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Comment Re:Well... (Score 1) 319

What would one do if a cougar (not the large kitteh, but the type that's referenced in this story) ever came up to him? She'd have to find his cube, dorm, or DM's basement. I'd be more impressed that she'd even know where that is.

Comment But what about the massive environmental damage! (Score -1) 325

We already have a dire shortage of earthworms, without which life on Earth would be impossible. Now Panasonics wants to kill all the earthworms in America by leeching dangerous lithium toxins into the soil for centuries. This is why science is bad for children and humans and we need to go back to nature and live in harmony with the worms and other creatures.

Comment Re:Does this tip the balance? (Score 1) 155

Up until now we have all known that trench-coat ninjas > glitter vampires > eye-liner pirates. Does this invention change this? Will glitter vampires now be able to overpower both eye-liner pirates and trench-coat ninjas? Or does the "solar" aspect of these tiny solar cells make them useless, even deadly, to glitter vampires?

This doesn't change anything. Vampires can wear them, but they won't get energy from the sun, only candlelight. It's just like the speaker-laden trench-coats, or pro-football grade eye-liner. Ninjas can't sneak while blaring music, and eye-liner's only half-useful when you're wearing an eye-patch.

Comment Re:Marshall, TX (Score 5, Funny) 227

Which "blue pill" would that be?

    There are approx 1,200 different "blue pills".

    Acetaminophen Hydrocodone 650/10mg - pain killer

    Acylcovir 200mg - herpes symptom reducer

    Addreal 5mg to 10mg - amphetamine stimulant/ADD treatment

    Alazopram 1mg to 2mg - anti-anxiety/sleep aid

    Viagra 25mg to 100mg - erectile dysfunction treatment

    I could go on ... and on ... and on. :) Watch popping unidentified pills, it may not have the intended result. You may find all of them (and more) in the same drug cabinet.

    If he's been popping the 5th too often, he may need the 2nd.

    He may take the 3rd to keep going with the 5th, but then need the 4th to sleep.

    The 1st may be necessary from the beating he's going to get from the husband from the use of the 5th.

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