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Comment Re:ESL milk?... (Score 1) 232

Then you didn't read the ESL link, because there are several different methods of obtaining ESL milk, the main ones that are pushed in the UK at least involve separating the cream from the milk, ultra-filtrating the milk to remove all the bacteria, and then pasteurizing the cream before blending them back together. Presumably there is some reason preventing ultra-filtration of the cream.

One of the methods also involves centrifuging the milk which is another way of separating out the bacteria without using heat.

Comment Re:Raw milk faddist here (Score 2, Interesting) 232

I am going to have to call you out on that. But heat treating milk whether it is for pasteurization or UHT, cannot and I repeat CANNOT diminish the calcium in the milk.

If it did that would be revolutionary low temperature nuclear reactions that defied all known laws of physics and would most likely kill anyone in the vicinity with lethal doses of radiation. This is the sort of crap that Fleischmann and Pons where spouting and more recently Andrea Rossi.

Whatever heat treatment does to milk and I am not going to be so stupid as to claim it has not effect, it most emphatically DOES NOT diminish the calcium content of the milk as to do so would require by definition nuclear reactions which only morons would claim could occur.

Comment Re: "All services have been restored" (Score 1) 61

You are dead wrong there. If you have a VDSL2 circuit then you mostly use PPPoE, unless you are with TalkTalk in which case you need to set your router to do a VLAN insertion and there is no authentication whatsoever.

If you are going to pull someone up, make sure that you actually know what you are talking about in the first place.

I would also note that most people in the UK could simply put their mobile phone into hotspot mode and leach off their data allowance for a backup internet connection. As such the majority of people have two internet connections even if they don't know how to use the second.

Comment Re: That radar really worked well in florida eh el (Score 1) 166

I think the statistic for auto-brake last I saw was an estimated 14 billion Euros a year in savings from crashes that not longer happen. That is a lot and I mean a lot of money to be saving and there was a not insignificant number of lives to be saved as well. Basically the return on investment is significantly greater than one, so it is a no brainer really.

Of course it's not so good if you are an auto crash repair company or on the organ transplant waiting list, but that is the old buggy whip problem.

Comment Re:South Park episode (Score 1) 195

That depends I suspect on the legal jurisdiction you are in and the nature of the rights the other party is attempting to get you to sign away.

Certainly in the UK there is a whole bunch of legal rights that cannot be signed away in a contract. So for example on purchasing a fridge you cannot sign away your right to a two year guarantee. If the contract does attempt that then rather than the whole contract being voided the legal principle is to void the term that is not legally enforceable.

This is really long standing English Common Law that pre-dates by centuries the traitorous rebellion by the thirteen North American colonies, so I would be surprised if it was not also the case in the USA.

Comment Re:Not binding (Score 1) 195

No what happens is the clauses that are unreasonable aka giving your first born up are struck out of the contract and the contract continues as is if those clauses didn't exist. That is what happens is exactly what most sensible people would think.

The idea that the whole contract is marked null and void is fanciful thinking from someone with no legal training. I don't have any legal training either, but having two siblings who do, one of which is a judge and this stuff rubs off on you.

Comment Re:The fear (Score 2) 138

Really, Dr. Kelly clearly took his own life after he majorly bigged up his roll in the production of the dossier and this was just about to come out. Basically he threw his career down the toilet and was unable to live up to it. The idea that the UK state had him bumped off is plainly ridiculous. There was no need he was about to be utterly humiliated all of his own doing. People commit suicide for FAR FAR less.

Comment Re:Even simpler (Score 1) 451

While it is usually your fault it is not *ALWAYS* your fault if you rear end someone. Two examples I can think of is someone pulling out of a junction with insufficient room to do so and you are unable to cut your speed fast enough to avoid a rear end collision. It's not your fault.

The second would be someone changing lane into your safe stopping distance and for some reason you being unable to get a new safe stopping distance in time to prevent a rear end collision. Again not your fault.

Basically if someone moves into your safe stopping distance right before an accident it's their fault not yours.

I have a dash cam for any moron who does that and tries to claim it's my fault. I will see them in court with full video evidence, though I suspect they will back down before it ever gets to court.

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