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Comment Re:Who determines what your job will be? (Score 1) 1138

CSU != UC, dude.

Well, that might account for the deterioration of chick quality that I observed in the NYT article.

It says "The California State University" at the top of the tuition info I quoted; if it's not the University of California, what the heck is it, then? Wait...memory is seeping back from the long years that have elapsed since I was a student at UC Berkeley from 1966–1970...I seem to dimly recall a cycle of re-orgs of the California college/university system; maybe this is part of the new—and infinitely more confusing—state of affairs? When I attended Berkeley, there was a college across the Bay called "San Francisco State College". They thought their demonstrations were as good as ours, but of course they were wrong—we, as a University, obviously had better (i.e., more violent and chaotic) demonstration than them. I think the same school is now a University. Are their demonstrations any good? And where is this "California State University" thing if it's not in California, and what is it, if it's not a State University? An ex-junior college?

Comment Re:Uh...build your own free app? (Score 2, Informative) 416

Actually, the issue is that the FSF still hasn't solved the "how can developers eat and pay rent" problem. Free means free (it is, if you will, a subset of "free") and, well, that doesn't pay my bills.

Then again, I have gotten some money for offering "service and support", not nearly enough to pay the rent, but slightly better than nothing. I mainly use a "pay me for support" model to give annoying users "invoice therapy": If you want to be treated like a customer, you must first become a customer by paying me. You would be amazed at the number of idiots out there who think Free means "Implement the features I want or answer my email without getting paid for your time and work".

Comment Re:Good Riddance (Score 1) 796

If the coupon says "Expires 2009-12-10" would you go into a store at rush hour on december 15th and spend five minutes arguing with the cashier over something that anyone with half a brain cell left knows the cashier can't do anything about? Or how about going to the store without the coupon and saying "but I have the coupon at home" as an argument for why you should be allowed to get the coupon discount even though the cashier isn't allowed to make that call?


Comment Re:Ads? What ads? (Score 1) 419

Maybe I'm missing something, but how exactly does it cost a few hundred dollars per month to run a site? You can get all kinds of hosting plans for as little as $3/month. Does your site have so much traffic that those won't suffice, and that you really need a dedicated server? I thought most hosting providers also provided dedicated server options that cost less than that (though quite a bit more than $3-5/month obviously).

Comment Re:Silly (Score 1) 127

This has been the argument that I've seen to justify getting a GeForce over a Quadro in CGI. A few points:

1) The memory system on the Tesla/Quadro is much more rigorously tested and held to a much higher standard of quality than the GeForce. There is plenty of research evidence to prove this, and I have had plenty of anecdotal evidence to prove this point as well. NVIDIA doesn't give a crap about the memory in a GeForce because a miscolored pixel in 1/60th of a second doesn't matter. A soft/hard error in GPU memory for scientific calculations can be catastrophic. This is also a reason that NVIDIA is applying ECC memory to the Tesla C2050 and C2070 GPUs.

2) Some GeForce GPUs will have major threading errors after a few minutes of hard running. I've experienced this with a dgemm torture test with a Tesla and 2 GeForce GTX 285 GPUs in a single system. Give the test about 5 minutes on all 3 GPUs simultaneously and the GeForce GPUs will crash out at nearly the same time. The Tesla will continue the test until completion (which can be about a day or so)

3) Bandwidth starvation is a term to indicate that the cards are getting less bandwidth than they should be getting. On this FASTRA machine, only a few slots are full x16 Gen2, which end up being shared across 2 GPUs, making it effectively x8 Gen2 to each GPU. For other slots, it is even worse when you have a x8 Gen2 link going in. That has to be shared between a pair of GPUs. Technically, you can run the Tesla GPU in a x1 Gen1 slot if you had the right adapter, but the time it will take to transfer data from host memory to GPU memory may end up negating any performance benefits you might see out of using the GPU, unless you are using very heavy computational algorithms that are almost completely compute bound.

I couple years ago, I had a compute rig using 6 Tesla C870 GPUs, and even that setup was starting to get bandwidth starved as all GPUs were using a single x8 Gen1 link being aggregated to 6 x4 Gen1 slots (using adapters). I had to up the output data frame size on an MD simulation in order to have all cards performing equally. With smaller frame sizes, the first 4 GPUs were finishing their computations before the last 2 GPUs got their data.

Comment Re:Ads? What ads? (Score 1) 419

Has a builtin adblocker, if you want to be able to choose whatever flash anims will run or not you can to. Adsweep works on Opera as well if you don't want to set up your own rules.

For chrome you need to switch to the developer snapshot channel to be able to load addons such as adsweep.

I don't remember what I ran, Pithelmet is used by many but I often find it outdated. If you want something which just block ads as in Firefox with Adblock plus you can use adblock.

To almost claim only firefox is able to block ads is kinda ignorant.

Comment Re:What about the headphones (Score 1) 360

Nokia phones have had a normal jack for a loooong time. (2001 or so.)

Depends on the phone. My last phone, an N70 (introduced in 2005), and my current phone, an N80 (introduced in 2006), don't have a normal headphone port, they have a click-port (audio, USB, and a few other things, with a horrible connector design). The N70 came with some horrible white earbuds with sharp corners that hurt my ears. The N80 came with some better ones and with an adaptor that let you connect anything with a 3.5mm jack, but neither had a headphone port on the device.

Comment Re:5 million? (Score 2, Interesting) 224

You're probably thinking of Nahmanides aka Ramban who lived 800 years ago. His theory is the 6000 odd years since Adam were preceded by the 6 days of creation, except each instance of creation was not a 'day' but a cycle from chaos to order and back again that lasted billions of years, and that the entire universe was created in a big bang. Even that time itself was created in this event. All by interpreting the deeper meaning in the holy texts, which would make these ideas even older.

Comment Re:Dumber dumbed-down discourse (Score 1) 1747

It's not so much that they don't understand reality, but they seem to make decisions based on emotion instead of logic/reality.

Perfect example is liberals trying to ban guns (because they make them uncomfortable) even though there's pretty clear evidence that armed, law abiding citizens reduce crime instead of perpetrating it.

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