, and since code can be shared with newer devices), the cost would increase by 50%. And that's being generous.

But instead, you assert that supporting an existing device costs twice as much as creating a new one every year? Fucking come on.

Comment Re:Clarification? (Score 1) 106

True but it's always safer to run security-sensitive software on a non-Windows system.

This is empirically provable because Windows is closed source...

You've got your empirical and theoretical mixed up. In theory, you can prove an open source system has no bugs. Empirically, bugs continue to be found in both open and closed source software.

Comment Re:Relevancy? (Score 1) 67

You should care because, you know, a proprietary, non-standard way of sending messages to friends was really something we missed.

Where they really succeeded was the UI/UX. It's a chap app with auto-generated accounts and no user-visible authentication (this means you don't need to log on). In general, its UI is exactly the same as SMS, which is very well suited to a phone.

Comment Re:Facepalm (Score 1) 181

Do you not think some belief systems are better than others? If not, do you not think some belief systems are more conducive to life, happiness, thriving than others?

I believed that trite "all beliefs are equal, valid, and true in their own way" hogwash when I was younger, but you're never going to see religiously motivated violence from Jainism, for example. So can you tell me by what metric a Muslim theocracy would be as good as a Buddhist theocracy? Even the most obvious metric falls down--you might say that Muslims would be happier in a Muslim theocracy. However, looking at both sides (this is a comparison, after all), Muslims would be far happier in a Buddhist society than Buddhists would be in a Muslim society.

Comment Re:Nasal rinsing ... use some care (Score 1) 151

Boil water, and hold at temp for several minutes

Do we have any evidence that N. fowleri survives more than a moment at boiling temperatures? The only info I could find is a study that found N. fowleri spores survived 2.5 minutes at 65 C, but they only tested very cold and somewhat hot water. No boiling. I've been boiling water for just seconds to sanitize it. But while this study doesn't show it's immediately killed, it *does* imply that letting boiled water cool down naturally will provide enough time to kill N. fowleri spores. (Unless you drop its temperature with ice or a heat exchanger.)

Comment Re:Why is this being discussed? (Score 1) 151

Frankly I don't think someone that would do something so stupid are a big loss to the gene pool. I had never heard of a neti pot before, and now I wish I didn't.

You, sir or madam, are an ignoramus! You don't even get a pass for being unfamiliar with modern medicine, since this is very, very old medicine (that's still prescribed by mainstream doctors).

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