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Whisky Made From Diabetics' Urine 226

It's doubtful that any other distillery will come up with a whisky that tastes like Gilpin Family Whisky because of its secret ingredient: urine. Researcher and designer James Gilpin uses the sugar rich urine of elderly diabetics to make his high-end single malt whisky. From the article: "The source material is acquired from elderly volunteers, including Gilpin's own grandmother, Patricia. The urine is purified in the same way as mains water is purified, with the sugar molecules removed and added to the mash stock to accelerate the whisky's fermentation process. Traditionally, that sugar would be made from the starches in the mash."

Comment Re:African or European (Score 1) 208

You are both right - it depends on the temperature, and the temperature of gas doesn't change much in the retail underground tanks. From this site:
- In ground fuel tanks keep fuel at the temperature it was delivered.
- Oil companies use fuel compensators in Canada so that they don't give more gas per dollar when it is cold.
- Oil companies don't use fuel compensators in hot states (except for Hawaii) because they dispense less gas per dollar when it is hot.
- Large customers like the U.S. armed forces have temperature compensation written into their contracts.
Data Storage

New PS3 Firmware Causing HDD Upgrade Problems? 82

Channard writes "While there have been occasional reports of previous PS3 firmware upgrades causing system crashes and so forth, Sony's new firmware upgrade for the system, 3.41, is apparently stopping PS3 owners from upgrading their hard disks. This problem has been encountered by many users on Sony's forums and occurs when you try to put a new hard disk into a PS3 that already has the firmware upgrade installed. The general course of action for upgrading a PS3's drive is that you download the latest PS3 firmware onto a memory stick and, after swapping the hard drive in the PS3, plug the stick in, allowing the PS3 to properly prepare the disk for use. But as of upgrade 3.41, the PS3 fails to recognize the firmware on the stick, complaining that it can't proceed until you insert the correct firmware. Repeating the process and re-downloading the firmware does not fix the problem, as I can confirm, having encountered the problem myself. Users can put the old hard disk back in, provided they've not reformatted it for some other purpose, so all is not lost. Sony have apparently told gaming website CVG that 'The information available to our Consumer Services Department does not suggest that this is a problem PlayStation owners are likely to experience when upgrading the HDD with 3.41 update.' This seems to fly in the face of the currently available information — although whether or not this statement was issued by Kevin Butler is unclear. Either way, PS3 owners encountering this problem will likely have to wait a few days for a fix and use their old HDDs for now."

Droid X Gets Rooted 97

An anonymous reader writes "The Droid X forums have posted a procedure to root the new Motorola Droid X, putting to rest Andoid fans' fears that they would never gain access to the device's secrets due to a reported eFuse that would brick the phone if certain boot files were tampered with. Rooting the phone is the first step in gaining complete control over the device."

Sound As the New Illegal Narcotic? 561

ehrichweiss writes "The Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics is warning parents and teachers of a new threat to our children: sounds. Apparently kids are now discovering binaural beats and using them to get 'physiological effects.' The report goes on with everyone suggesting that such aural experiences will act as a gateway to drug usage and even has one student claiming there are 'demons' involved. Anyone who has used one of those light/sound machines knows all about the effects that these sounds will give and to state that they will lead kids to do drugs is nonsense at best. It seems the trend in scaring the citizens with a made-up problem has gone to the next level."

Noisebridge Attempts to Teach Science To Juggalos 198

Working on the assumption that the Insane Clown Posse's song Miracles was indeed a tribute to the wonder of nature and not the cleverest troll ever, some folks from the hackerspace Noisebridge decided to try and educate ICP fans. Surprisingly, most of the fans seemed to enjoy the science lesson, but representatives of the band didn't seem to think it was funny.

Comment Re:They are banning these toys for the wrong reaso (Score 1) 756

As a parent who has been forced to purchase a ridiculous quantity of happy meals I am delighted by this

I wonder how your child forces you to buy happy meals? Did you give him a Glock for his birthday? Does he threaten to burn down your home if he doesn't get that happy meal? Before you ask - yes, I don't have kids. But I'm able to repeatedly say no when I used to get those telemarketing calls. Why can't parents do the same with their kids?

Comment Re:Good thing (Score 0) 949

The only reason I have purchased any of the CDs I own is because of downloading them before buying to hear the entire album, to find out if it is worth buying. I have hundreds of CDs because the artists made good albums, albums worth paying for because every track was good. I would not have bought a single album if it wasn't for being able to download the tracks in FLAC before buying.

Comment Re:Wow (Score 1) 801

Interesting, but you have missinterperated that study completely. Nowhere does it say that going 5-10mph faster than the posted speed limit is *not* the safest speed you can go. It says this is safer than going 10mph slower than the average speed on the road, but that is *not* the same.

Also it talks about the likelyhood of being involved in an accident. It nowhere does it discuss the likelyhood of death or serious injury which is again *not* the same thing as being involved in an accident.

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