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Comment Obvious business fit (Score 1) 148

Skype leeches a little bit of bandwidth from a lot of organisations, which causes them all to need slightly more/bigger routers than they would otherwise.

Cisco sells routers.

What's the betting that the Skype protocol will get a bit less efficient each year from now on?

Comment Re:Dang (Score 3, Insightful) 142

Not an especially good one. And I say that as a Tolkien fan.

If you're about ten (which I think was Tolkein's intended audience) then as I recall it's fantastic compared to the other books offered to you at that age.

Comment Re:Example of "help" provided (Score 2, Informative) 168

I don't think she "committed" to dying until she stood on the bridge above the Rideau and decided to fill her lungs with water.

Here's a quote from the mother of the other guy;

Mark had had a nervous breakdown and he was depressed and incredibly susceptible. This person was there whispering in his ear every time he logged on. In the last email, this person claimed to be a nurse, saying he had medical training, and proposed a suicide pact.

Emphasis mine. The point being, he helped these people make that "commitment".

To put it another way: humans who are not ill have a minimum responsibility not to aggravate the illness of others.

Comment Example of "help" provided (Score 5, Informative) 168

From here:

Kajouji: I am planning to attempt this Sunday.

Cami: Wow. You want to use hanging too?

Kajouji: I’m going to jump.

Cami: Well, that’s okay, but most people puss out before doing that. Plus, they don’t wanna leave a terribly messy mess for others to clean up.

Kajouji: I want it to look like an accident. There’s a bridge over the river where there’s a break in the ice. The water is really rough right now, and it should carry me back under the ice, so I can’t really come up for air. And if drowning doesn’t get me, hopefully the hypothermia will. Is there anything you want to do before you go? I’m trying to get my affairs in order—cleaning my room, paying off my loan.

Cami: I’ve got everything ready to go. My mom will get my insurance and money, so there will be no worries there. I’ve got my funeral s--- all taken care of. Got rope and stuff ready. Do you have a webcam?

Kajouji: Yes.

Cami: Well, if it comes down to hanging, I can help you with it with the cam. Proper positioning of the rope is important.

Kajouji: Thank you.

Cami: That method is so fast and certain, I can’t think of another way for me. I don’t want to feel nothing.

Words fail me, really.

Comment Sounds fine to me (Score 1) 152

With the exception of contracts and suchlike (which would obviously be outside this scheme), I can't think of anything sensitive that I receive by snail mail these days.

Everything I really care about the security of (bank statements, personal messages etc) comes over the web, via TLS.

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