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Comment Re:As a father with a daughter (Score 1) 950

In retrospect, that was far more personal information than I would like to have shared. I get way too upset over this topic, especially when I think about the crap that my male friends, family, and I have been through.

This is almost deja-vu. A friend was recently complaining about his boy being just like this. The boy lives with his mom, and only occasionally gets to visit his dad, who is broke from paying domestics and living in a moldy shoebox. I pointed out that from the boy's perspective, having a family probably doesn't look too appealing.

"As the father of a daughter", you don't have much cause to be worried. We're not talking about people wanting to hurt your daughter. We're talking about people who want nothing to do with her.

Comment Re:As a father with a daughter (Score 2) 950

You're an idiot.

All of your "f-ing this" and "f-ing that" aside, my brother has had an accusation that was proven false (interestingly, without any prosecution for false police reports.) It seems that you can't be fighting overseas and raping someone stateside at the same time. He recently lost his job over "fire me for not showing up and I'll scream sexual harassment". Silly boy thought that her long string of tardiness and absenteeism would demonstrate that it was a fair firing.

I've also been cleared of accusations by police investigation, despite not having "out of the country" for an alibi. Seems some girls make a habit of such blackmail. Why not? They obviously won't be prosecuted.

"When the man bails, eh?" Google "who files for divorce". Over 70% women. They almost always get custody of the kids, and the man winds up paying them support.

Yes, we "really do think that way". We're the ones paying the support and dealing with the accusations.

You haven't the slightest clue what you're talking about. And no amount of cussing will compensate for that, boy.

Comment Re:Quantum Bullshit (Score 1) 117

But the channel is NOT noise free.

And for it to have any measure of security provided by the quantum nature, it needs to be a dedicated circuit between all host pairs.

When you have a dedicated circuit, you need physical access to perform any attacks. Quantum or regular, it doesn't matter.

Given a dedicated circuit and an attacker with physical access, any unsuccessful MITM attack becomes a successful DOS attack.

Any successful MITM attack will require the private keys of one of the parties. You need both if you want to hear the replies, but you only need Alice's keys to have Alice say "Bob, you're a fag.".

Getting the key is the "hard" part. Just like it's "hard" to get someone's house keys. You can develop various attacks against the algorithm by playing in the noise threshold. It may take you months, years, or longer. It may not. But if you may have physical access to the source and detector, you could exploit all sorts of weaknesses in implementation, take the damned things, or just sit at Alice's terminal. Kind of like walking up to someone's door and trying to pick their lock, get in through a window, etc.

In the end it's all a key sharing problem, regardless of where you source your keys from.
If you have a dedicated circuit network, then you require physical access to launch an attack. Just as you need physical access to attack a dedicated circuit network using copper cable. Quantum stuff doesn't come into play.

And, as always physical access = Win.

The "security" of quantum communications comes not from the quantum nature, but from the fact that you're going to be using dedicated circuits between each host pair. This will never scale to the masses. Quantum communication along a dedicated circuit will pretty much only work in truly local networks and from Obama's to Putin (let's face it, Putin's in charge).

Comment Re:Well... (Score 1) 319

What would one do if a cougar (not the large kitteh, but the type that's referenced in this story) ever came up to him? She'd have to find his cube, dorm, or DM's basement. I'd be more impressed that she'd even know where that is.

Comment Re:Who determines what your job will be? (Score 1) 1138

CSU != UC, dude.

Well, that might account for the deterioration of chick quality that I observed in the NYT article.

It says "The California State University" at the top of the tuition info I quoted; if it's not the University of California, what the heck is it, then? Wait...memory is seeping back from the long years that have elapsed since I was a student at UC Berkeley from 1966–1970...I seem to dimly recall a cycle of re-orgs of the California college/university system; maybe this is part of the new—and infinitely more confusing—state of affairs? When I attended Berkeley, there was a college across the Bay called "San Francisco State College". They thought their demonstrations were as good as ours, but of course they were wrong—we, as a University, obviously had better (i.e., more violent and chaotic) demonstration than them. I think the same school is now a University. Are their demonstrations any good? And where is this "California State University" thing if it's not in California, and what is it, if it's not a State University? An ex-junior college?

Comment Re:So Lets See, (Score 1) 459

designing a novel structure in a CAD tool optimised for some known series of simulations (i.e. knowing which parameters are relevant to each simulation and adjusting for them)

Uh... yeah, parameters like "aerodynamics". People use these simulations to make real aircraft that have to work, really. You can't just optimize for "relevant parameters" to cut corners around optimizing for overall performance in reality, because the simulations are designed to mimic reality as closely as possible and do a demonstrably good job of doing so. That's the simulation's purpose!

is not the same as proposing a design which can be prototyped, built, tested, flown... and paid for.

For sure!

Which is not the same as saying the design in the CAD program will not have closely similar behavior in the real world if they could build it.

Comment Re:Does anyone beiieve this number? (Score 1) 175

Yup, you can take my usb stick and read it all you want. Unless you're particularly interested in seeing what I've been working on recently, it will quickly bore you silly. The most damage loosing it would do it inconveniencing me. Whereas encrypting the thing would prevent me simply hand it to people so they can access my files.

9% encrypt their flash drives vs. x% who cypher their paper docs before leaving the building?

I'm not saying it shouldn't be done - I'd hope someone actually carrying sensitive data around would encrypt it as a precaution, just as I hope the people I just sent a paper copy of my passport to will have the diligence to not take on the train and leave it on the table.

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