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Comment Re:One thing still wrong... (Score 1) 257

Hell, its getting worse and worse today, as that it is getting to where a majority of modern females not only are overweight and obese, but we are NOW actually telling everyone "this is ok"

In West Africa and much of the Pacific Islands, men have a preference for obese women. In fact, the oldest beauty standard statue we have is a fairly obese woman.

Personally, I'm attracted more to less obese women, but I don't pretend that it's some product of millions of years of evolution so I can feel superior about it.

Comment Here come the robots (Score 1) 594

When problems are found solutions will be provided. If human workers are seen as a problem then a solution will be found to replace them if possible. After all this company is trying to build self driving cars to eliminate the need for a human to drive the frigin car. If they can do that they will eventually build a self assembling car! Call the legislators! and require Tesla to employ only Buggy Whip Union members, that'll fix em!

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