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Comment Re:Polls like these (Score 2) 403

It TRULY is amazing!!! I remember having to boycott slashdot for MONTHS during the Valentine's Day Beta Massacre of 2014!!

Then, just after Valentine's Day 2015, management wised up and stopped a year of hemorrhaging by instituting the current, much more palatable theme! 27 Feb 2015, the day I came back!!!

Now, Valentine's Day 2016?? It's like a whole new world!!!!!!!!!!!!


Comment Re: Just stop now (Score 1) 114

In Colombia, the good cabs will take you to your destination, driving in circles or half circles as much as possible, and making sure to take the most congested streets to push up the time value.

The not-so-good cabbies will drive you in circles, make YOU provide the directions, get aggro'd when you say that walking is faster, and show you their machete on the side of their chair.

The bad cabbies will drive you in circles, to the freakin mountains, scream and shout when you say, "POLICIA! POLICIA!" while taking a picture of them on your phone, and then let you out, demanding double what the meter says ;-) They will also show you the machete and curse at your bad Spanish.

Absolutely none of them will speak a lick of English.

I've run into two not-so-good cabbies and one horrible one (who did, in fact, take me to the mountains and pounded his fist and yelled when I told him he was mistaken) via Uber, but Uber support rectified them within 2 hours of me rating them 1-star.

In Bogota, Colombia, Uber is the only safe way for non-Hispanics, and the only way to get any sort of recompensation from bad cabbies who will scam you and get aggro'd.

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