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Comment Re:Is your company's business illegal? (Score 1) 151

I guess you did not read the message at the top of the Wikipedia page "This article or section might be slanted towards recent events. Please try to keep recent events in historical perspective. (February 2017)"

Try this from three years ago:

Yes, the current administration is completely delusional. But so is the opposition, which previously was happy to give power to the Leviathan without considering what would happen if that power were to fall into the hands of less congenial folk.

It is telling that you only heard about the Deep State once Trump came along.

Comment Re:Is your company's business illegal? (Score 0) 151

We don't know how many have been fucked over, because the Deep State is not telling and refuses oversight, using FISA gag orders, etc.

Anyone who tries to sue is out of luck because the courts conveniently say they lack legal standing. Even if you have knowledge of malfeasance, it does not count, because you are not allowed to have that knowledge. Good luck if you are in Gitmo, some black site, or been targeted for some light-hearted rendition.

Combined with enthusiastic "Three Felonies a Day" and parallel construction, we have absolutely no idea how many have been fucked over.

The fact that we are not allowed to know, means that it is >>0. My guess would start with Congress, the Judiciary and the military brass. But there are also plenty of luckless dope dealers and Arabs whose fate has been outsourced to an "ally".

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