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Comment Do ads pay per view, or just per click? (Score 1) 1051 1051

Do all ads pay per click, nowadays? Because I think I've only clicked one ad in the past year, so I shouldn't feel guilty about bypassing ads.

On the other hand, if some ads still pay per page-view, then I might want to think about tweaking my ad-blocking so that I don't block ads on a domain until they do something that bothers me (ad with sound, ads that severly slow down a page, inappropriate ad, etc.)

Comment Lenovo keyboards (Score 2, Interesting) 806 806

I love the keyboard on my 2.5 year old thinkpad. Especially the dedicated "back" and "forward" buttons, which I've remapped to more useful functions. In fact, I think the keyboard is almost a "killer feature" that none of their competitors can match. If they start removing buttons I use, I may be able to make my next laptop a system76 or clevo.

Comment Re:Are they serious? (Score 1) 154 154

Why would the word jewry be offensive?

The word isn't offensive--it would only be offensive if the church was claiming to be Jewish. (I had before never heard "Jewry" used as a location--only things like the "Jewish Quarter".)

To understand why it's offensive when Christians say they're Jews, imagine you're a Catholic. Some guy (born Catholic) takes your Bible and starts a cult around it, decrying old tenets, adding new and incompatible beliefs, and worshipping another god (alongside your old God). The cult becomes very big, many times more numerous than Catholicism. Then some members of this cult start calling it Catholicism. You might feel like your own culture was a little threatened.

Comment Re:Article is confusing (Score 1) 595 595

it does make Staph less problematic, in that, for serious infections, antibiotics can still be used

Yeah, you're right. The article says at one point that "we don't have modern antibiotics, because if we had them here, doctors would use them." I incorrectly interpreted that to mean that they just don't use modern antibiotics, no matter how serious the infection.

Comment Re:What? Of course it does. (Score 1) 595 595

I clarified here But what I meant was that in the great majority of cases, if you get staph in the US, your situation is the same as if you get it in Norway: you will either be given antibiotics that don't work, or you will not be given antibiotics. In either case, your body has to fight off the infection on its own, which takes time, but we don't have a better way. (The caveat is that Norway does use antibiotics if a patient's life is in danger.)

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