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Comment Here come the robots (Score 1) 594

When problems are found solutions will be provided. If human workers are seen as a problem then a solution will be found to replace them if possible. After all this company is trying to build self driving cars to eliminate the need for a human to drive the frigin car. If they can do that they will eventually build a self assembling car! Call the legislators! and require Tesla to employ only Buggy Whip Union members, that'll fix em!

Comment Re:Not funneled into (Score 1) 284

There is a law and Apple complies with it to the letter. Even if they did bring more of their oversees profits home it wouldn't benefit Cupertino one bit. Apple pays their local property taxes so what's the problem? I'm really getting tired of this "Fair Share" BS, as if there is a limited amount of money and if we don't take some we won't get any. BS!

Submission + - Language Creation Society says Klingon language isn't covered by copyright

AmiMoJo writes: Earlier this year Paramount Pictures and CBS Studios filed a lawsuit against the makers of a Star Trek inspired fan film, accusing them of copyright infringement. In their amicus brief, which actually uses Klingon language, the Language Creation Society lists many examples of how Klingon has evolved, and it specifically disputes Paramount’s earlier claims that there are no human beings who communicate using the Klingon language. “In fact, there are groups of people for whom Klingon is their only common language. There are friends who only speak Klingon to each other. In fact, at least one child was initially raised as a native speaker of Klingon." As such, Paramount should not be allowed to claim copyright over the entire Klingon language, both in written and spoken form. The language is a tool for people to communicate and express ideas, something people should be allowed to do freely under U.S. law, LCS argues.

Paramount's copyright claims have already started to having a chilling effect on Star Trek fan series. Star Trek Continues is currently running a fundraiser campaign to produce more episodes, and in a video message Vic Mignogna, who plays Kirk, mentions that fans have been unwilling to support them due to fears over legal action. The campaign has 5 days to left to go, and the team is trying to reach a reduced goal of $200k, down from the original $300k they were hoping for.

Comment Gov wants $$ = Big Oil corruption? (Score 1) 204

So the articles are very light on details so I could have this very wrong but it appears it's the various governments that want the companies to pay them something to do business in their countries? Not sure that really equates to big oil corruption but like I said the article, as per HuffPo standard, is kind of light on details but I might have missed something.

Comment Consumer with no idea (Score 1) 281

The show is billed as a "... put(ing) the latest consumer gadgets through their paces." They are all about consummation and not producing anything and likely have no idea how things are really made nor do they apparently care. The statement that computers will "just code for them" illustrates the lack of understanding. How do they think computers get coded to be able to code for you?

Comment Never heard of MDM? (Score 1) 345

So have these idiots never heard of Mobile Device Management. Anyone distributing any phone, Android, Microsoft, Blackberry or Apple without a central managed MDM system is a fool! If San Bernardino had their phone in a simple MDM system none of this would be an issue. They could lock it change the passcode anything they wanted all from the central system.

Comment Re:So the vulnerability is the updating mechanism? (Score 3, Interesting) 401

I think the article is not correct. iOS doesn't let you run an update that reboots the phone unless you input the password first (ostensibly to prevent you from being locked out on reboot).

I think Apple can force load a new OS without this limitation, but it needs physical access to do so.

Exactly correct, the article is wrong on the fundamental premise that Apple can force an over the air update. They, or anyone, can force a firmware update when connected to a wire. The Government want's Apple to create firmware that would turn off the security option in iOS that wipes the phone after 10 failed passcode attempts.

Comment How much is enough (Score 1) 440

Two questions.
1. What percent of your current income are you OK with government taking to fund all government services as well as the basic income?
2. How much is a basic income? It's a lot cheeper to live in Gotebo Oklahoma than New York City and what prevents me from saying I live in NYC and collecting that level of BI and then just live in Gotebo?

Comment Not for cold environments (Score 1) 127

I'm tired of seeing these things done by people in the south and sunny California where you don't need good insulation. Lots of BS about outdoor living spaces etc. Lets do the Solar Decathlon in Fargo North Dakota in February and see how these piles of lumber actually stack up. There's already a well defined system of building using SIP panels that provide significant improvement to the insulation value of the house system. They work well in hot and cold climates and are built form CNC cut panels that slot together. Or you can use the styrofoam and concrete building block method. Either method of building is going to give you a better insulated home that will have a lower energy impact on the environment over it's life time than what's been presented in this article. The only potential advantage of this kind of CNC cut panel house is for the DIY builder which could be valuable but it's still sadly lacking compared to other existing processes

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