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Comment How far they have fallen (Score 3, Insightful) 47

Remember when HP could compare their products to the actual competition (from the same era, no less) and come out looking... competitive? They have to compare their printer to a fictional dot matrix (what was that actually, anyway?) in order to make it look like something you'd want to buy?

I really should have gone into advertising.

Comment Re:the laws may take 3-5 years to get rid of drive (Score 3, Informative) 88

Yes - that thing the human drivers of Uber don't have when they are working as Uber taxi drivers.

That's not strictly true, since Uber insures them while they have a fare. The only time they aren't covered is while they are on their way to pick up a fare.

Comment Re:I'll believe it... (Score 1) 181

I might let the platform mature before I spring for new hardware.

And also let intel bring out some new processors, or make some price drops, and let AMD make some price drops to compensate. Because I, for one, am not spending more than two hundred bucks on a CPU. (I have an FX-8350 right now.)

Yes, I am a cheap bastard. If I weren't, I would have bought an Intel processor.

Comment Re:Surprising (Score 1) 116

I imagine that the cheapo bluetooth dongles can't keep up, and probably drop datagrams that are on the bus. A higher-end device could do faster logging.

I suppose that's possible, but I doubt it. Those bluetooth serial devices will usually let you do 230kbps. A $50 OBDLink LX can probably do the job just fine. In any case, I have a USB ELM327...

Comment Re: All the better to 'drive' stoned (Score 1) 116

Crisis? What crisis?

I live on Clear Lake in California. We have a shitload of accidents here, often involving fatalities, which are head-on or t-bone collisions. When someone comes across the line, there may not physically be enough room to brake before they cream you — going full speed. And there are areas with essentially no shoulder.

Comment Re:All the better to 'drive' stoned (Score 1) 116

Also, drinking slows your reaction time and coordination, in addition to your perception. While a stoner might not be paying any damn attention, his reflexes and motor skills are not actually impaired at all.

Cannabis does affect reaction time, though it doesn't harm coordination. Informal studies with video games suggest that it may actually be a performance-enhancing drug, because it takes away twitchiness. :) But what it doesn't do that alcohol does is impair your ability to say no — notably, to yourself. Alcohol lowers inhibitions in a way that THC doesn't. That's why you find people going 100 in a 65 while drunk, and 65 in a 65 when high.

Comment Re: All the better to 'drive' stoned (Score 1) 116

Older drivers have lower insurance mostly because they have less accidents than young drivers. Older drivers are objectively better than young ones. Though of course there is an upper limit, where senility sets in.

They might be safer than kids, but they're still on a bunch of medications on which they really shouldn't be driving. And in a crisis, their reflexes are typically awful, often for the same reason.

Comment Re:Caring (Score 1) 105

I have no right then to rob then bank if because they ignored me.

It's trespassing, it's harassment, it's denial of service, but it is not theft. This is basically the copyright infringement vs. theft argument all over again.

No it isn't. I said it was illegal, which it is. You brought up the theft thing just now to somehow discredit my argument, but it has nothing to do with me.

What do you think "rob" means?

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