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Comment Re: That was then, this is now (Score 1) 121

I assume you are happy with the price of your devices going up 5 to 10 times

You just made that up. For that to be true, the cost of software development would have to be 100% of the cost of the device, and the current development time would need to be 6 months to one year. Realistically, if software development makes up 10% of the cost of the device, is completed in six months, and the support period is extended from nothing to 5 years (at 40% effort, since there's not always a new operating system to support, and since code can be shared with newer devices), the cost would increase by 50%. And that's being generous.

But instead, you assert that supporting an existing device costs twice as much as creating a new one every year? Fucking come on.

Comment Re:Clarification? (Score 1) 106

True but it's always safer to run security-sensitive software on a non-Windows system.

This is empirically provable because Windows is closed source...

You've got your empirical and theoretical mixed up. In theory, you can prove an open source system has no bugs. Empirically, bugs continue to be found in both open and closed source software.

Comment Re:Relevancy? (Score 1) 67

You should care because, you know, a proprietary, non-standard way of sending messages to friends was really something we missed.

Where they really succeeded was the UI/UX. It's a chap app with auto-generated accounts and no user-visible authentication (this means you don't need to log on). In general, its UI is exactly the same as SMS, which is very well suited to a phone.

Comment Re:Facepalm (Score 1) 181

Do you not think some belief systems are better than others? If not, do you not think some belief systems are more conducive to life, happiness, thriving than others?

I believed that trite "all beliefs are equal, valid, and true in their own way" hogwash when I was younger, but you're never going to see religiously motivated violence from Jainism, for example. So can you tell me by what metric a Muslim theocracy would be as good as a Buddhist theocracy? Even the most obvious metric falls down--you might say that Muslims would be happier in a Muslim theocracy. However, looking at both sides (this is a comparison, after all), Muslims would be far happier in a Buddhist society than Buddhists would be in a Muslim society.

Comment Re:Nasal rinsing ... use some care (Score 1) 151

Boil water, and hold at temp for several minutes

Do we have any evidence that N. fowleri survives more than a moment at boiling temperatures? The only info I could find is a study that found N. fowleri spores survived 2.5 minutes at 65 C, but they only tested very cold and somewhat hot water. No boiling. I've been boiling water for just seconds to sanitize it. But while this study doesn't show it's immediately killed, it *does* imply that letting boiled water cool down naturally will provide enough time to kill N. fowleri spores. (Unless you drop its temperature with ice or a heat exchanger.)

Comment Re:Why is this being discussed? (Score 1) 151

Frankly I don't think someone that would do something so stupid are a big loss to the gene pool. I had never heard of a neti pot before, and now I wish I didn't.

You, sir or madam, are an ignoramus! You don't even get a pass for being unfamiliar with modern medicine, since this is very, very old medicine (that's still prescribed by mainstream doctors).

Comment Re:No, obviously (Score 1) 265

There's no way those statistics could possibly be representative. They do not include, for example, mugging victims that run away from a knife and are not stabbed. I think you are making a willfully obtuse argument. I would prefer to go against a baseball bat rather than a gun any day. (And my choice of weapon would be made by Nike, if you haven't figured that out.)

The point is that guns don't do half measures. Here's a real statistic, not some cherry-picked irrelevent percents:
"Fatalities are three times as likely in robberies committed with guns than where other, or no, weapons are used," (followed by three citations, which you can look up if you're interested).

Comment Re:regular old intelligence (Score 2) 50

Some people in China wear masks. The educated ones wear N95 filters, the uneducated ones wear surgical masks. A forecast like this can help you plan how you're going to protect yourself. And you probably want to cancel that Saturday hike if the air is going to be hazardous.

How is this any different than a weather forecast?

Comment Re:regular old intelligence (Score 1) 50

There is a staggering number of network-type AI-like systems that are not neural networks. Consider genetic programming: a program is generated based on simple programming primitives like less_than(input, input), not(input), and(input, input) and it evolves itself, either through individual fitness feedback or by an evolutionary strategy.

So it's not correct to say that because it's not a neural network, it must be heuristic-based.

Comment Re:No, obviously (Score 1) 265

Guns have no magical powers fists lack that cause the (mental) trauma.

Sure they do. I think this is common sense, unless you live in the land of Rubber Bullets. The reason for this is probably the same reason as the reason using a gun in a crime carries stiffer penalties. Guns don't do half measures. They inflict grievous bodily harm, every time. (Barring misfired/misses/etc.) So if you carry a gun to your robbery, there are serious chances you'll kill the victim. The same isn't true of a mugging with fists. (I read about a hugely strong man mugging a stranger with a handshake--"Give me your wallet or I'm going to break your hand". That victim never feared for his life.)

Imagine you have an argument with an acquaintance and he pulls his arm back to hit you. Now imagine you have an argument with another acquaintance and he pulls a gun and points at at you. Do these two situations really feel the same to you???

Comment Re:No, obviously (Score 1) 265

Why was the crime "worse" because a computer was used? Did the victim suffer more? Was there more physical damage?

In the same vein, why does an armed robbery in many states carry an "enhanced" sentence, or even become a different crime, because a gun was used?

Yes, that should be obvious. A gun causes more suffering. You will have nightmares about it. Every time you remember it, your heart will race and you will start to sweat. A strong man's fist is a deadly weapon. You're telling me a fighter waving his fist in your face will traumatize you equally compared to a gun under your nose? Come on.

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