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Comment Re:20 credit cards? (Score 1) 169

There was a time when I only bothered with one card. Then I woke up and realized that this was a bad idea as all your eggs are in one basket. Mostly because I had my wallet stolen and it was a right pain and that was 20 years ago. It would be worse today.

Now I have one debit card, and two credit cards. I hardly use the debit card other than to withdraw cash from an ATM. Almost every card purchase is done with a credit card and I *NEVER* use the debit card on the internet. I only carry one of the credit cards with me, the other is heat sealed in a shielded bag between two pieces of cardboard. It's linked to my Amazon account and PayPal so it keeps ticking over with transactions. This card is for physical use in the even my primary card is lost, stolen, cloned, broken or the bank is having issues. It lives in a draw in my house, and when flying on holiday it travels in my suitcase separate from me, in case my main card has any of the above problems. Being heat sealed in a bag I can tell if it has been tampered with.

Further one of the credit cards is Visa and the other is Mastercard and they are issued from different banks. Finally I keep in a safe place in the house 150GBP in new notes (10*10GBP and 10*5GBP) for emergency use should both banks have issues at the same time.

Comment Re:Smells a lot like the Space Pen (Score 1) 440

True my washing line cost more like $3 a metre because it's plastic coated stainless steel wire, and I expect it to last at least 20 years.

On the other hand the poles to which it is attached are over 60 years old. Though about six or seven years ago (not long after I purchased the house) I did have to strip all the lead based paint off and repaint them.

Meanwhile most of my washing is dried out side at an extremely low environmental cost. I do dry inside sometimes and occasionally use a tumble dryer, but that is mostly down to washing and reproofing my ski wear.

Comment Re:reputation management (Score 1) 233

Even in the EU with all the employment protections that we have, the CEO could be dismissed for bringing the firm into disrepute for his initial defense of the actions of his employees. To be honest that would in my view be a fair outcome, his actions in part have lead the wiping of tens if not hundreds of millions of dollars of the share price of the firm.

I would expect to also see whoever was in charge of getting people to get bumped, dismissed for failure to do their job and bringing the firm into disrepute. All reports indicate that they they stopped at $800 when looking for volunteers. I am quite sure had they kept going they would have found another person to volunteer. That is unless there was a company policy that limited it to $800, in which case the person responsible for the policy needs sacking.

The captain on the plane should be prosecuted for illegally asking the passenger to leave. United had the right to deny boarding, but he was already boarded at which point the pilots authority to arbitrarily deny boarding ended, further it seems you can only deny boarding if the plane is overbooked, and they where bumping people for four United employees that almost certainly didn't have a booking.

The three security officers need prosecuting for assault, because as the passenger was boarded the pilot had no legal authority to have him removed (he was not disruptive till they tried to remove him) so they where acting without legal authority to do so. There bad for just assuming the captain had issued a legally valid order, because following orders is not a valid legal defense.

Finally the four United crew members who turned up last minute at the gate need investigating and potentially disciplining. They should have given more warning of their intentions (like turning up at the gate before the plane was boarded at a minimum) assuming they where not assigned last minute to get on that flight, at which point whoever made that last minute assignment needs investigating and potentially disciplining; why where they assigning flight crew at the last minute.

Comment Re: Make DRM work with my CableCard.... (Score 1) 156

Except Plex can do recorded TV. Its a bit limited in the devices it currently supports though. Personally speaking being in the UK there are very good catchup options for almost all channels that I would care about. So unless I want to keep the program for some reason and its not on the BBC (get_iplayer does if it is not a film and even then some are on iplayer) then recording TV is not much used, but my Plex server has tvheadend on for good measure. The main thing I have recorded is "Blaze and the monster machines", which is not for me personally and I would purchased the DVD's if they existed in the UK.

Comment Re: Numbers (Score 4, Interesting) 575

That correspondent is almost certainly wrong in law. The pilot has to have a valid legal reason for asking you to leave, which in this case he did not. Yes you can be arbitrarily denied boarding, but he was already boarded and addition the bumbing was for United employees not paying customers so bumbing him from the plane was a breach of contract, and up till the point he was forced off he was not disruptive. Being a pilot does not give you god like powers.

The most obvious was I can explain it would be if the pilot had come out and said get that black bastard of my plane to a person of African descent. Still think that would be legal?

Comment Re:Racism is something different (Score 1) 366

While the IRA could be defined as being Roman Catholic, the reason for there terrorism was not prima facie down to their religion, and their goals where not in any way shape or form religious in nature.

The reason behind the IRA terrorism was the blatant and overt oppression of Roman Catholics by Protestants in Northern Ireland. Their goal was/is to succeed from the United Kingdom and unite with the rest of the island of Ireland and free themselves from the really quite horrendous oppression they where under.

On the other hand Islamist terrorists are doing it all in the name of religion and their goals are religious in nature. So for example the goal of Daesh is to convert the entire world to Islam, killing those who refuse on the way.

That is why despite being based in religion nobody in their right mind ever called the IRA Christian terrorists, apart from the fact that it would need to be Roman Catholic terrorists anyway, and I am quite sure many of them never actually attended church on a regular basis.

Comment Re:Can you say "energy density" ? (Score 1) 163

He is also ignoring the fact that various "metal"-air batteries eg. Al,Zn or Li have energy densities that are comparable to fossil fuels. So gasoline is ~13 kWh/kg and a Li air battery is ~12kWh/kg. Of course neither actually achieve this but a metal air battery should be able to deliver comparable useful power to fossil fuels on a mass for mass basis.

Comment Re:Not surprised (Score 5, Informative) 505

No in the past the USA would just refuse to extradite people to face terrorist charges to European countries. I know for certain this applied to both the UK and France, and included terrorists who where Muslim.

Heck the USA would even allow terrorist organizations to fund raise in the USA!!! When it comes to terrorists the USA can just fuck right off.

Far more people have died in the UK from terrorists that the USA harboured and allowed to fund raise than have from any Islamist's terrorists, but don't let facts get in the way of your bigoted viewpoint.

Comment Re:No cronyist legal restrictions in retailing (Score 1) 467

Cool, so there is for example no "test-tube" babies in the USA then? Apparently no MRI or X-Ray CT scanners either!!! They are the ones that I happen to know of the top of my head. There are probably many many more.

Anyway must be crap to be in the US health care system then.

Comment Re:Why shop at Walmart (Score 2) 467

On the other hand my cleaning bucket is nearly 10 years old already and I have a reasonable expectation that it will last the rest of my life


If you look in the right places you can get still buy versions of most stuff that will last. What I have personally been unable to do is buy a clothes horse of the same quality as my mothers. Her's is 50 years old and still going, everything I see in the shops is flimsy junk. I suspect I will end up making a copy myself.

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