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Comment Re:Even if it is money, I get it.... (Score 1) 150

The US Constitution:

Section. 8.

The Congress shall have Power...

To coin Money, regulate the Value thereof, and of foreign Coin...

Section. 10.

No State shall ... coin Money; ...; make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts....

My take: The federal government has been granted to power to coin money and make it legal tender, but has not been granted a monopoly. Nothing in the Constitution prevents the People (not the States) from coining money.

Comment Provide your phone number for extra security? (Score 3, Interesting) 147

Many websites ask this - Facebook is top of the list. I fail to see the reason. It is just another part of their project to collect data on you.

Also, security questions are a joke. Where was I born? The whole world knows by now. Why would I provide yet another vector for compromising my account?

If the site insists, I type garbage, and save a copy in Lastpass.


Comment Truth in Advertising (Score 0, Troll) 81

If an (I)SP prioritizes traffic by type, blocks ports, performs DPI or otherwise fools with bits, then they are not providing an internet service. They should be prosecuted under truth in advertising laws and be forced to call themselves AOL or Compuserve.

Politicians and bureaucrats cannot count these "service providers" when assessing internet availibility and competition.

Comment Progressive Tech Hub or Backwater? (Score -1) 258

Austin has lost any claim it might have had to be a tech hub.

To me, any locale that thwarts disruptive startups (Ride-share, VOIP, short-term accommodation, media-sharing, etc.) is a place to avoid visiting and investing. Acceptance of change is a proxy for progress. Austin is the definition of conservative.

Comment Re:Power WILL be abused (Score 2) 102

And where does the power come from? It is granted by the government in the form of the stupid DMCA law.

I predict that instead of simply repealing the law, additional regulations will be layered on, each with more unintended consequences. Eventually the whole system will collapse under its own complexity.

The the end of Roman civilization, an ordinary citizen welcomed the invading barbarians because they were less hassle than dealing with the edicts and taxes of Rome, despite the notional stability and security.

Comment Affirmative Action needed for Asians (Score 2) 222

Americans of Asian descent were very badly treated in the past. For a good example, read Robert Louis Stevenson's "Across the Plains", published in 1892.

"Despised Races

Of all stupid ill-feelings, the sentiment of my fellow Caucasians towards our companions in the Chinese car was the most stupid and the worst. They seemed never to have looked at them, listened to them, or thought of them, but hated them a priori. The Mongols were their enemies in that cruel and treacherous battle-field of money. They could work better and cheaper in half a hundred industries, and hence there was no calumny too idle for the Caucasians to repeat, and even to believe. They declared them hideous vermin, and affected a kind of choking in the throat when they beheld them. Now, as a matter of fact, the young Chinese man is so like a large class of European women, that on raising my head and suddenly catching sight of one at a considerable distance, I have for an instant been deceived by the resemblance. I do not say it is the most attractive class of our women, but for all that many a manâ(TM)s wife is less pleasantly favoured. Again, my emigrants declared that the Chinese were dirty. I cannot say they were clean, for that was impossible upon the journey; but in their efforts after cleanliness they put the rest of us to shame. We all pigged and stewed in one infamy, wet our hands and faces for half a minute daily on the platform, and were unashamed. But the Chinese never lost an opportunity, and you would see them washing their feetâ"an act not dreamed of among ourselvesâ"and going as far as decency permitted to wash their whole bodies. I may remark by the way that the dirtier people are in their persons the more delicate is their sense of modesty. A clean man strips in a crowded boathouse; but he who is unwashed slinks in and out of bed without uncovering an inch of skin. Lastly, these very foul and malodorous Caucasians entertained the surprising illusion that it was the Chinese waggon, and that alone, which stank. I have said already that it was the exceptions and notably the freshest of the three.

These judgments are typical of the feeling in all Western America. The Chinese are considered stupid, because they are imperfectly acquainted with English. They are held to be base, because their dexterity and frugality enable them to underbid the lazy, luxurious Caucasian. They are said to be thieves; I am sure they have no monopoly of that. They are called cruel; the Anglo-Saxon and the cheerful Irishman may each reflect before he bears the accusation. I am told, again, that they are of the race of river pirates, and belong to the most despised and dangerous class in the Celestial Empire. But if this be so, what remarkable pirates have we here! and what must be the virtues, the industry, the education, and the intelligence of their superiors at home!

Awhile ago it was the Irish, now it is the Chinese that must go. Such is the cry. It seems, after all, that no country is bound to submit to immigration any more than to invasion; each is war to the knife, and resistance to either but legitimate defence. Yet we may regret the free tradition of the republic, which loved to depict herself with open arms, welcoming all unfortunates. And certainly, as a man who believes that he loves freedom, I may be excused some bitterness when I find her sacred name misused in the contention. It was but the other day that I heard a vulgar fellow in the Sand-lot, the popular tribune of San Francisco, roaring for arms and butchery. âoeAt the call of Abraham Lincoln,â said the orator, âoeye rose in the name of freedom to set free the negroes; can ye not rise and liberate yourselves from a few dirty Mongolians?â

For my own part, I could not look but with wonder and respect on the Chinese. Their forefathers watched the stars before mine had begun to keep pigs. Gun-powder and printing, which the other day we imitated, and a school of manners which we never had the delicacy so much as to desire to imitate, were theirs in a long-past antiquity. They walk the earth with us, but it seems they must be of different clay. They hear the clock strike the same hour, yet surely of a different epoch. They travel by steam conveyance, yet with such a baggage of old Asiatic thoughts and superstitions as might check the locomotive in its course. Whatever is thought within the circuit of the Great Wall; what the wry-eyed, spectacled schoolmaster teaches in the hamlets round Pekin; religions so old that our language looks a halfing boy alongside; philosophy so wise that our best philosophers find things therein to wonder at; all this travelled alongside of me for thousands of miles over plain and mountain. Heaven knows if we had one common thought or fancy all that way, or whether our eyes, which yet were formed upon the same design, beheld the same world out of the railway windows. And when either of us turned his thoughts to home and childhood, what a strange dissimilarity must there not have been in these pictures of the mindâ"when I beheld that old, gray, castled city, high throned above the firth, with the flag of Britain flying, and the red-coat sentry pacing over all; and the man in the next car to me would conjure up some junks and a pagoda and a fort of porcelain, and call it, with the same affection, home."

Comment How to monetize? (Score 2) 117

6.7*10^12 / 4.1*10^9 = $1,634 per person. There is the incentive. Let's have the UN write each one of them a check for that amount and see what happens.

Or do you prefer to be paternalistic and do it for them? What does it cost to connect people who are not capable of doing it for themselves and who probably tolerate a government that keeps them that way.

Submission + - SPAM: FCC makes inquiry into mobile security patches (or the lack thereof)

gaiageek writes: Endgadget is reporting that the FCC is inquiring of wireless carriers and eight mobile device manufacturers as to what the process is for releasing patches once a security flaw is discovered — a step in the right direction toward doing something about the fact that many Android devices, even ones sold within the last 2 years, have not gotten any security patches to prevent exploits such as Stagefright, leaving millions of devices vulnerable.

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