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Comment No problem (Score 2) 46

You can have that however you have to accept a few things:

1) Costs are going to go way up. You aren't going to pay $50 or $100 for a software package, it'll be 5 or 6 figures. You'll be paying for all the additional testing, certification, and risk.

2) You won't get new stuff. Everything you use will be old tech. You'll be 5-10 years out of date because of the additional time needed to test and prove things. When a new chip or whatever comes on the market it'll be a good bit of time before it has undergone all the validation it needs to be ready for such a critical use.

3) You will not be permitted to modify anything. You will sign a contract (a real paper one) up front that will specify what you can do with the solution, and what environment it must be run in. Every component will have to be certified, all software on the system, the system itself, any systems it connects to, etc. No changes on your part will be permitted, everything will have to be regression tested and verified before any change is made.

If you are ok with that, then off you go! The way I know this is how it goes is that we have shit like this, we have critical systems out there and this is the kind of shit they go through. They are expensive, inflexible, and out of date compared to the latest mass market shit. If you look at the computers that control a fighter plane or the like you'll be amazed at how "dated" they are. Well they are that way because development took a long time and once they are developed, they continue to be used, they aren't changed often.

Now if that's not ok, if you want the free wheeling environment we have now where you can buy new tech when you like, put things together in any configuration, and run whatever you want that's cool, but accept that means problems will happen. You cannot have it both ways.

Oh and also with that critical stuff:

4) There will be no FOSS. If there's liability for losses, nobody will be willing to freely distribute their work. They aren't going to accept liability for no payment, and aren't going to accept that if their code was used by someone else they might be liable.

Comment They are also often newer (Score 1) 166

That is another huge determining factor. The big cost is laying the infrastructure. The kind doesn't matter so much. So, if you are doing new deployments, fiber is more likely. The cable company here is all FTTH all the time for new build outs. However once that shit is deployed a replacement is a lot of money that you'd rather not spend. So they are less inclined to do it.

Well new developments also tend to not be low income. Usually middle and upper class is what they target. No surprise then that is where you see more of it.

There are plenty of rich neighbourhoods where I live with no fibre. The one right next to me is a good example. About 2 blocks away, and they have the same cable and DSL offerings I do in my cheap condo. Neither the telco nor cable company feels there's enough money to be made in ripping up and redoing the lines in either place, despite the fact that those houses are almost all 7 figures.

Go out in to a new subdivision though, and it is usually FTTH.

Also when they do rip things up and replace, of course they target the rich places since those people are more willing to spend the money. Offer someone low income the option of $100/month gigabit or $20/month 1.5mbit and they will likely go with the 1/5mbit. Ya it is way more per bit and annoyingly slow on the modern Internet, but it gets the job done and $80/month is a lot in the budget of someone low income.

Comment Re:Recycle! (Score 2) 129

Now I know it's a *horror* for your standard capitalist these days, but what about, like, PLANNING (omfg, he's said the *P* word!) a bit ahead?

How do you propose to "plan"? We don't have any use for recycled materials in orbit. There's a lot of infrastructure that would need to be in place first before it makes sense to recycle.

Think about some standards which would make those things as recyclable as possible (like trying to keep a set of agreed-upon materials, standards for easy deconstructibility -- all things which, you know, *might* help us down here too), working towards a LEO factory of the future?

Let us note that those sorts of recycling standards routinely create a big mess on Earth, including lower quality electronics (such as tin whiskers) and more effort spent recycling than would be saved in materials. I don't see the point of having expensive satellites follow some recycling standard that isn't justified, lowers the effective lifespan of the satellite, and won't actually be useful for decades until someone gets around to putting the necessary recycling infrastructure in space (by the time they do, they probably will be able to handle most of the current satellites and large space debris aside from nuclear reactors).

Comment Re:Hmz.... (Score 1) 120

So you think it is okay for a company to close a plant in a state where workers have rights and moved to a state where workers can be abused with twice the hours at the same rate of pay?

Of course. I don't respect abusive labor unions, particularly in times when labor is under stress.

In 30 years 90% of manufacturing will be done by robots in the USA. this will be good for a few and horrible for many.

Unless, of course, that doesn't happen. We can implement employer-friendly social policies before then and keep that from happening.

Comment Re:Thanks for the troll mod (Score 1) 478

and not because his semi-private ideals

What ideals? If I play chess in "semi-private" with the usual rules, does that mean I have the ideal that white should go first?

Last time I heard, he was let go for that reason and for unspecified "other reasons". If you have a citation as to what those "other reasons" are which does not boil down to speculation, I'm interested in reading it.

Sorry, I don't buy that those "unspecified reasons" exist. Dries Buytaert had no problem talking about Larry Garfield's alleged "ideals", but refused to mention any other reason. What makes discussion of Garfield's bedroom proclivities even of remote relevance to the decision to end Garfield's participation in Drupal?

Comment Re:Agreed, though may I suggest (Score 1) 149

Thanks. I like the look of those a lot. It's a good deal cheaper than a similar Netgate device (my go to since they own PFSense). Only real area it looks like it would have notably worse performance would be VPN since it lacks AES acceleration. But so long as that isn't being used it should be around the same speed as the 4 core atoms Netgate uses.

I may think about one for home. I'll probably stick with my Edgerouter Lite since those Cavium chips just get lower latency than you can get in pure software at this point, but I am a bigger fan of PFSense than EdgeOS for sure.

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